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Looking for where to buy prescription glasses Australia? Do you want to know the best places to buy prescription glasses online in Australia? This post got you covered.

People choose to buy prescription glasses for different reasons. Some see it as a fashion accessory, some choose to buy it to blend in while others buy it to correct their vision.

In most cases, people choose to wear prescription glasses because they are suffering from eyesight problems and will like to correct their vision.

However, before choosing the type of prescription glasses, make sure you first get your eyes checked by an eye doctor to know exactly the lenses you may need to correct your vision.

This way, you’ll be able to opt for a lens depending on your prescription information. Your prescription will also help you decide whether you need glasses for long or near distance or for reading.

It is very important you understand your prescription information. Make sure you examine every detail carefully as any wrong information may lead to choosing the wrong pair of prescription glasses.

Prescription lenses are what makes a pair of glasses provide the sharp, clear vision you want to have. Whether you are farsighted, nearsighted, or need multiple prescriptions in one lens, there are various types of prescription glasses that can address your visual needs.

Types of Prescription Glasses

1. Single Vision

Single vision prescription glasses are used to correct single vision problems like nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

Single vision prescription lenses contain the same amount of vision correction throughout the entire lens. In terms of single vision prescription reading glasses, full-frame readers are the most common.

You can also find single vision prescription lenses in half frame reading glasses which are narrower and sit at the end of your nose for easier up-close and distance viewing.

2. Bifocal

A bifocal prescription glass contains two prescriptions within the same lens. The bifocal lens is split into two sections i.e. the upper part which is for distance vision and the lower part for near vision.

3. Progressive

These are multifocal lenses (lenses used by people with more than one vision problem) that contain three main fields of vision which are: near, intermediate, and distance. However, this type of prescription glasses doesn’t have a visible line between prescriptions.

The Best Places to Buy Prescription Glasses Online in Australia

Here is a list of top online glasses stores in Australia to buy prescription glasses online.

1. Optically  

prescription glasses australia

Optically is a leading retailer of eyeglasses and sunglasses in Australia that offer an exclusive collection of prescription lenses and glasses frames online.

Optically stock Australia’s largest range of men’s glasses and women’s glasses as well as stock an exciting range of kid’s glasses and children’s prescription glasses.

Optically cater to all types of eyewear prescriptions and stock single vision lenses, bifocal and progressive lenses.

Their eyewear collection is available online which you can conveniently shop for online from the comfort of your home or office.

They are also one of the best online glasses retailers that offer a 100% quality assurance as well as offer a full refund if the glasses don’t suit you.  

2. Vision Direct Australia 

prescription glasses australia

Vision Direct is an online eyeglasses superstore that offers all the most popular international and local designers and brands at the best prices.  

Here, you can your next pair of prescription glasses, including prescription sunglasses at reasonable prices.

Vision Direct has an extensive range of women’s glasses, men’s glasses, and kid’s glasses available for both regular and prescription lenses.

3. Specsavers 

prescription glasses Australia

Specsavers have glasses that suit all shapes, tastes, and pockets. With your valid prescription at hand, you can buy prescription glasses online and even use their virtual try-on tool to find the one that fits perfectly.

Specsavers have a huge collection of men’s glasses, women’s glasses, teen’s glasses, and kid’s glasses.

It is one of the best places to buy prescription glasses online.

4. Clearly  

prescription glasses australia

Clearly is a Sydney based Australian company that offer the best prices, fastest shipping, and exceptional customer care for your eyewear needs across the country.

Clearly is your one-stop destination for everything prescription glasses, contact lenses, sunglasses, and more.

5. GlassesOnline Australia  

prescription glasses australia

This is one of the best online retailers of eyewear in Australia that offer a huge range of prescription glasses for men and women at affordable prices.

Apart from selling prescription glasses GlassesOnline also sells prescription sunglasses as well as offer all the lenses and coatings you will need.

So, if it is multifocal transition or distance eyeglasses with extra thin lenses you need, GlassesOnline got you covered.

All of their glasses are backed by 12-month warranty.

6. FramesBuy Australia  

prescription glasses australia

This is one of the best places in Australia to find the largest collection of genuine quality prescription glasses, comfortable reading glasses, branded sunglasses, branded contact lenses, premium lenses, and designer eyewear cases.

