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Are you searching for job agencies in Germany? Here is a comprehensive list of the best recruitment agencies in Germany that I have carefully put together for easy access.

Getting the right job can be really challenging, that is why I have come up with this idea to make recruitment much easier.

Although there are many recruitment agencies in Germany, with all my research I have been able to select the best and share them with you.


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Recruitment Agencies In Germany


Recruitment Agency Rank Recruitment Agency Name Description!
1. IRC This recruitment agency is known to be one of the best recruitment agencies in Germany
2. Kelly Services GmbH Kelly Services GmbH is specialized in connecting Job seekers with Employers
3. Approach People This is one of the best German recruitment services. They have been recruiting for 20 years now
4. Connectjobs Connect jobs is a good recruitment agency to get fast employment to check this out
5. Jobnexus This company connects with job consultants
6. Adaptive Business Group Adaptive Business Group is a global recruitment agency with root in Germany
7. Emeraldo Get jobs easy with emeraldo recruitment agency
8. JAC Recruitment Register with JAC recruitment and grow your career
9. Medical Recruitment Agency They are dedicated to presenting clients to the best candidates in the market
10. Robert Walters They specialize getting a professional candidate for their clients
11. In Job They  search for very skilled professionals and  offers them permanent or temporary solutions
12. Cobalt Recruitment Is one of the agency the best in Germany
13. Headhunter Finds candidates that will do well with client business


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If you have experience working with any one of them, please do not hesitate to share your experience with us in the Comment section below.

1. International Recruitment Company (IRC)

IRC Recruitment Company in germany
IRC Recruitment Company in Germany

The International Recruitment Company is located in Germany. They recruit for international companies and national companies.

The human resource department coaches candidates, make placement for interim managers, advertise a job, freelancers, outplacement consulting, and so many more.

The site is by default in German, but there is an English version of the site. By clicking the UK flag or country switcher, you will be taken to the English version of the site

IRC Contact Details and Address

IRC Location address

Munich Germany, Lowengrube 1080333 Muchen

IRC Telefon

+4989990184 – 90

IRC Telefax


IRC Website

IRC E-mail


2. Kelly Services GmbH

Kelly Services GmbH

Since 1964, Kelly Services GmbH has been specializing in Human Resource and Talent Management for Companies.

Within diverse areas and Industries, Kelly Services have been working with Employers to fill their opening with the right candidates.

Headquartered in Hamburg, Kelly Services GmbH operates as a reputable Recruitment agency with tentacles spread across 30 countries as well as other states and territories in Germany

Contact Details and Address

Location Address

Lübecker Str. 128, 22087 Hamburg, Germany




Hours of Operations

Monday 8am–5pm
Tuesday 8am–5pm
Wednesday 8am–5pm
Thursday 8am–5pm
Friday 8am–5pm
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

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3. Approach People Recruitment Germany

approach people recruitment agency

Approach people recruitment firm was birthed in the year 2000.

They are one of the best recruitment company leading in specialized and multilingual recruitment which enable them to offer the right solution to employers whatever their requirements.

Approach people are committed to delivering an excellent service and efficient satisfaction to world-leading companies.

Contact Details and Address

Location Address

Quantum House, Temple Road, Blackrock Co,  Dublin


+353 (0) 400 35 00



4. Connect jobs

connect jobs recruitment company in germany

This is an international recruitment company for the cruise ship industry located in Germany. They also recruit for in Germany and across Europe.

This recruitment company was birthed in the year 2000 by Daniela who has worked for a different cruiser for years.

This Agency has it home at Rostock and also is an advisory to applicants and shipping company.


Contact Details and Address

Address Location

Schwaansche str. 1, D-18055 Rostock


+49 3812036881



5. Jobnexus

jobnexus recruitment agency in germany

Jobnexus is an innovative Job search optimization Platform that connects your Profile to the right job openings.

With Jobnexus, your job search would be accelerated and you would find a job faster.

After submitting your Curriculum Vitae (CV) with a couple of information about yourself, Jobnexus would get your Profile matched with a list of available Recruiters and headhunters in your City

These recruiters will be a list of highly targeted recruiters who have openings that match your skillsets and working experiences.

