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Are you searching for recruitment agencies in Finland? If affirmative, then you are in the right place. Recruitment agencies allow you to search for jobs, submit CVs, request specific positions, hire candidates, and lots more.


In this post, is a list of top best recruitment agencies in Finland which you can use to find the right candidate for your company, or find the right job.

These recruitment agencies in Finland specializes in different recruitment areas and industries and it is always advisable to work with one in your industry.

Whether you are looking for your dream job or looking for a permanent, temporary, or part-time job, recruitment agencies got your back.

Without further ado, the list below.

Best Recruitment Agencies in Finland

1. Adecco Finland   

recruitment agencies in Finland

Adecco is a leading provider of Human Resources solutions and one of the largest recruitment agencies in the world.

Every year, Adecco Finland helps thousands of people to get jobs. They have experienced consultants and recruiters that know the Finish job market and have helped skilled people get good jobs.

Adecco Finland has both local and international clients (companies) that provide you with access to different kinds of interesting job opportunities.

Whether you are looking for work, career advice, or looking for skilled employees, Adecco Finland got your back.

Contact details

2. Barona  

recruitment agencies in Finland

This is the leading private employment agency in Finland but also operates in other countries like Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Poland, Spain, and Russia. It is known as the leading Nordic HR company that is constantly working to improve working life.

Barona has new and creative methods to find the right candidate easily as well as offer visionary and boldly future-oriented partnership to their clients and exciting career opportunities for employees.

Barona offices are located across the country.

3. Boyden  Finland  

recruitment agencies in Finland

Boyden is a business consulting firm that focuses on executive positions. Boyen has been delivering the right leaders since 1946.

Boyden Finland is very committed to building Finland’s economy by attracting and retaining the most qualified leaders for their clients.

Boyden Finland area of expertise include:

  • Consumer & Retail
  • Healthcare & Life Sciences
  • Industrial
  • Technology
  • Social Impact
  • CEO & Board Services
  • Human Resources
  •  Professional Services

Contact details

  • Office Address:   Eteralanta 14 Fl-00130 Helsinki, Finland
  • Tel: +358 9.622.6860
  • Email:

4. Kuntarekry  

recruitment agencies in Finland

Kontarekry provides staffing and recruitment services in Helsinki, Finland.

This recruitment firm offers jobseekers tools which they can use to apply for jobs, substitutes and gig jobs, as well as information on working in the municipal sector.

Kontarekry offers employers (municipalities, cities, associations of municipalities, and municipally owned companies) recruitment software and expert services fit for external and internal recruitment and surrogate management.

Kuntarekry have thousands of jobs available and gets over 2.1 million visitors per year.

Contact details

  • Office Address: Osmontie 34, Helsinki 00610 Finland
  • Tel: 004-4314-999

5. StaffPoint  

recruitment agencies in Finland

StaffPoint is a recruitment agency that sees that both the employee and company are successful in their recruitment needs.

This recruitment firm offers jobs from different industries. Whether you want to work in an office, a restaurant, construction site, ship, airport, etc, StaffPoint got you covered.

Contact details

  • Address: Ruoholahdenkatu 14, 00180 Helsinki
  • Tel: 030 047 2000

6. aTalent Recruiting  

recruitment agencies in Finland

This is a high-growth, non-profit recruitment firm that recruits only commercial, technical, and It experts.

It was founded in 2004 and headquartered in Helsinki, Finland.

Contact details

  • Office Address: Kamppi, Autotalo 12th floor Salomonkatu 17 B
  • Tel: +358 50 344 8939
  • Email:  

7. Manpower Finland  

recruitment agencies in Finland

ManpowerGroup is one of the leading recruitment firms in the world and also an expert, developer, and provider of Human Resource, and Outsourced service solutions.

Manpower Group employs over 600,000 people daily in various fields of expertise and industries in 80 countries.

The Manpower brand consists of Manpower, Experis, Right Management, and Manpower Group and they serve over 400,000 customer organizations by offering a wide range of HR solutions from staffing to recruitment and outsourced services to career change services.

Manpower has been in Finland since 1997 and serves applicants and clients nationwide.

Manpower has offices in nine locations in Finland including Helsinki, Turku, Tampere, Rauma, Jyväskylä, Kuopio, Vaasa, Kokkola, and Oulu.

8. Eilakaisla   

recruitment agencies in Finland

Eilakaisla is a recruitment firm that offers personnel services. Eilakaisla services include recruitment, hiring, outsourced HR, relocation services, aptitude assessments, and Human Resource consulting.

Eilakaisla provides professionals for regular and fixed-term positions, especially in customer service, sales & marketing, IT, financial management, insurance, and finance.

Since 1971, Eilakaisla has been helping its clients succeed and they are one of the leading recruitment companies in Finland.

9. Henry 

recruitment agencies in Finland

Henry is a group of people who form the HR Management Group. It is an independent, nationwide known association of Human Resources management and professionals.

They have about 3,000 members that work both in large and small industrial and service companies as well as public sector companies in HR management and development.   

Contact details

  • Office Address: Keskuskatu 5 B, 8th floor, 00100 Helsinki
  • Tel: (09) 682 9020
  • Email:

10. Horton International Finland  

recruitment agencies in Finland

This is a global executive search and management consulting company that specializes in the recruitment of senior talent for management positions and management audit services.

Horton International provides outstanding consultative advice that helps companies achieve their strategic staffing objectives.

Horton International has offices in the Americas, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

Horton International Finland helps organizations in different industries and locations to recruit the people they need to succeed.

Contact details

11. Treamer 

recruitment agencies in finland

This recruitment firm is known for connecting talents and companies through easy-to-use web and mobile apps that make constant communication possible thus resulting in an ultra-fast recruitment process and simple salary payment.

Contact details

12. Student Work  

recruitment agencies in Finland

This is a Nordic staffing and recruitment agency that specialize in students and graduates. The goal of Studentwork is to satisfy their clients.

Studentwork focuses on online assessment as a tool for efficiently matching employees and employers.

Contact information

13. Poolia  

recruitment agencies in Finland

Poolia is a staffing and recruitment firm that are experts in finding and matching skills. Poolia offers recruitment, consulting services, managerial recruitment & development, talent supply, and changeover.

Poolia recruits only qualified professionals in the areas of banking, finance, IT, HR, office, Sales, and marketing.

Contact information

  • Office Address: Kalevankatu 6, 00100 Helsinki, Finland
  • Tel: +358 20 7290 830
  • Email:

14. Eezy  

Eezy has been in the recruitment industry for over 30 years and today is one of Finland’s largest personnel services companies.

Eezy not only offers personnel services but also offer recruitment & organizational development, and light business service.

There are over 52 Eezy offices in Finland. Find one near you.


The list above shows the top best recruitment agencies in Finland that can help you with your recruitment needs.

Make sure you register with a recruitment agency in your field, this way, you have higher chances of getting a job.

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