Framesbuy glasses are top-notch, fashionable, and affordable. They have glasses that will suit any shape or style.

Framesbuy has a huge collection of single vision lenses, bifocal lenses, progressive lenses with additional lens coating like blue light lenses, anti-glare, UV protection, and much more.  

7. AusSpecs  

prescription glasses australia

AusSpecs is one of the most trusted online suppliers of prescription glasses. For over 14 years, AusSpecs has been providing Australians with quality eyewear at reasonable prices.

AusSpecs specializes in Multi-Focals, Bi-Focals, and Single Vision Eyeglasses. Browse their range of men’s glasses, and women’s glasses and find the one that suits you.

8. Bailey Nelson

prescription glasses australia

Bailey Nelson provides the best quality glasses for both men and women. Browse their huge collection of glasses and find the right one for you.

9. EyeBuyDirect  Australia 

prescription glasses australia

Find quality prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses online on this site. has thousands of at affordable rates.

With the virtual try-on, you can know exactly the type of glasses that fits your face perfectly. It is the shop to visit for all your eyewear needs.

10. Sneaking Duck   

prescription glasses australia

Sneaking Duck is a leading retailer of optical frames and sunglasses in Australia. They were opened for business in 2012 and since then, has helped thousands of Aussies choose their favorite pair of glasses online.

Sneaking Duck has a large collection of optical glasses and prescription glasses to choose from. All of their glasses are made to precision to make sure they meet the highest standards of safety and comfort.

11. Oscar Wylee Australia  

prescription glasses australia

Buy the latest and fashionable eyewear at Oscar Wylee. Visit this online store to shop their newest collection of modern and vintage-style prescription glasses.

Oscar Wylee even lets you book an eye examination with an optometrist if you don’t have a prescription.

Oscar Wylee also offers prescription glasses that protect your eyes from UV rays.

12. Eyesports  

prescription glasses australia

Eyesports is an Australian based company that produces amazing designs for all of your eyewear needs.

They supply high-quality prescription safety glasses for various types of sports activities like golf, cycling, balling, motorcycling, fishing, shooting, etc. You can shop online for prescription safety glasses.

How to buy Prescription Glasses Online

Here are some tips you need to know before buying prescription glasses online.

1. Find glasses that suit your face shape

Most of these online glasses stores mentioned above have a face shape guide that will help you choose the right glasses that suits your face.

2. Find your frame size

You can easily find your frame size by learning the meaning of the numbers that appear on your frames i.e. eye size, bridge, and temple length.

3. A recent prescription

Regular eye examinations are an important part of ensuring great optical health for life. But you don’t need to worry if you don’t have a recent prescription as most of the online stores mentioned above have expert opticians that can contact an eye doctor for you.

4. Know the types of lenses

There are different types of lenses, single vision lenses, bifocal, progressive, or multifocal lenses. I mentioned them above.

5. Lens materials

There are different types of lens material and some of them are:

  • Plastic: Plastic lenses are the most economical choice and recommended for individuals with light prescription up to +/-1.75.
  • Polycarbonate: Polycarbonate lenses are impact-resistant and used for safety eyewear, kids, and sports glasses. These lenses are good for prescription up to +/-4.00.
  • High Index 1.67: They are 45% lighter than plastic lenses and recommended for individuals with prescriptions up to +/-9.00.
  • High Index 1.74: These are the thinnest and lightest lens material and recommended for people with high prescriptions.

6. Lens treatment

Lenses come with scratch-resistant coating, edge polish, and UV protection at no extra cost. However, you can decide to improve the lens features like:

  • Duraclear Anti-Reflective Coating – which eliminates the glare on the front and back of your lenses.  Anti-Reflective is a must-have on any pair of Rx glasses because it reduces eye strain and has easy to clean properties.
  • Digital Light Protection – This is a precision-engineered lens coating that can deflect a significant part of toxic blue light as well as provides scratch-resistant and anti-glare properties.
  • Transition Lenses: Transition lenses automatically lighten and darken to adjust outdoor light conditions.


We have compiled this list of best places to buy prescription glasses Australia and via this list, we’re certain you now know the right places to visit when looking for prescription glasses to buy online in Australia.

Just read through the list carefully and also visit each store’s website to find out which of them suit your needs the most.

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