You can view the companies that your CV’s where sent to and do a proper follow-up

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6. Adaptive Business Group

Recruitment agencies in Germany


Adaptive Business Group is an international Search and Recruitment Agency. Investing in People is their slogan and motto.

They are dedicated to providing the best for their customers do they are very selective when it comes to recruitment.


Adaptive Business Group Contact Details and Address

Location Address

The United Kingdom, Kenwood House, 1 Upper Grosvenor Road, Tunbridge Wells, TN1 2EL





7. Emeraldo

Recruitment Agencies in Germany

This is one of the best recruitment agencies that recruit and employ globally. Emeraldo helps clients find the right talent and also understands the employment market.

Sign up for free and let emaraldo find the best job that is right for you. You can also search location, industry, and specialization in the filter provided on this platform.


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8. JAC Recruitment

Recruitment agencies in Germany

This recruitment agency was birthed 1975 in London and they also extended in 1987 to Asia.

They have about 1200 consultant professionals worldwide and they are dedicated to making the right connections for both the candidates and client.

The JAC recruitment agency in Germany was established in 2019 January. This network does extensive work in placing the right talent in the best jobs at the perfect industry with joy.

Contact Address


Konigsallee 92a

40212 Dusseldorf

Tel: +49021154039713



9. Medical Recruitment Agency 

Recruitment agencies in Germany

Medical recruitment agency offers to assist you in getting the right organization to practice in Germany. They are dedicated to providing clients and candidates with different selections to integrate.

So if you are looking for a new professional job then you will find what you have been searching for in this recruitment agency.

The following professionals can register on this platform such as; Geriatric, Nurses, Doctors, Midwives, Economist, Therapists, and many other services.

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10. Robert Walters

Recruitment agencies in Germany

Robert walters is one of the best recruitment agency in Germany. Located in London and birthed in 1985. This agency has been hiring for years and ever since they have been assisting companies in cutting recruitment cost, and shortening time to hire.

Robert walters are everywhere and in Europe, Africa, South and North America.

Contact Address

Konigsallee 76-78

40212 Dusseldorf


Tel: +49 (0) 211 30180 000 

Fax: +49 (0) 211 30180 099


Contact Address

Main Tower
33rd floor
Neue Mainzer Str. 52-58
60311 Frankfurt am Main

Tel: +49 (0) 69 9203840 000


Contact Address

Gorch-Fock-Wall 1a
20354 Hamburg

Tel: +49 (0) 40 377 0739 90


Contact Address

Design Offices Köln Gereon GmbH
Christophstraße 15‑17
50670 Cologne

Tel: +49 (0) 221 65086 160



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11. In Job

Recruitment agencies in Germany

In job was birthed in 2001 by Carlo de paoli, they are dedicated to searching for very skilled professionals, and also offers permanent or temporary job solutions in three continents. They select the best candidates with high specialists, potential, and managers with proven experience in a required role.

Contact Address

Munich Germany

widenmayerstrabe 18

wirtschaftsprufer, 80838, munchi



12. Cobalt Recruitment

Recruitment agencies in Germany

Cobalt was listed as the best recruitment agency in Germany twice. They have about 2,000 candidates who have gone through cobalt recruitment with experiences.

They are dedicated to providing recruitment for all levels and professionals on the leading in industries for both permanent and interim opportunity.

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Contact Details and Address

Contact Address



+49 (0)30 5 7700 5110


+49 (0)211 93 6727 30


+49 (0)69 3 4877 4472


+49 (0)89 215 4767 80

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13. Headhunter

Recruitment agencies in Germany

Headhunters recruit the right managers and people for companies. They bring together professional individuals and connect them with companies.

Contact Address

Perso-Consult GmbH
Rathenaustrasse 6
D-67547 Worms

+49 (0) 6241/509852


14. IRC Coaching Academy

IRC Coaching Academy is one of the best recruitment companies for expatriates, especially English speakers, searching for employment in Germany.

They were created in 2007 and are situated in Munich. Individual applicants for each post are coached and mentored to guarantee that they are helpful to their company.

