Phone companies in Alaska

 Do you want to know the top phone companies in Alaska? this post got you covered. As a stranger going on vacation or a just visit to Alaska, it’s important to be guided so you don’t miss out on the necessities. First, keeping communication on to loved ones back at home and the person you’re about to be a guest to on your arrival in Alaska is crucial.

Alaska is a large state that covers twice the size of Texas. Though you may have to experience losing service signal while on an hour-long trip town after town which is normal, and in order not to be in panic also, don’t plan to receive nor make any regarded as “very important calls” these times.

Alaska border lining is so large that you can only wish for the future to be able to complete your touring.

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However, some towns will show better signals than others, with support from their local providers; Alaska Communications service, and General Communications Inc.

For instance, Anchorage is a large and populated town yet, enjoys better coverage more than most less populated areas.

Having your mind freed from expecting constant signals can save you from feeling sudden disappointment.

Phone Companies and Major Service Providers in Alaska


1. AT&T

at&t - phone companies in Alaska
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A Phone company and service provider in large cities and towns of Alaska provides excellent coverage, as much as 4G.

In a city like Palmer that receives great service coverage from AT&T network tower, which serves without faltering. Out of the total cover area in Alaska with 250 zip codes, the AT&T signal covers roughly 47.6% of those areas.

2. Sprint

Sprint- phone companies in Alaska
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Sprint is a cell phone coverage company but, here in Alaska, sprint hasn’t been able to do so well independently using their own network tower; however, they function by roaming via GCI and ACS service. On this note, they can transmit service signal to its subscribers

3. T-Mobile

T-Mobile - phone companies in Alaska
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One of the most preferred providers in the US but, unfortunately in Alaska they’re not doing well too just like Sprint, they roam on AT&T and the local provider General Communications Inc. networks.

It’s quite understood by most T-mobile users on the roaming, however, when subscribing for domestic roaming data; the service is a little different, considering the connection is being done outside the T-mobile.

4. Verizon

Verizon - phone companies in Alaska
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They are regarded as King of coverage, the largest cell phone service investor in Alaska, which has built reliable cellular networks including 4G towers.

This cellular service king has in the past six years in Alaska grown their popularity by the installation of over 200 network towers in highly populated cities and area

Today their 4G LTE covers Three hundred and twenty-seven million people meeting over 99% of the US population. However, a small bearer and transmitter from GCI provides the best coverage to Alaska

5. GCI (General Communication Inc)

GCI - phone companies in Alaska
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General Communications Inc is Alaska’s Local wireless telephone network provider, a subsidiary of Alaska DigiTel Limited Liability Company.

 This Local Provider was founded in 1979 and operated by Alaskans with it’s headquartered in Anchorage Alaska.

They render seamless roaming network service to the T-Mobile network which allows T-mobile full access to GCI’s network – this, therefore, confirms the fact that all T-Mobile users throughout Alaska have their signal from GCI coverage.

GCI also serves the Alaskans besides the home phone; Cable TV and mobile service. Since 2017 GCI  had a total staff of 2,200 and Service Coverage in Alaska and also gives scholarships.

Some older phone companies in Alaska runs on 2G, 3G network while the newer are 4G-enabled, until the spring of 2020, the local provider GCI launched a 5G service with the help of Ericsson as the first.

GCI – Phone plan

Over the years of millions of dollars investing in building quality service, GCI has gained prestige from Alaskans who are now benefiting from unfaltering coverage with unlimited local and long-distance even international calling.

6. Alaska Phone Company

Alaska phone company - phone companies in Alaska
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Alaska phone company is also a top phone company in Alaska that has a partnership with RingCentral in order to provide Alaskans the most reliable VolP phone services in the market.

If you are a small business or a large corporation, the Alaska phone company got you covered. They provide one of the best phone services in Alaska.

For more information about this company, visit the website

7. TelAlaska

TelAlaska - phone companies in Alaska
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TelAlaska is an Alaskan phone company founded in 1968 in Fort Yukon and today provides the state of Alaska with a full range of telecommunications products and services.

TelAlaska provides local telephone service, advanced data services, dial-up, digital subscriber lines & cable modem internet service, cable television, and wireless internet services.

