Part time Work From Home Jobs

We are going to look at these 65+ Part time work from home Jobs and see what is suitable for you. We will also take a look at some companies that offers work from home Jobs

Are you a stay-at-home mom, student, or anyone that has some free hours during the day and wants to monetize that time?

You’re in the right place, as the article below will be taking you through various part-time work from home job options, what the job entails, their average Pay, some job sites you can get these jobs from, and a list of top work from home companies.

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65+ Part time Jobs from Home

1. Graphics Design

Graphics Design

Graphic Designers are those that produce visual solutions to the communication needs of their clients or customers through a spread of creative and alluring skills and commercial awareness.

Graphic Designers are individuals who have a  great interest in doing what is appealing and pleasing to clients. They convert and turn their ideas into visually pleasing and enticing images.

There are many avenues and opportunities for Graphic designers to work virtually. In areas of marketing, technology, and even commercial industries. They may work in positions like Commercial Artist, Illustrator, Designer, Art Director, Creative Director, and so on.

Average Base Pay: $30/hr

Job Sites:  Glassdoor, Designhill, Naukri, Krop, Peopleperhour, Fiverr, Toptal, Upwork, Freelancer, Guru, Craigslist

Skills: Photoshop, Fireworks, CorelDraw


2. Web Design

web design
web design

A web designer develops and creates websites and related applications. He creates websites for companies, organizations, schools, financial institutions, etc.

A web designer creates the layout and the general look of a website. He develops and designs graphic and media elements.

Web designing is an entrepreneurship skill that can make one self-employed, provided that one has the knowledge of certain things like the knowledge of Hyper-Text Markup language (HTML), Photoshop, responsible WordPress, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), JavaScript, Cascading Style Sheets(CSS) and few materials.

Average Base Pay: $27/hr

Job Sites: FlexJobs, ZipRecruiter, Indeed, Upwork, SimplyHired

Skills: WordPress, HTML, CSS, JavaScript


3. Blogging


A blog is a website that allows users to reflect, ponder, share, and discuss various opinions and topics in the form of an online journal. The importance of a blog is to link you to the relevant audience (targets).

Blogging on the other hand is the act of operating a blog or otherwise, a set of skills needed to run and maintain a blog. The more frequent and better your blog spots are, the higher the chances for the blog to get discovered by the targeted audience. A blog can be used to generate leads and build a brand.

Average Pay: With Google AdSense, Potential blog revenue: $0.1 – $0.5 per page view, so you need to have a lot of page views for this to be very profitable

Extra Sources of Income: Other Methods includes Online Courses and Workshops, Selling Books and E-books, Affiliate Marketing, Advertising, Speaking Gigs, Consulting/Coaching, Selling Freelance Services, Sponsored Contents, etc

Where to Get Domain Services:, Bluehost, Yoursitely, HostGator, Namecheap, Hover, GoDaddy, Gandi, Dreamhost Where to Get Hosting Services Sites; Bluehost, HostGator Cloud, Yoursitely, Hostinger, GreenGeeks, DreamHost, SiteGround, A2 Hosting, WestHost

Hosting Service: Siteground (Recommended)

Skills: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Google Blogger


4. Online Styling

Online Styling

Online fashion stylists, also called online wardrobe stylists, work for online retailers, or are independent contractors who work with customers to find outfits that suit their style and budget.  

Through marketing and advertising, customers find these online clothing companies and request styling appointments. The customers then typically answer a series of questions about their body type, measurements, style preference, and budget.

The online fashion stylist may either respond with clothing suggestions or connect via email or online live chat to get more information and advise the customer on what clothing pieces work best for them.

Average Base Pay: $13/hr

Job Sites: Indeed, Jooble, ZipRecruiter, Glassdoor, SimplyHired, Flexjobs

Skills: Sewing, Stitching, Sketching


5. Social Media Manager Job

Social Media Manager Job

Social Media Managers are individuals that are responsible for the planning, implementation, management, and monitoring of a company’s social media platforms with a view to increasing and improving sales, brand awareness, and marketing efforts.

A social media manager manages and oversees social media content. It is of necessity that he works with designers to ensure that the content is attractive and informative.

However, a social media manager must have a superb knowledge of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. He must also have the knowledge of search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Average Base Pay: $25.5/hr

Job Sites: Jobble, Flexjobs, Indeed, ZipRecruiter

Skills: Facebook Ads Management, Twitter Ads, Pinterest, and Instagram Management


6. Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a type of social media marketing that involves product and endorsements placement from influencers, people, and organizations who have a well-known expert level of social influence or knowledge in their field.

