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Get to know the different products in Alaska (products made in Alaska) in this post. ALASKA, also called “The Last Frontier” is one of the coldest and most sparsely populated areas on the planet, with over 700,000 in population.

It ranked 15th back in 2007 among all American states in terms of GDP per capita, thanks to its rich natural resources, particularly its gigantic crude oil reserves. Alaska’s major economic sectors include;

1. Oil -Oil is the largest component of Alaska’s economy.

2. Tourism – Attracting over a million visitors annually to the state.

3. Fishing in the rich fishing waters off Alaska’s coast making Alaska’s fish catch the most valuable among the 50 states

4. Alaska’s timber industry supplies world markets with logs, lumber, pulp, and other forest products, adds beauty to the state and provides a renewable economic resource.

5. Mining – Alaska contains half the nation’s coal reserves, and its largest silver and zinc mines. Mined products include gold, zinc, silver, coal, crushed stone, lead, molybdenum, and sand and gravel.

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6. Agriculture isn’t left out as Alaska’s top five agricultural products are greenhouse and nursery products, hay, dairy products, potatoes, and cattle and calves.

Alaska is rich in many naturally manufactured products. They include:

1. Alaska Grown Whole Grain Products (Alaska Flour Company)

Alaska Grown Whole Grain Products

These are stone-ground, artisan barley products with whole-grain goodness in every package. Barley is nutrition-packed and has been clinically proven to reduce the risk of diabetes and is healthy for the heart. The centuries-old grain whilst containing fiber, vitamins, and minerals, is also free of cholesterol and slim on fat.

Alaska Flour Company manufactures high-quality barley products that are perfect alternatives to organic food. They have products like Cream of Barley Cereal, Barley Flour, Barley Couscous, Black Gold Brownie Mix, Kodiak Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix, Sunshine Hulless Barley, and the Great Alaska Pancake Mix.


2. Milk (Alaska Milk Corporation)


One of Alaska’s top five agricultural products is dairy products. The Alaska Milk Corporation produces delicious, nutritious milk products for households and businesses alike.

Alaska Milk

Milk products like evaporated milk, condensed milk, culinary creams, powdered milk, ready-to-drink milk, and non-dairy creamer for coffee and cream lovers.


3. Teas and Spices (Spice and Tea Exchange)



It’s a known fact that Alaskans get pretty experimental with tea. Sampling different kinds of tea like comparing a wild rose herbal tea with tea made from Chaga, (an antioxidant-packed fungus that grows on birch trees). There are many kinds of tea to experiment with. They’ve got the Limited-Time Teas, Black Teas, Green Teas, Herbal Teas, Oolong Teas, White Teas, Pu-erh Teas, Matcha, Decaf & Caffeine-Free Teas, Iced Teas and many more.



Alaskan spices add a lovely depth of flavor like no other. They include; Peppers, Chilies & Paprikas, Whole Spices, Herbs, Grains, Powders (beetroot, turmeric, arrowroot, cheddar cheese), Florals & Berries, olive oils and extracts and many more.

Spice Blends:

Spice Blends - products in Alaska

Alaska offers hand-mixed spice blends made with gourmet spices and herbs, salts, and sugars providing a seasoning for every occasion. The Spice and Tea Exchange produces multiple spice blends among which include; grinder blends, seafood blends, meat blends and rubs, curries and Arabic blends, specialty blends, salt-free blends, dips, and party blends.


Salts - Products in Alaska

From smoked salts and infused salts to mineral salts, you’ll find a variety of salt for any dish enhancement.

It loses no flavor overtime as well. Alaska offers varieties of smoked salts, gourmet salts, infused salts, and salt accessories.


Sugars - products in Alaska

Alaska sugars can be used to sweeten your tea, give a dessert that ‘final touch’, or add some caramelized flavor to your favorite grilled foods.

They also make excellent toppers for your favorite dishes and come in different flavors. They include; salted caramel sugar, toasted coconut sugar, hibiscus sugar, raspberry champagne sugar, Florida sunshine sugar, habanero sugar, wild blueberry sugar, black walnut sugar, bourbon sugar, pineapple sugar, espresso sugar, ginger sugar, butterscotch crème sugar and many more.


4. Ulu

Ulu - products in Alaska

The ‘ulu’ is a curved, all-purpose knife with an interesting history made specifically in Alaska. It comes with a bone or wooden handle and it’s originally made from rock, slate, or jade.

It was used originally by Alaska Natives for everything ranging from building boats to making clothes.  It usually comes paired with a bowl for dicing and mincing making it a great kitchen tool as well as a fun gift.

The ‘Ulu’ is made in an Ulu Factory in Alaska. Their products include; Bowl and Ulu Sets, Inupiat Ulu’s Knives, Multi Ulu Sets, and many more.


5. Handcrafted bowls (Birch Trees)

Handcrafted bowls - products in Alaska

These are unique bowls crafted from logs from Alaskan birch trees which is the state’s sturdiest and most straight-grained tree. It’s fascinating to watch Alaska artists and craftsmen turn logs from this tree into unique wood bowls, all of which are always one-of-a-kind.

They are then dried, sanded, and dipped in special, food-safe block oil, and turned into beautiful works of art that ripple with streaks of dark and light wood unique to each piece making them durable and enjoyed for a lifetime.

Other products in Alaska crafted from the birch trees include; wooden kitchen and home accessories like from cutting boards, wooden spoons, toys, etc, birch tapping supplies, birch syrup products like birch beer, syrup, and candies, and absolutely delicious birch water ranging from wild-harvested to organic.

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6. Alaska wild fruit and berry products

Alaska wild fruit and berry products

These products consist largely of chocolate and candies with dried Alaska berries as main ingredients. There are also and wild berry jams and jellies, syrups, and honey.

