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This post covers the best recruitment agencies in New Zealand for professional, skilled, and semi-skilled positions. We also outlined the benefits of these agencies and how to get the most out of their service.

Recruitment agencies play an important role in helping job seekers with employers, while also working with the right recruiters.

New Zealand has a thriving job market and many professionals change jobs every 2-5 years, keeping these agencies busy.

Despite the thriving job market in New Zealand, positions are very competitive, because New Zealand is one of the most popular destinations for immigrant workers. You have to stand out from other applicants if you want to secure an interview.

These recruitment agencies in New Zealand play a vital role in pitching job seekers to employers, so, you must always be responsive at every stage of the job-hunting process.

How do Recruitment Agencies Work?

Recruitment agencies work for both the client company(employer) and the applicant. The process is as follows:

1. The client company (the employer) contacts a recruitment agency to tell them about a new job opening.

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2. The agency then assigns an agent who looks after the employer and source for candidates suitable for the position. The recruitment agency finds candidates in various ways i.e. via their agency’s database, posting the job, and by advertising.  

3. The recruitment agency then assesses the quality and suitability of the candidates and sends the employer a shortlist.

4. The employer (client company) reviews the shortlist and creates a list of candidates to interview. The recruitment agency then organizes the interview and coordinates the timings. The agency also organizes second and third interviews.

5. The client company then selects a successful candidate. The agency then informs the successful applicant and negotiates the salary and benefits.

6. The client company pays the agency a fee for their services (usually a percentage of the annual salary).

Four Important Tips for success with Recruitment in New Zealand.  

1. Prepare a high-quality CV: Your CV can make or break job applications.

2. Visit the recruitment agency: Meeting the recruiter in person won’t take more than 20 minutes and is worth the investment: Tell them about your skills and what you are looking for.

3. Listen to what these agencies suggest: The recruitment agency may recommend changes to your CV, relevant jobs, how to prepare for an interview, etc. Whatever it is, you have to listen to them – this way, your chances of securing a job will be high.

4. Be accessible: Recruitment agencies are motivated by money and are paid by placing people in jobs. So, if you don’t return emails or phone calls, you will become less of a priority. If you delay or dodge calls, you won’t have much success even if you are suitable for the positions advertised.

Pros and Cons of working with a Recruitment Agency


1. Saves time: You won’t need to search through job adverts and apply with companies directly. Recruitment agencies preposition you with job opportunities you are suitable for.

2. CV Assistance: Recruitment agencies review your CV, find problems, suggest improvements, and may edit it for specific jobs they put you forward for.   

3. They provide free service: Recruitment agencies work for free but are only paid when you secure a job.

4. You can use more than one recruitment agency: There are lots of recruitment agencies in New Zealand.

5. They help and hints for job interviews:  These agencies know their clients (the employer) and can offer tips about the business that come from their long-standing experience.

6. Salary negotiation: Recruitment agencies negotiates salary on your behalf although you will be asked for input.

7. Exclusive access to jobs: Some recruitment agencies offer exclusive access to jobs that would not be found via an ordinary search. By working with a recruitment agency, you will have access to these jobs.

8. Decision making is yours: You are not obliged to accept the job offered to you. A recruitment agency will try to convince you that the job offer from their client is the best but the decision making is entirely yours.


1. Your salary may reduce if you go through a recruitment agency:  A recruitment agency can take 10%-25% of your first-year salary as a fee.

2. Some agencies may not be suitable for your experience: The best way to know if a recruitment agency is suitable for your experience is to ask them about what they know about the job they’ve pitched to you.

Ensure they know what it involves in detail and also make sure the agency understands your capabilities to avoid going for interviews for jobs you are not suitable for.

Best Recruitment Agencies in New Zealand

Here is a list of best recruitment agencies in New Zealand

1. Hudson  

recruitment agencies in new zealand

This is a major global recruitment agency with offices in Auckland, Christchurch, and Wellington. This recruitment agency provides a range of recruitment services with a focus on professional services.

Hudson helps organizations in New Zealand solve their talent challenges by attracting, selecting, developing, and transitioning top talents.

Whether you are a job seeker seeking employment opportunities in a new city or an employer who wants to find top talents to join your team, Hudson is here for you.

Specialist areas: Analytics, Business Support, Accounting, Finance, Project Services, Risk, Compliance, Technology, and Digital.

2. Robert Half New Zealand  

Robert Half

Robert Half is also a major global recruitment agency with an office in Auchland. Robert Half connects highly-skilled talents with employers in temporary and permanent positions.