An influencer is a person that has the power to affect the decisions of other people due to his authority, knowledge, position, or relationship with the targets. To be an online Influencer, one must possess convincing abilities as well as possess a lot of followers or viewers.

Average Base Pay: $28/hr

Job Sites: ZipRecruiter, Upwork, Indeed, FlexJobs

Skills: Increasing your Social Media Likes, Follow and Engagement


7. Direct Sales Consulting

Direct Sales Consulting

Sales consulting is the act of generating and creating sales opportunities and windows through a variety of ways and techniques.

Sales consulting involves generating leads and converting them to chances for a sale. It also involves contacting potential and reliable customers via telephone, email, or directly by face contact.

It encompasses the identification of new business within the market, building a long-term relationship with new and existing customers. A sales consultant must be able to drive sales and generate business.

He must be a confident and experienced negotiator.

Average Base Pay: $25.5/hr Job Sites: ZipRecruiter, Indeed, Upwork, MonsterIndia

Job sites: LinkedIn, Indeed Jobs, Freelancer

Skills: Negotiation Skills, Marketing Skills, Graphics Design


8. Digital Marketing Consulting

Digital Marketing Consulting

Digital Marketing can be said and defined to be any market efforts that involve the internet or an electronic device.

The services of digital marketing is to boost the profit and customers of a business whether small scale or large scale.

Gone are those days when there is a stereotype that digital marketing is meant for big companies that can afford the resources to do it.

Digital Marketing helps Small scale businesses to compete with their counterparts on a large scale.

Average Base Pay: $30/hr Job Sites: Indeed, FlexJobs, ZipRecruiter, SimplyHired

Skills: Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Instagram Ads, Google Adwords, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


9. Network Marketing

Network Marketing

Network Marketing can be said to be a business model or unit that involves a pyramid-like network or hierarchy of people that sells a company’s product. The people or workers are paid on the basis of commission.

They get paid every time they perform some specified duties like sales of products or when their recruits also make sales of the product. These workers are not paid on a salary basis.

Regarding Network Marketing, they make direct sales and are referred to as Independent Business Owners.

Average Base Pay: $25,000-$86,841/year(Depends on the number of duties performed and the company type)

Job Sites: ZipRecruiter, Indeed, Upwork, Nakuri, LinkedIn


10. Facebook Ads Manager Job

Facebook Ads Manager Job

A Facebook Ads Manager’s work is to help in scaling social advertising efforts suited towards growing profitable e-commerce revenue.

This role is for an individual who can find efficient growth via Facebook. They build, maintain, and optimize digital advertising campaigns and have a methodological and experimental approach.

The job position requires a mix of creativity, perseverance, analytical skill, and results-oriented problem-solving.

Average Base Pay: $20/hr

Job Sites:,,,

Skills: Facebook Ads, Facebook Pixel, Retargetting


11. Lead Generation

Lead Generation

A lead is any person who shows or indicates interest in a company’s products or services.

Lead generation therefore can be explained as the process of attracting or wooing strangers, making them develop an interest in your company’s products or services.

Lead generation occurs after you have attracted an audience and ready to convert and divert those visitors into leads for your business or company. There are changes or ways for generating leads which include: Content, Email, Ads, Blog, Social media, Referral marketing, etc.

Average Base Pay: $16/hr

Job Sites: ZipRecruiter, Indeed, SimplyHired, LinkedIn, Upwork

Skill: Article Writing, Content Marketing, Content Distribution, Affiliate Marketing, etc.

12. Online Marketing and Research Analyst Job

part-time work from home jobs

Online Market research is a research method where data collection processes are done over the internet which includes apps and mobile surveys.

Online market researchers are the individuals that deal with or perform online market research. An online market Analyst is an individual that collects and interprets data on various market conditions that determine sales and the behavior of customers.

They research online marketing strategies and also translate raw data into coherent information about consumer’s behavior.

Average Base Pay: $29/hr

Job Sites: ZipRecruiter, Indeed, SimplyHired, MonsterIndia

Skills: Data mining, Research, and Information Management


13. Proofreading


Proofreading is the act of checking a written text or article for errors either grammatical or spelling errors. Proofreading is the final stage of the editing process. Proofreading helps to publish an article or text free of errata or typos.

Proofreading also serves as a good job opportunity as some writers or bloggers seek the services of proofreaders for their articles or texts.