However, coaching is primarily divided into two categories: business clients and private enterprises.

Contact Information:

Lowengrube 1080333 Muchen 80333, DE, Munich, Germany.

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15. Kelly Services

Kelly Services was started in 1946 and has worked hard to retain its reputation as one of Germany’s leading employment companies.

However, in order to activate the service, you must first signup. Nonetheless, it is spread across Germany in numerous cities, with employment classifications based on geography, industry, and form.

Contact Number: 040368070

16. Approach People Recruitment Agencies

They have grown to become an international recruitment agency in its over 20 years of operation.

They are spread across Europe in nations such as the United Kingdom, Spain, the Netherlands, France, and Switzerland, although it has a German office in Berlin.

Digital/IT, Sales, Marketing, Business Support, Multilingual, Management, Engineering, Life Sciences, Finance, Accountancy, Retail, and Luxury are some of their areas of specialization.

Contact Information:

+4930221533200 / +4930221533200 / +4930221533200

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17. Stanton Chase

Stanton Chase is the fourth-place finisher.

With almost 25 years of experience, Stanton Chase was started in 1983. Although they are spread across numerous continents, including Africa, the German office is based in Düsseldorf.

Finance, IT, Supply Chain, Sales, Engineering, R&D, and Project Management are just a few of the disciplines in which they excel.

Stanton Chase was founded in 1983 with over 25 years of widespread experience. The German office is located in Düsseldorf although they are located on several continents including Africa.

Their area of expertise includes;  Finance, IT, Supply Chain, Sales, Engineering, R&D, and Project Management fields.

Contact Details:

Phone Number: +0049211954980.

Address: Stanton Chase Düsseldorf GmbH.

Emanuel-Leutze-Strasse 17.

D 40547, Düsseldor, Germany.

Email address:


18. Connect Jobs

Connect employment has been in use for more than 20 years. It is, in reality, Germany’s largest and most well-known recruitment agency, specializing in the global shipping sector.

Connect Jobs has a career center where job searchers can acquire for a variety of job openings in Germany.

Contact information:


Schwannsche Str. Rostock, Germany, 1869.


 19. International

Antal International a company based in Antal,

Antal International was established in 1993 and is now regarded as one of the greatest recruitment firms in the world.

Moreover, it operates in 37 countries, including Africa. The website is simple to use, but you will need to register an account.

Contact information:


Hanauer Landstraße 148/148a, Frankfurt am Main, Germany 60314.


20.  Euro Appointment in London

Euro London Appointment is a multilingual recruitment firm that speaks more than 80 languages. With over 30 years of experience in the field, they have offices in London, Paris, Frankfurt, Munich, and Zurich.

Euro London Appointment focuses on language translation, clerical and assistance, human resources, information technology, engineering, sales and marketing, customer service, and contact center.

Contact Information:

+4989232395 80; Fax: +4989232395 80; Fax: +49892323 is the email address for

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20.  Emeraldo Recruitment Agency.

is one of the greatest global recruitment firms. Emeraldo assists companies in locating qualified personnel and is well-versed in the labor market.

Sign up for free and emaraldo will find you the ideal job. In addition, the platform’s filter allows you to search by area, sector, and specialty

Jobnexus is a cutting-edge job search optimization platform that matches your resume with appropriate job vacancies. Your employment hunt will be hastened with Jobnexus, and you will be able to find work sooner.


21. Jobnexus Recruitment Agency

They will match your cv with a list of available recruiters and headhunters in your city when you upload your Curriculum Vitae (CV) and a few important details about yourself.

These recruiters will be a list of highly targeted recruiters who have opportunities that meet your skills and capabilities and job history.You can see which firms received your CVs and check up with them.


22. Adaptive Business Group

Adaptive  Business Group is a global employment and search firm. Their logo and motto are “Investing in People.”

They are committed to giving the greatest service to their consumers, and they hire only the best people.

Contact Information and Address for the Adaptive Business Group.

1 Upper Grosvenor Road, Tunbridge Wells, TN1 2EL, United Kingdom.

Telefone: +442032898653



23. JAC Recruitment Agency

This recruitment firm began operations in 1975 in London and expanded to Asia in 1987.

