15 Top Promotional Strategies Examples

Hi there! Today, we will be discussing intensively promotional strategies examples.

We all know that it is one thing to come up with a perfect business plan and a whole other thing to promote it. So much so, that every street corner is very much aware of its existence and authenticity. 


What is a Promotional Strategy?

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Promotional strategy is one of the most important processes in marketing.

It is very important because it supports your marketing voices to reach your target audience, creates interest, and helps you to engage with them. 

A promotional strategy is a well-devised plan to inform and influence people about your business, generate more leads, and boost customer engagement. 

It gives room for a proper marketing strategy and communication, who to target as your audience, and where and when to execute the promotion plan.

Remember when I said “intensive discussion”, here are the four main roles of a Promotion strategy:

  • Creates awareness – Helps your target audience to be aware of your products and services, making them intrigued and interested in purchasing the products.
  • Accuracy and Uniqueness – It requires a well-designed marketing strategy to provide accurate information of the product or service and show uniqueness from competitors. 
  • Generates demand – Making your products and services desirable. You can share great features and benefits through a promotion tactic, and create an emotional connection with your prospect.
  • Induce prospects to take action – Placing a call-to-action for your target to easily engage and find the next steps. 

Now that you have seen the need for an effective Promotional strategy for your business, I will introduce you to several Promotional strategies examples that you can take advantage of, that will yield proper results for your business.


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15 Top Promotional Strategies Examples

To get you started with this, I want to bring something worthwhile to you. Heard of YAIOA Plug?  This is by far, one of the latest promotional strategies that can elevate your business beyond human imagination. 

YAIOA Plug uses a content matching technology to match those in need of a product or service that is similar to what you offer. This is possible with your product or service being displayed to users reading through content around the web.

This just makes the job easier for everyone. Too easy, in fact. 

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This is one of the cheap promotional strategies examples you are ever gonna come across on the web. 

YAIOA (Your All In One Account), as the name implies, renders lots of services. From promoting your business and increase leads to Sales, Subscribers, Clients, and more.

Still interested? Follow the steps below to enjoy this promotional strategy.

  • Sign Up here on YAIOA
  •  Deposit a minimum of $10 in your Account, using either Paystack and Paypal, to activate your plug.
  •  Fill in your plug details correctly. Indicate its description as well (product or a service). Also include your Service or Product location coverage.
  •  Click on Submit to Save your business information

 You will be charged a fee of $0.01 per client that clicks to call or message you.  If you can not be contacted, you won’t be charged. 

Your plug starts running in minutes after submission. You won’t be charged a penny if you’re not contacted, and your funds remain intact in your Account.

This Plug system is not limited to certain products and services. 

These are some of the service plugs available for you;

  • Photographer
  • Cook
  • Chef
  • Tailor
  • Fashion Designer
  • Doctor

In the same vein, here are some of the product plugs available for you to pick from;

  • Laptop Dealer
  • Battery Store
  • Cake Store
  • Electronics Store
  • Fashion Store
  • Electrical shops
  • Phone store


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2. Buy one, Get one Free Promotions

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Known as BOGO (Buy one, get one) free deals are among the most popular promotional strategies examples. The wonderful thing is that these promotions rarely cost anything.

Actually, they are designed to generate revenue. This strategy covers both product-based businesses and service-based businesses. 


3. Flash Sales and Discounts

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 Flash sales may be one of the effective promotion strategies examples for you. A flash sale compels your customer base to buy urgently.

You could decide to do a flash sale once or twice a year. Set a schedule each month so that people are anticipating the event and prepared to make purchases on short notice.

In the end, take advantage of social media and email marketing campaigns to announce when the sale will be happening. You can even create a fun branded hashtag to get your audience interested. 

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4. Charitable Cause

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You can definitely achieve two things with this promotional strategy. Do something impactful in your community while attracting more customers with a charitable sales promotion.

You can alert them that for a certain period of time, a portion of your business will go to a charity you support. 

This can be any charity you are passionate about, or one that is related to your industry.


5. Referral discounts

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Converting  new customers should always be on your daily to-do list.

 Offer discounts when current customers refer a friend or promote you on social media. This helps to keep the new customers rolling in.

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6. Free Shipping and Returns

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So many people freak out whenever they place an order for a product and discover that there is a shipping fee attached to it.

Free shipping eliminates the fear that could prevent people from completing their orders. People equally jump at the products that include the free returns option. 

That way, they buy knowing that if the product does not match their taste, it can be sent back. Of course, this won’t happen because your product will definitely fit its description. 

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7. Vouchers and Coupons

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Vouchers and Coupons are a great way to thank your current customers and to encourage them to continue doing business with you. 

This is one of the best promotional strategies examples.

One way to really get people excited about their next purchase with you is to offer a mystery coupon. Not only is it interactive, but it also makes customers feel as if they’re playing a game.


8. Give out Free Samples

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Lots of businesses temporarily suspended this promotion strategy for customers during COVID-19. 

Notwithstanding, it can be seen as one of the best promotional strategies examples. 

You can offer free samples to all regardless of whether they purchase something or not. This strategy not only introduces consumers to products they may not have considered before, it also cordially encourages them to buy.

 The good thing is that people like things they can try before buying. So, give them that.


9. Google My Business Offer Posts

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Did you know that you can run promotions on your Google business listing? Now you do.

Get this. The “Add Offer” post on your Google My Business account  allows you to announce a deal on your Business Profile. This in turn, allows your promotion to reach customers who find your business on Google Maps and Search.

Also, a Google My Business promotion can also drive more traffic to your website


10. Cashback promotions

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Cashback is a unique process where customers receive their money back after a purchase. It is one of the promotional strategies examples.

We can all  agree that it doesn’t feel bad to spend money as long as you get some in return. This is a promotional strategy that every entrepreneur should definitely try out.

Plus, doing this usually results in more loyalty and business from them. This strategy is a win for both you and your customers.

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11. Product Giveaways and Samples

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This strategy allows potential customers to sample a product, which makes them feel loved and special. Thereafter, they become interested in purchasing the product.


12. Branded Promotional Gifts

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Giving away functional branded gifts can be a more effective promotional strategy example, than handing out simple business cards.

Normalize putting your business card on a magnet, ink pen or key chain. These are gifts you can give your customers that they may use. 

This keeps your business in plain sight rather than tossed somewhere with other business cards the customer may not look at.

13. Social Media Contests and Giveaways

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Do a regular contest or giveaway on Facebook, Instagram, or your target audience’s social platform of choice to get new customers interested in your business and gain more quality followers.

If you can get your existing audience excited enough about your contest or giveaway, this is guaranteed exposure.

It increases your business’s reach on social media, but it specifically increases awareness of your brand among your ideal customer base. 

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14. Joint Promotions

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You can make use of joint sales promotions, irrespective of the fact that your company owns several brands or you partner with a company in similar or related industries.

 All you need to do is add products or services from each brand into a package and promote it via the other brand. Your partner can do the same for you, which means free promotion for both of you.


15. Lifestyle Discounts

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This is one of the rare Promotional strategies examples.

Lifestyle discounts offer purchase from a massive selection of great products from various brands at an affordable price. 

Lifestyle discounts apply to a particular profession, age group, or demographic usually one associated with an ID. They are commonly available for; Teachers, Students, Veterans, Seniors.

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Promotional strategies examples well listed and discussed intensively as promised. 

So what are your intentions? To increase your sales? Boost awareness of your brand? All of the above? 

Then it’s time to pick a promotional strategy and run with it. I promise you won’t regret it.

Please share and leave a comment below. Bye for now!

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