Average Base Pay: $20/hr

Job Sites:, Upwork, Indeed, Glassdoor, Flexjobs

Skills: Writing, Reading, Good English background


14. Online Magazine Journalism

Online Magazine Journalism

Online Magazine is a type of magazine that is published on the internet. An online magazine is almost like an online newspaper or a blog.

It typically has an editorial board which of course includes journalists. The journalists review the submission to make sure they meet the requirement of the publisher. The journalists also write some journalistic pieces in the magazine

Average Base Pay: $23/hr

Job Sites: FlexJobs, Indeed, ZipRecruiter,

Skills: Journalism, Writing, Sound Research Skills


15. Translator Job

Translator Job

A translator is a person that translates text, film, or other materials into a different language.

Movie Producers are always in need of a translator to help them translate the spoken words of a particular language in a movie to written text of another language as needed. Undoubtedly, a translator must be multilingual or at least bilingual.

There are a lot of opportunities opened to translators with respect to poem translation, article translation, and translation of different materials to other languages.

Average Base Pay: $23/hr

Job Sites: Indeed, ZipRecruiter, FlexJobs,,

Skills: Multiple Languages, Interpretation


16. Typist


A typist is basically someone who types for commercial purposes. A typist is also a person that is responsible for the typing of the company’s documents and materials.

A typist is responsible for transcribing documents from dictated tapes, creating spreadsheets, and presentations. A typist also has the job of scanning and printing files, also maintaining the physical and digital filing system.

However, to be a good typist, one must have fast typing skills, must be confidential, and must pay attention to detail with a view of spotting grammar, sorting, and punctuation errors.

Average Base Pay: $13/hr

Job Sites:, ZipRecruiter, Indeed, FlexJobs

Skills: Fast Typing Speed, Sound Writing Skill


17. Grant Writing

Grant Writing

Grant writers create and submit proposals to seek funds from various agencies and bodies. Grant writers work for different organizations and institutions such as Universities, museums, etc.

Grant writers mostly work on the basis of contract, allowing them to determine their own schedule. They may also work from their comfort zone.

Some grant writers work for a charitable organization while others are self-employed and get contracts of grant proposals from a variety of sources.  Grant writers need a solid command of written words and research skills to make good proposals.

Grant proposals often require a variety of documents such as cover letters and supporting information. Through these documents, grant writers explain why a cause of important and relevant and what the grant will be used for. The proposal has to convince funders.

Average Base Pay: $26/hr

Job Sites: ZipRecruiter, Indeed, FlexJobs, SimplyHired,

Skills: Grant Writing, Writing


19. Product Reviewing

Product Reviews

A product reviewer is hired by marketing firms for companies launching or releasing a new product or brand and give feedback or reports before the product is released to the market.

Depending on the type of product, you can do the review of the product or brand at the comfort of your home or a marketing firm may ask you to come to a place and take part in the reviewing panel.

Average Base Pay: $60/hr

Job Sites: Brown Forman, Indeed, ZipRecruiter, LinkedIn, Glassdoor

Skills: Product Review Skill, Research, Article Writing

20. Technical Writing

part time work from home jobs

Technical writing is writing where the writer writes on a particular matter or issue that needs direction, instruction, and explanation.

Technical writing is the drafting and writing ideas that convey scientifically, engineering, and technical information.

Technical writing is used in different fields such as Engineering, Chemistry, Finance, etc.

The commonest examples of technical writing are User’s manuals and software installation guide.

Technical writing assists a person to acquire understanding about an item or a new piece of technology.

Average Base Pay: $29/hr

Job Sites: FlexJobs, Indeed,, SimplyHired, Glassdoor

21. Content Writing

part time work from home jobs

Content writing is the process of planning, writing, and editing web content. It includes writing blog posts and articles, also content for specific platforms.

Content writers typically create content for websites, blogs, etc. Aside from the writing content, content writers may also be responsible for making sure that the content connects.

They are also responsible for setting the look or content of the sites. Content writers decide this by deciding what content information needs to be added or removed.  

Average Base Pay: $25/hr

Job Sites: Indeed, MonsterIndia, SimplyHired, Nakuri, Glassdoor

22. Resume Writing

part time work from home jobs

A resume is a short document that summarizes. It encompasses a job seeker’s experience and qualifications for a prospective employer.

A resume is often confused with a CV ( Curriculum Vitae), While a resume is a relatively short document just to market your professional abilities, a CV contains professional, academic, and other experiences.

A good resume should contain Full name, Email, Contact Address, Phone number, relevant social media account, jobs or years of experience, relevant achievement, and responsibilities.