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7. Alaskan Totem Poles

Alaskan Totem Poles

These are rare Alaskan products hand-carved by Alaskan Natives using Yellow Cedar grown deep in the rain forests of Southeast Alaska. They are then hand-painted and smoked giving them that natural weathered finished look.

8. Snugatti Pet Beds

Snugatti Pet Beds

These are pet beds handcrafted in Kasilof, Alaska for cats and dogs of all sizes. Their bases are filled with premium poly-fiber and their nestable tops are filled with shredded furniture foam. They come in many fun patterns to choose from and the entire one-piece cover comes off for washing too.

 These product can be seen on sites like

9. Bags and Outdoor Gear

Bags and Outdoor Gear - products in Alaska

These are items manufactured by a company named Homer in Alaska. Their clothing items which are all created with Alaskan cold weather in mind include jackets, vests, pants… Their bags are sturdy and rugged built to last for a very long time.

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10. Salmon Jerky

Salmon Jerky

True to its name, the salmon jerky, which is available in Regular, Peppered, Teriyaki flavors, is made from wild salmon collected from Alaska’s icy cold Pacific waters. There’s also the Smoked Salmon which when paired with crackers and/or cheese makes the perfect snack.

It is produced by Alaska’s Best Salmon Jerky.

11. Jade

Jade - products in alaska

Tools, jewelry, and weapons are made by Alaska Natives from Jade, one of Alaska’s state gems. There’s an entire jade mountain on Alaska’s Seward Peninsula. Jade carvings and jewelry can be found in gift shops across the state.

12. Alaska jewelry

Alaska jewelry - products in Alaska

Alaska offers a wide range of jewelry made from the state’s gems. Categories include bracelets, cufflinks, gold nuggets, earrings, gemstones, money clips, pendants, rings, watches, and wedding bands.

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13. Taco Loco

products in alaska

Taco Loco is one of the largest food manufacturers in Alaska. It is a tortilla and chip manufacturing plant based in Anchorage, Alaska.

Taco Loco provide the people of Alaska with fresh made corn and flour tortillas, corn chips, flavored wraps, taco shells, salmon wraps,tamales, salsa, taco salad bowls, and many hispanic grocery products.


14. Alaska Salmon Leather Wallets

Alaska Salmon Leather - products in Alaska

This is another hand-made Alaska product. It is created solely from natural salmon fish skins that are made into leather the old-fashioned way, a piece at a time. These wallets are very fashionable and durable.

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15. Alaska’s Flake Sea Salt

Alaska’s Flake Sea Salt - products in Alaska

Alaska’s flaked sea salt is sourced from the Pacific waters in Sitka, Alaska.

They include; Wild Blueberry Flake Salt, Spicy Hot Pepper Flake Sea Salt, and Coffee Bean Flake Sea Salt, and many more.

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Products Made In Anchorage

1. Qiviut:

This product which is made from Musk ox wool is softer than sheep’s wool. It’s also missing oils that can make other materials itchy. It is crafted into hats, scarves, and smoke rings by a co-operative of Alaska Native knitters. Qiviut items are light and warm and are worth their price as they last forever.

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2. Natural Soaps:

Alaska soaps colored with herbs, spices, and natural pigments and scented with pure essential and quality fragrance oils.

3. Glacial Mud:

Most of the finest beauty products are created from Alaska’s mighty glaciers. The mud is harvested from banks near the Copper River and used in masks and mineral soaps that leave the skin soft and smooth. They also have skin and hair products made from wild Alaskan botanicals and organic plant oils and nut butter. Every ingredient is beneficial to skin and hair health.

4. Spirits, Wine, and Beer:

Anchorage is home to some great craft brewers, distillers, and even a couple wineries where you can get the best spirits, wines, and beers and enjoy the flavors of Alaska long after getting home.

5. Seafood:

Enjoy and take home salmon, halibut, crab, and shellfish on a visit to Anchorage.

Get to know more about seafood via


Other Alaska products include;

  • Alaska Gold
  • Bambino’s Frozen Baby Food
  • Alaska Antlers (Antler Tables, chairs, Lightning, Accessories, Cribbage boards, Art, etc)
  • Hardware and Furniture
  • Gifts and Souvenirs
  • Permafrost Beards Men’s Grooming Products
  • Denali Dreams Soaps
  • Alaska Glacial Mud Co. Skincare Products
  • Alpenglow Natural Skin & Hair Care Products, and many more.



These products in Alaska are all manufactured in Alaska and can be found in most stores in Alaska. You can also get some of these products on their company’s websites just like the ones mentioned above.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is best Alaskan souvenirs?

The best souvenirs to bring back home from Alaska include:
– Alaskan Jade
– Birch Syrup
– Ulu knives
– Alaska Native Art
– Mukluks
– Bear Claws Pasta or Salad Server
– Glacial Mud

What is Alaska known for?

For wildlife, Alaska is known for whales, salmon, jellyfish, puffins, bison, moose, bears, caribou, and many more but when it comes to scenery, Alaska is known for mountains, lakes, rivers, glaciers and fjords, and waterfalls, etc.

What is the largest industry in Alaska?

The oil and gas industry is the largest industry in Alaska and about 85% of the state budget is supplied by oil revenues.

What are the best Ulu knives?

– Arctic Circle Alaska Ulu knife
– Ulu Factory Ulu knife and Bowl set
– Alaska Ulu knife set with wood handle
– Alaska Ulu Knife and Chopping bowl set
– Amhoo multicolored Ulu knife

What is the most popular food in Alaska?

The most popular foods in Alaska are Alaska’s cold water seafood and Alaskan salmon.

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