Specialist areas: Accounting & finance, IT & Technology, and Project Consulting.

3. Hays New Zealand  

recruitment agencies in new zealand

This is a global recruitment firm that also have a dominant presence in New Zealand and offers temporary, contract or permanent jobs.

Specialist areas: Accountancy & Finance, Architecture, Banking and Construction Contact Centres, Energy, Engineering, Executive, Facilities Management, Human Resources, Insurance, IT, Legal, Logistics, Marketing & Digital, Office Support, Oil & Gas, Policy & Strategy. Procurement, Property, Resources & Mining, Sales, Trades & Labour.

4. Robert Walters

recruitment agencies in new zealand

Robert Walters was founded in 1985 in London and it is a world-leading specialist professional recruitment consultancy that finds the best specialist professionals for their clients.

This agency recruit people for permanent, contract and interim roles.

Specialist areas: Accounting, Risk & compliance, IT, Legal, HR, Sales, marketing, & communication. Procurement & supply chain, Secretarial & Business Support.

5. OneStaff  

recruitment agencies in new zealand

OneStaff is the leading industrial recruitment agency in New Zealand. They offer industrial recruitment with temporary, contract, and permanent jobs.

Specialist areas: Accounting, construction, Engineering, Hospitality, Trades & Services, Manufacturing, and Transport.

6. AWF

recruitment agencies in new zealand

AWF was established in 1988 and today has become the largest supplier of blue collar staff in New Zealand.

Specialist areas: Agriculture, forestry, & fishing. Automotive, Construction, engineering, Manufacturing & operations, mining, trades & services, and Transport & logistics.

7. Randstad New Zealand 

recruitment agencies in new zealand

A leading recruitment agency in New Zealand with offices in Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch.

Specialist areas: Accounting, admin 7 office support, banking & financial services, call center, construction & architecture, education, Human Resources, Engineering, IT, marketing & communication, and project services.

8. CoverStaff Recruitment  

recruitment agencies in New zealand

Coverstaff is a recruitment firm that recruits across various industry sectors, including construction, manufacturing, FMCG, office, warehouse & logistics.

CoverStaff offices are located in South Auckland, West Auckland, and the North Shore.

9. Greenstone Recruitment 

recruitment agencies in new zealand

Greenstone Recruitment was founded in 2006 and since then has been assisting employers with recruiting high quality, reliable employees.

Specialist areas: Agriculture, and engineering & trade

10. Drake International New Zealand  

recruitment agencies in New Zealand

Drake is one of the top recruitment agencies in New Zealand that provides opportunities for people.

Drake provides effective recruitment and HR solutions to their clients.

11. Adecco New Zealand  


Adecco is the world’s leading staffing firm with more than 5,200 branches and over 32,000 passionate full-time employees globally.

Work with Adecco and be connected with the best talent/job.

Specialist areas: Accounting & finance, call center & customer service, sales & marketing, industrial, Office, manufacturing & operations, civil & construction, transportation & logistics, engineering & technical, and executive.

12. Madison  

recruitment agencies in new zealand

Madison is New Zealand’s top recruiter. It was founded in 1998 and is part of the Accordant Group (the largest recruitment firm in New Zealand and the only recruiter listed on the NZX).

Specialist areas: Accounting & finance, business support & administration, customer service & contact center, HR, and marketing.  

13. Persol Kelly

recruitment agencies in new zealand

Persol Kelly is one of the best recruitment agencies in New Zealand that focuses on the areas of professional services, ICT, government, and management.

14. Total Recruitment

recruitment agencies in New zealand

This is a 100% Kiwi owned and operated recruitment firm that offers a range of services including temporary, permanent, and temporary-to-permanent staffing solutions.

It is an independent employment agency that takes great care in developing long and lasting relationships with both candidates and clients.  

15. Beyond Recruitment

recruitment agencies in new zealand

This recruitment agency claims to be the largest 100% Kiwi-owned multi-specialist recruitment agency in New Zealand.

Beyond Recruitment offers permanent and temporary jobs and have offices in Auckland, Wellington and Tauranga.

Specialist areas: HR, technology, transformation & digital, government & policy, procurement, operations, & supply chain, CX, digital, sales & marketing, customer service, property, construction, a& architecture, accounting, finance, & financial services, and corporate support.


There you have it, the best recruitment agencies in New Zealand. Go through the list, look for a recruitment agency(s) you can work with and start your recruitment process.

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