A good resume writer should be able to efficiently write a resume with the above qualities.

Average Base Pay: $12/hr

Job Sites: Indeed, Upwork, ZipRecruiter,, Glassdoor

23. Legal Transcriptionist

part time work from home jobs

A legal Transcriptionist is a person that transfers audio recording into written documents.

Transcriptions are made from Court proceedings, detailed notes, and other legal records.

Legal Transcriptionist can use a standard computer to type out transcribed documents.

A legal Transcriptionist is also responsible for preparing legal documents through revision or proofreading, drafting legal documents, preparing legal documents for filing, and revising previous transcriptions as needed.

A legal Transcriptionist will be the one that understands legal terms and jargon.

Average Base Pay: $17/hr

Job Sites: ZipRecruiter, Indeed, FlexJobs, LinkedIn,

24. Medical Transcriptionist

part time work from home jobs

A medical Transcriptionist is one that deals with the transcription of voice-recorded medical reports that are dictated by physicians, nurses, and other healthcare workers.

They may also review and edit drafts prepared by speech recognition software as well as translate medical abbreviations and jargon into appropriate long form.

They submit health records for physicians to approve. Medical Transcriptionists must be familiar with medical terminologies.

Average Base Pay: $12/hr

Job Sites: Indeed, Upwork, ZipRecruiter,, Glassdoor

25. Mobile Apps Testing

part time work from home jobs

Mobile Application tester’s work is to test mobile applications to ascertain it’s usability, functionality, and consistency.

This can also be said to be the evaluation of new applications, programs, and software to make sure that they are devoid of faults and work excellently.

This is the function performed by an app tester by carefully checking and examining the app for hitches and bugs. The app testers also record and document test results and perform security audits.

Average Pay: $10/test

Job Sites:,, Clickerworker,,

26. Website Testing

part time work from home jobs

Website testing is the act of examining and checking your web application or website for potential bugs before it is made accessible to the general public.

Web Testing checks for usability, security, functionality, compatibility, the performance of a website.

This act is to ensure that the website is error-free and mistake-free, assured that it will function well and will be accepted by the public with no or little criticism from the public.

Average Pay: $10/test

Job Sites:, testbirds, TryMyUI, Uzerzom, Ferpection, Ubertesters

27. Search Engine Evaluation

A search engine evaluator analyses search results to ensure they are accurate and relevant.

He is a person who evaluates and checks results from search engines to determine if they are important or not to the term typed in.

This is one major way that search engines ensure search queries lead to accurate and perfect outcomes.

Average Base Pay: $18/hr

Job Sites: ZipRecruiter, Glassdoor, FlexJobs, Appen, LeapForce

28. App Development

part time work from home jobs

An app developer is a computer software engineer whose primary function and responsibilities include the creation, testing, and programming of apps for computers, mobile phones, and tablets.

They carry out surveys to know what the public desire or want. They get feedback from developed apps in order to make or create a more standard one.

Average Base Pay: $36/hr

Job Sites: Indeed,, Glassdoor, ZipRecruiter, FlexJobs

29. Game Development

part time work from home jobs

Game developers are those responsible for the planning, designing, and production of games for computers, mobile devices, or game consoles.

Their work involves creating visual content for the game and creating code(s) to implement all the game’s functionality and features.

There are special types of app developers, they specialize in the area of the development and creation of games software. They also test and debugs games.

Average Base Pay: $26/hr

Job Sites:, Indeed, FlexJobs, ZipRecruiter, Glassdoor

30. Computer Technician

Part time work from home jobs

A Computer Technician(sometimes called PC Repair Technician), installs, detects, evaluates, and troubleshoots various types of issues affecting computer systems, servers, or networks.

As a computer technician, you will support an organization’s computer network software, hardware, and operating systems.

They are responsible for the overall repair and maintenance of the computer system including the hardware and the software.

Average Base Pay: $16/hr

Job Sites: ZipRecruiter, Indeed, Glassdoor,, FlexJobs

31. Software Development

part time work from home jobs

Software developers are the brains behind computer programs. They create applications that allow people to perform specific tasks.

They analyze the user’s needs and then design and develop software to meet those needs.

They also ensure that a program continues to function normally to the maintenance and upgrade processes. Sometimes also, they collaborate with specialists to create optimum software

Average Base Pay: $39/hr

Job Sites: FlexJobs, ZipRecruiter, SimplyHired, Glassdoor,

32. SEO Consulting

part time work from home jobs

The SEO consultant is an expert on search engine optimization and is being paid by businesses and site owners to give them advice on how to get higher rankings, more targeted traffic and viewers, and ultimately more profits for their websites.