TelAlaska is a holding company for a number of subsidiaries including:

  • Mukluk Telephone Company – provides local exchange telephone service to about 15 communities
  • Interior Telephone Company – provides local exchange telephone service to over 10 rural communities
  • TelAlaska Long Distance – provides low direct-dialed tariffed rates
  • Eyecom Cable – offers television to about four communities
  • TelAlaska NetWorks – provides internet services for residents and businesses.

TelAlaska is headquartered in Anchorage, Alaska and also have customer service and operations locations in Unalaska/Dutch Harbor, Seward and Nome.

Navigate to their website to know the products and services available in your area.


8. Alaska Power & Telephone (AP&T)

AP&T - phone companies in Alaska
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A local telephone company that also provides top-notch services for customers throughout Alaska.

They offer internet, power, and telephone services in Alaska. To know if their services are available in your area, head to their website


9. United Utilities Inc

United Utilities Inc - Phone companies in Alaska
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This company offers a range of telecommunication services in Alaska, maintains satellite earth stations, and digital switching network.

United Utilities specializes in residential telephone and wireless services. It has been operational for over 30 years and offers a variety of interstate and intrastate communication solutions.

This company also offers three-way calling, business, and enhanced voice mail services as well as discount options.

For more information, call 907-273-5322.

10. Arcticom

Arcticom - phone companies in Alaska

Articom is a locally-owned communications company that provides cutting-edge wireless technology to increase productivity that exceeds customer expectations, creates opportunities to their clients, partners as well as the Alaskan communities they serve.

This company was founded in 2004 and today one of the largest Motorola dealer in Alaska. They are a Motorola Solutions full line dealer and Federal DOD Manufacturer Representative with expertise in communications sales and service in Alaska.

Articom is a subsidiary of the Bering Straits Native Corporation (BSNC) and headquartered in Anchorage, Alaska.


11. Alaska Communications

alaska communications

Alaska Communications is one of the leading broadband and managed IT service provider in Alaska. They serve businesses, schools, health facilities, state and local governments, and offer exceptional customer service.

They are internet service providers, telephone company, and telecommunications consultants.

To know more about Alaska Communications navigate to their website


12. Copper Valley Telecom

Copper Valley Telecom - phone companies in Alaska
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This company has served the Valdez and Copper River Basin areas for more than 50 years. Copper Valley Telecom provides high-quality communication services such as landline telephone for residents and businesses, long-distance, calling features, high speed, internet connectivity, and wireless voice and data.

They also provide high capacity special access services for businesses and telecommunication carriers via their robust fiber and microwave network.

Visit the website for more inquires.

13. MTA

MTA - phone companies in Alaska

MTA is a locally-owned and operated company and also a leader in the industry. It was established in 1953 and really interested in the success and happiness of its customers.

MTA has kept a good reputation over the years for their products and services. They offer services to both residents and businesses in Alaska.

To know more abou this company, head to

14. OTZ Telephone Cooperative

OTZ Telephone Cooperative
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OTZ Telephone Cooperative is a member-owned company that provides telephone, wireless, and internet services throughout Northwest Alaska.

It is headquartered in Kotzebue, Alaska and the goal of this company is to top-notch services to clients.

For more info send a mail to [email protected] or visit their website

15. Cordova Telecom Cooperative

Cordova Telecom Cooperative - phone companies in Alaska

Cordova Telecom Cooperative provides internet, telephone, wireless, and TV services. They are committed to providing the best of services in Cordova, Alaska, and its surrounding areas.

Tel: 907-424-2345, Email: [email protected], website:



The above list consists of top phone companies in Alaska that are still major internet service providers in the state of Alaska.

It is always advisable to call, send an email, or visit a preferred company’s website to know if its products or services are available in your area.

I hope this post has been helpful and if there’s any phone company in Alaska you know that is not on this list, kindly drop it as a comment in the comment box, and we’ll surely update it.


Which company has the best telephone coverage in Alaska?

The phone company with the best internet and telephone coverage in Alaska is GCI.

Can my cell phone works on Alaskan cruise?

Of course, your cell phone will work on an Alaskan cruise, but you’ll have to connect it to an expensive network on the ship or pay international roaming charges.

Can my AT&T phone work on a cruise ship?

Yes, your AT&T phone can work on a cruise ship especially if the ship you are taking is covered, you can buy a package that will let you call, text. and surf the net on the ship’s cellular network.

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