They employ over 1200 consulting professionals worldwide, all of whom are committed to building the best possible connections for both applicants and clients.

In January of this year, JAC started a recruitment agency in Germany. This network devotes a great deal of time and effort to putting the greatest people in the best jobs in the right industries.

Germany’s postal address:

92a Königsallee is a street in Berlin that runs parallel to the Königsallee, Germany (40212)

+49021154039713 e-mail: e-mail: e-mail: e-mail. is an email address that you can use to contact us.

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24 KG, Bartels Recruiting Experts GmbH & Co.

This is a local recruitment firm that specializes in headhunting, personnel consulting, recruitment, and active sourcing. They were founded in 1996.

Bartels Recruiting Experts GmbH & CO.KG is a company that specializes in recruitment. Information about how to contact us.

0-201-24545-0 Email: Maybachstr. 13 45133 Essen-Bredeney.


25. Robert Walters Recruitment Agency

Robert Walters is a recruiting firm located in the United States that was founded in 1985 by Robert Walters, the current CEO.

Robert Walters has offices in more than 31 countries, including Germany. Robert Walters has a job page where they list open positions in the various continents of the world.

However, job candidates must first establish a user account before submitting.


Contact info for Robert Walters:

Dü is Robert Walters’ e-mail address.

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26. Cobalt Recruitment Agency

Cobalt Recruitment Agency is a staffing firm that specializes in finding people for jobs.

Cobalt Recruitment is a top real estate and construction recruiter in the world. Cobalt Recruitment is currently based in the United States, and we do not know where they are based in Germany.

Contact information for Cobalt Recruitment Agency.

Phone Number: +49 711 21954030 Address: Rotebühlpl. 23 Stuttgart 70178.


27. Cassia International Recruitment Agency

Cassia International is a multinational corporation based in the United.

Cassia Global has also been delivering a variety of recruitment services since 2009, including technology recruitment and executive search, recruitment consulting, market research, and Technology Organization Development.


28. Medical Recruiting Firm

A medical staffing service can help you find a suitable organization to work for in Germany. They are committed to offering a variety of options for customers and applicants to choose from.


So, if you’re seeking for a new professional position, this recruitment firm will offer what you’re after for. Geriatric, Nurses, Doctors, Midwives, Economists, Therapists, and many other services are among the experts who can join on this site.

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29. Robert Half Recruitment Agency

Robert Half is one of Germany’s largest foreign recruiting companies, and they provide a number of publications that will assist you in your job search.

They are an executive search firm that specializes in the following areas, Accounting & Finance.


30. Ranstad Recruitment Agency

Randstad is a leading recruitment firm that specializes in transitory staffing. Industry & crafts, IT, engineering & technology, marketing & sales, marketing & administration, and payroll services are just a few of its specializations.


31. One Agency

This is a renowned IT staffing firm with offices in Switzerland, Austria, and Germany. One agency, which was founded in 2004, specializes in the recruitment of IT and business professionals.

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32. Robert Walters Recruitment Agency

Robert Walters is a well-known television personality.

Robert Walters is regarded as one of Germany’s best recruitment firms. In 1985, it was founded in London. This agency has been hiring for years and has aided businesses in lowering recruitment costs and reducing time to contact.

Robert Waltters can be found all over the world, including Europe, Africa, South America, and North America.

Addresses for Contact.

Tel: +49 (0) 211 30180 000 Fax: +49 (0) 211 30180 099 Email: Address: Konigsallee 76-78 40212 Dusseldorf Germany.


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Summary: Recruitment Agencies In Germany

With the above list of Recruitment agencies in Germany, I am sure you will be able to get the best recruitment agency that is right for you.

If you come across any other recruitment Agencies in Germany that we happen to miss from our list, please do not hesitate to indicate such in the comment section below

in seeking a Job recruitment agency, one must be sure of one’s field of knowledge. That is, it is pertinent to know one’s area of expertise, and thus apply thereto.

In our next post, we will write specifically about recruitment agencies in Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt, and other cities in Germany

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