An SEO consultant assists, or consults, a business or individual by providing expert advice and make strategies to improve their search engine optimization.

Average Base Pay: $25/hr

Job Sites: Indeed, FlexJobs, ZipRecruiter, MonsterIndia, Upwork

33. Internet Security Specialist

part time work from home jobs

Internet security specialists are specialized in the area of the security of a database or website of a company from hackers, Intruders, and bugs.

Banks, stores, websites, companies, and so on need internet Security Specialists to protect their database and sensitive information.

The government also hires internet Security Specialists to protect sensitive and secret files from being attacked or invaded by hackers or Intruders.

 Average Base Pay: $35/hr

Job Sites: ZipRecruiter, Indeed, FlexJobs,. Glassdoor, Freelancer

34. Data Analysis

part time work from home jobs

A data analyst is an individual that collects and stores data on sales numbers, marketing research, logistics, etc.

A Data Analyst interprets data and turns it into information that may offer ways to enhance a business, inevitably affecting business decisions.

They bring technical expertise to make sure the standard and accuracy of that data, then process, design, and present it in ways to assist people, businesses, and organizations make better and profitable decisions.

Average Base Pay: $32/hr

Job Sites: ZipRecruiter,, Indeed, FlexJobs, SimplyHired

35. Medical Coding

part time work from home jobs

Medical coders are individuals that read a patient’s medical chart and analyze it. From which they determine the patient’s diagnoses.

A media coder translates the documents in a patient’s chart into some codes.

In order to successfully read a patient’s chart and document the information, the medical coder must have full knowledge of anatomy and physiology, and disease processes.

Average Base Pay: $17/hr

Job Sites; FlexJobs, ZipRecruiter, Indeed, Jooble, Glassdoor

36. Virtual Nursing Jobs

part time work from home jobs

The concept of virtual nurses remains new and can require both patients and staff to regulate.

As more and more patients become aware of the benefits of telehealth, hospitals around the country are starting to adopt these programs, requiring more skilled nurses to manage them.

Telehealth is growing and will be a market driver for health systems.

Average Base Pay: $17/hr

Job Sites; FlexJobs, ZipRecruiter, Indeed, Jooble, Glassdoor

37. Travel Agent Job

part time work from home jobs

A travel agent is a person whose job it is to arrange travel for end clients (individuals, groups, corporations) on behalf of suppliers e.g hotels, airlines.

Travel agents’ task is to make the travel planning process simple for their customers along with providing consultation services and entire travel packages.

Average Base Pay: $18/hr

Job Sites:, FlexJobs, Indeed, ZipRecruiter, SimplyHired

38. Online Research Assistant Job

part time work from home jobs

An online researcher is a  profitable work that gives one the flexibility to work on your own schedule.

Information can be gathered for a company or individual by just looking through websites and online databases.

There are many different places you can search for information such as Google, blogs, newsletters, and many other outlets online

Average Base Pay: $18/hr

Job Sites:, Indeed, ZipRecruiter, FlexJobs, Glassdoor

39. Online Legal Consulting Job

Online Legal consultants, provide legal guidance to clients and businesses. Online Legal consultants generally only provide advice outside of the courtroom. They give legal advice on legal issues online.

Average Base Pay: $40/hr

Job Sites: ZipRecruiter, FlexJobs, Indeed, Nakuri, Jooble

40. Online Accounting Clerk

part time work form home jobs

Online Accounting Clerks are responsible for providing accounting and clerical assistance online. They are also involved in preparing and maintaining accounting documents and records.

They also track, research, and restore accounting or documentation issues and discrepancies.

Average Base Pay: $28/hr

Job Sites: Indeed, FlexJobs, ZipRecruiter,, SimplyHired

41. Insurance Agent Job

part time work from home jobs

The insurance agent is to generate new business by contacting potential customers and building lasting relationships.

Their job also includes maintaining records, developing payment methods, and distributing policy proceeds.

In addition, he/she must also demonstrate outstanding interpersonal and negotiation skills as an insurance agent. He/she must also possess good communication skills.

Average Base Pay: $21/hr

Job Sites: Indeed, ZipRecruiter, SimplyHired, FlexJobs, Glassdoor

42. Career Adviser Job

part time work from home jobs

Careers advisers provide advice and guidance services in a range of settings to people who want support in making choices that will affect their lives. They also help in providing advice on CVs, applications, and interview techniques.

Average Base Pay: $20/hr

Job Sites: Indeed, SimplyHired, Glassdoor, ZipRecruiter

43. Online Notary Job

part time work from home jobs

A remote notary is a legally commissioned notary public who is authorized to conduct and perform notarizations over the internet employing the use of digital tools and a live audio-video call.

All notaries, regardless of how they perform their service, must watch as someone signs a document.

There is a need for notaries in a wide variety of professions, such as law, insurance, finance, and real estate – to mention just a few.

A notary can wish to work from his comfort zone, rented office space, or probably work for an employer.

He or she will work part or full time, and may even combine notary services as a side job with another career.

Average Base Pay: $15/hr

Job Sites: ZipRecruiter, Indeed,, FlexJobs, Glassdoor

44. Online Business Analyst Job

An online business analyst’s job is to analyze a business domain or organization and documents its business, systems, or processes, assessing the business model or its technological integration.

A business analyst guides businesses in improving their products, services, processes, and software through data analysis.

Average Base Pay: $35/hr

Job Sites: ZipRecruiter, FlexJobs, Upwork, Freelancer, Indeed

45. Event Planning

part time work from home jobs

Event planning is the process of managing a project such as a meeting, convention, ceremony, party, or convention.

Event planning includes establishing timelines, selecting and reserving the event arena, acquiring permits, budgeting, developing a theme, arranging transportation, coordinating activities, planning for food and refreshments, selecting speakers and keynotes, arranging for equipment and facilities, developing contingency plans, and managing risk.

Average Base Pay: $26/hr

Job Sites: FlexJobs, Indeed, ZipRecruiter, SimplyHired, Glassdoor

46. Tax Preparation Job

part time work from home jobs

Tax Preparation is the act of preparing tax returns for individuals or small businesses. The act of interviewing clients to obtain additional information on taxable income and deductible expenses and allowances.

Average Base Pay: $26/hr

Job Sites: ZipRecruiter, SimplyHired, Indeed, Upwork, FlexJobs

47. Data Entry Job

part time work from home jobs

Data Entry Clerks gather data and capture the knowledge into databases. This includes gathering documents from various sources.

This may also include extracting information from these documents, capturing data into databases, and safely storing the hard copies.

Average Base Pay: $14/hr

Job Sites: FlexJobs, Indeed,, Glassdoor, ZipRecruiter

48. Taking Online Surveys

part time work from home jobs

An online survey is a questionnaire that the target audience can complete and perform over the Internet.

Online surveys at most times are created as Web forms with a database to store the answers and statistical software to provide analytics.

People are often motivated to participate in online surveys by an incentive or reward such as being entered to win a prize.

Companies usually use online surveys to gain a deeper understanding and knowledge of their customers’ tastes and opinions.

Average Pay: $0.5-$20/survey, depending on the survey type and survey site

Job Sites: Pinecone Research, Opinion Outpost, Toluna, Swagbucks, Inbox Dollars, Mindspay, Survey Savvy, Global Test Market

49. Captcha Solving Job

part time work from home jobs

Captcha solving jobs offer the simplest thanks to making little money on the side. A Captcha is a verification test in computing that’s used to ascertain whether the user is a human or a robot.

There are various types and kinds of captchas which include audio, images, letters, 3D, and so on.

A large number of companies and firms use this verification test on their respective sign-up webpages. Thus the companies need real people to solve their captchas within a short period of time.

Average Pay: $0.5 to $2 for every 1000 captchas you solve

Job Sites: Captcha Club, Captcha2, MegaTyper, Captcha Typer, Kolotibablo.

50. Starting a YouTube Channel

part time work from home jobs

The YouTube channel market is a bit saturated these days, but that just means that people are in search of better, and more specialized content.

If you possess a specific set of skills or knowledge, consider leveraging that into a YouTube channel – you’ll make some money from ads, but the big money comes in from sponsorships, so specialize in providing value and growing your subscriber list.

Average Pay: On Average, a YouTube channel can make $18 per 1,000 ad views. This equates to $3 – $5 per 1000 video views.

Job Sites:

51. Starting a Podcast Channel

part time work from home jobs

Got something to say that you think people will want and desire to hear? Try to work from home by producing a podcast!

For me, I found that folks wanted to listen to about the way to turn their side hustle into a profitable, full-time business.

I’ve done that, and so have a lot of other people. I decided to start out a podcast interviewing these people and lecture them about their side hustle and called it The Side Hustle Project.

If you’ve got a hobby you’re hooked to, or a topic you recognize tons about, start telling people about it.

Average Pay: The Pay for your podcast channel depends on how much you can Monetize each Podcast. The monetization methods are listed below;

Casting Sites: PodBean, BuzzSprout, Blubury, Transistor, Libsyn, Castos

How to Monetize the Channel:

  • Podcast sponsorships
  • Increase the sales of your products and services
  • Coaching
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Selling Books and audiobooks
  • Virtual summits
  • Selling Courses
  • Coaching & Consulting
  • Crowdfunding & Donations
  • Premium Content
  • Events and Public Speaking

52. Virtual Assistant Job

part time work from home jobs

Virtual assistants perform the function of helping their employers with daily administrative tasks and programs.

Instead of going into the office every day, virtual assistants complete their responsibilities and perform their functions remotely at home or in another location of their choice with internet access.

They are in charge of handling the small details to keep the company moving so that the employer can focus on large-company goals.

They may communicate with the employer on multiple channels, such as email, video messaging, instant messaging, and phone calls.

They also perform the function of organizing the employer’s files, answering received mails, arranging meetings, and helping their employers to form presentation materials.

Average Base Pay: $14/hr

Job Sites: Jooble, ZipRecruiter, Upwork, Indeed, FlexJobs

53. Virtual Call Centre Job

A virtual call center is simply a call center when the organization’s representatives are dispersed.

Virtual call center employees could also be situated in groups during a number of smaller centers, but most frequently they work from their own homes.

This is a beautiful arrangement for several employees: the hours are often flexible, and there is no code or commute.

For the organization, the virtual call center model saves housing and equipment costs and may cause lower turnover rate rates, which tend to be high for physical call centers.

Average Base Pay: $15/hr

Job Sites:, Indeed, ZipRecruiter, FlexJobs, Glassdoor

54. Online Public Relations Manager Job

part time work from home jobs

Public Relations managers are individuals that create and maintain a positive public image and reputation for the employer by communicating programs and accomplishments.

Public relations managers are saddled with the task of fielding media questions and pitching stories to the media, preparing media kits, and organizing press conferences.

Apart from writing press releases, they also write speeches for their organizational leaders, they develop advertising, and prepare articles for corporate newsletters.

Average Base Pay: $26/hr

Job Sites: FlexJobs, ZipRecruiter, Indeed, Upwork, Glassdoor

55. Recruiting Coordinator Job

Recruiting Coordinators are responsible for assisting in the company’s recruiting and Talent Acquisition methods and strategies.

They are responsible for finding, attracting, and hiring new employees to fill vacant positions and meet the company’s workforce needs and goals.

They help perform tasks like developing recruitment goals and objectives, developing a sustainable recruiting strategy based on our goals and needs, sourcing passive candidates, searching resume databases for the most suitable and qualified candidates, communicating with Hiring Managers, and other recruiting tasks.

Average Base Pay: $24/hr

Job Sites: Indeed, ZipRecruiter,, Glassdoor, SimplyHired

56. Book Keeping Job

part time work from home jobs

Bookkeepers record financial transactions, maintain financial records, fact- check financial data, and update financial statements.

Bookkeepers make sure that the accounts are current and accurate, using specialized software, spreadsheets, and other tools to track and manage data.

Some Bookkeepers keep track of all income and expenditures that flows in an organization while others may choose to be in larger organizations on specific projects and accounts.

Average Base Pay: $16/hr

Job Sites: Indeed, ZipRecruiter, FlexJobs, SimplyHired,

57. Stock Photography

part time work from home jobs

When businesses, marketing agencies, and media organizations need photos, they can either hire a photographer, or they can purchase pre-existing images (often stock photos).

These photos can be used for anything from a marketing campaign to internal newsletters.

The high cost of hiring a photographer and the ample selection provided by stock photography sites lead many companies to take advantage of stock images.

Stock photography agencies tag, categorize, and supply existing photos licensed for specific uses.

Average Pay: $0.25-$5/photo

Job Sites: FlexJobs, ZipRecruiter, LinkedIn, Upwork, Guru

58. Video Editing

part time work from home jobs

Video editing refers to the editing of video footage and enhancing the quality with audio and special effects.

Video Editors at times may adopt the linear video editing system, at times a non-linear video editing system, or probably vision mixing.

Linear video editing is done by using videotapes, while non-linear editing makes use of computers and video editing software. Times when live video signals are edited, the vision mixing system is used

Average Base Pay: $28/hr

Job Sites:, ZipRecruiter, Indeed, SimplyHired, Upwork

59. Stock Broking

part time work from home jobs

They are said to be share brokers, registered representatives, investment brokers. perform the business of buying and selling shares and securities on behalf of clients.

They evaluate the performance of shares and securities on the stock market and provide recommendations to clients.

The responsibilities and functions of the stockbroker include analyzing the stock market and finding profitable and rewarding investment opportunities.

They also help in advising clients in making sound investment decisions. Stockbrokers must have the ability to work well in a high-pressure environment.

Average Base Pay: $32/hr

Job Sites: Indeed, Jooble, ZipRecruiter, Glassdoor

60. Buying and Selling Domain Names

part time work from home jobs

There are many various ways to shop for and sell domain names. Many standard domain registrars, like, will facilitate sales via auction.

Meanwhile, specialized websites, like Sedo, are designed exclusively to shop for and sell domain names.

Finally, parking domains with a ‘for sale’ page may be a good way to draw targeted interest from potential buyers.

Average Pay: The pay depends on the popularity of the domain name and other factors to be decided by the buyer and seller.

Job Sites: Namecheap,, Namebio, Afternic

61. Buying and Selling Entire Websites

The process of buying and selling websites is similar to the process of buying and flipping homes. Just like there’s a major upside, there will be some inherent risk involved.

The smart website flipper will search for undervalued websites that will be improved with minimal time and money invested, then sell those for a bigger fee.

Average Pay: The price of the website depends on many factors that include: Current earning, traffic source, Domain trust, backlinks, traffic graph for the last 3-4 months, and other factors. 

Job Sites: Flippa, TrustIU, Sedo, Afternic

62. E-commerce Store Manager Job

part time work from home jobs

E-commerce can be regarded as the act of shopping or selling products online.

E-commerce Managers develop and carry out strategic online marketing plans for companies and organizations that carry out business on the Web.

As such, they need to stay current and abreast of the online marketing environment and adapt their strategy to best serve the interests of their organization and to keep pace with the competition in their field.

Average Base Pay: $30/hr

Job Sites: Indeed, FlexJobs, Jooble

63. Online Realtor

part time work from home jobs

The realtor is responsible for protecting and promoting the client’s interests. They can represent buyers or sellers.

They assist the home buyer in the forming and writing of the offer, and if the offer is accepted, they help with the final agreement to ensure and ascertain that it’s legally binding and correct.

The realtor will get to stay top of the whole process to form sure any issues that surface during the house inspection or other processes are quickly remedied.

Average Base Pay: $29/hr

Job Sites: Indeed, ZipRecruiter, FlexJobs, Upwork, Glassdoor

64. Online Tutor

part time work from home jobs

Online tutors are also known as E-tutor and at times, Virtual professors. As the name implies, online tutors interact with learners using the Internet and computer technology.

The job of an online tutor is similar to that of a private tutor or teacher, except that all the work is done via the Internet.

Online tutors, in their bid to fulfill their purpose, make use of email and audio/video conferencing to interact with their students virtually.

As a consequence, they will work from anywhere provided they need a computer, a webcam, and a reliable Internet connection. Skype may be a widely used tool to conduct lessons.

Average Base Pay: $22.5/hr

Job Sites:, ZipRecruiter, Indeed, Jooble, FlexJobs

65. Online Health Coach

part time work from home jobs

Their primary role is listening openly to the challenges of those that approach them for help. They make sure they are motivated, focused, and energized.

The ideal health coach is someone who has compassion and empathy. He/she must possess effective communication skills, working with diverse populations, comfort in leading one-on-one conversations, and is versed with the knowledge and experience in behavior change strategies.

Online Health Coach establishes goals and create an achievable care plan with participants and performs other health cleaning tasks.

Average Base Pay: $23.5/hr

Job Sites: Indeed, Jooble, Glassdoor, SimplyHired, ZipRecruiter

66. Virtual Matchmaker

In the digital age of dating, professional matchmakers are responsible for assisting clients with finding a match.

As a matchmaker, you will do so by interviewing clients to determine their taste and criteria for a partner, personally reviewing candidates to present to clients, and obtaining feedback on your matchmaking services.

You will likely work for an agency that specializes in the services of matchmaking.

Average Base Pay: $23/hr Job Sites: Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Glassdoor


There you have it, 65+ part time work from home jobs, their average pay, and the sites you can find the jobs.

The above-listed part-time jobs can be done anywhere, and anytime. Find one suitable for you and start earning.


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