Ridiculous Baby Products

We went on to find some Ridiculous Parenting Products on the market. They are sort of irrelevant and are money-exhausting. Why don’t you read through to find those products you should avoid in your parenting journey.

Yes, we know a lot of brands want to help parents manage their kids but some baby products are actually absurd. These companies know that parents are out there scouting for every and anything that will help them on this parenting task but no! Not all products should be on the market.

They are weird, irrelevant, and ridiculous in every way possible. Take your time and check these products out and avoid them.

Clean hands changing pad


A nice name doesn’t change the fact that this product is useless.

BabyBum brush


What happens to using your fingers to evenly rub cream on your baby’s skin? This is a ridiculous baby product indeed.


Baby perfume


What do you really need a baby perfume for? Oh, I guess for after cleaning your baby’s poop. Not bad but the exception of this, babies have a natural pure smell that shouldn’t be hidden.

Butt fan


Jezz, Baby bum fan? ridiculous. Get a rash ointment and that’s enough.

Diaper Changing Glove-Saks


This seems cool though but it’s a waste of money.


Baby high heels


Trust me this isn’t needed till your little one is grown enough for this.

Baby Bangs


Is there a need for this? Someone should please tell me.

Bath thermometer


you have a bath thermometer right with you, yes! your hands, use them.


definitely Useless!

The normal baby bottle with a nipple cover is way better than this.

The Worst Alphabet Book Ever 

Most Ridiculous Baby Products

Alphabet books are right for your kids but this particular one is ridiculous with the worst phonics that will keep your kids confused.

The Whole-Baby Body Mop

Most Ridiculous Baby Products

Your baby isn’t working yet, why then do you inconvenience him/her with household chores. Believe me when I say this is a ridiculous baby product.

Fishing for “Floaters” Bath Game


Most Ridiculous Baby Products

What in the heavens will make a parent waste money purchasing this? so kids have to play with carton poops like they are going fishing. terrible!

Burrito Tortilla Blanket Wrap

Most Ridiculous Baby Products

Wrapping your kids like food feels really off.

Teddy Bear Fish Tank

Most Ridiculous Baby Products

A teddy bear with a fish tank is absurd. why not get a fish tank separately.

Fuggler Funny Monster

Most Ridiculous Baby Products

This can scare your kids out of their pants, absurd!

Shakespeare Punching Puppet

Most Ridiculous Baby Products

A Shakespeare punching puppet, Will this get to motivate the kids or keep them away from boxing.

Toilet Paper Spit-Ball Blaster 

Most Ridiculous Baby Products

This product is a total waste of money. there are many better ways to clean than this.

Ugly Baby Pacifiers

Most Ridiculous Baby Products

These pacifiers are ugly and funny. Imagine trying to make your baby sleep and you’re laughing at his/her funny-looking face.

The Zaky Hand-Shaped Pillow


Most Ridiculous Baby Products

These might help in a way but they are still ridiculous. with a better pacifier, your baby can sleep all day long.

NoseFrida the SnotSucker

Most Ridiculous Baby Products

New Parents want every product for their babies but this shouldn’t be one of them.

Oogiebear Better Booger Tool

Most Ridiculous Baby Products

The Baby’s nose is soft. To avoid injuring your baby, avoid this booger tool. use baby wipes for your baby’s cracked nose.

The Daddle Saddle


Most Ridiculous Baby Products

Don’t let your baby fall off when your baby doesn’t have a firm grip of the strap.

The Wheel-Around Elephant Potty

Most Ridiculous Baby Products

Who thought this would work? potty training might be difficult but this isn’t the right option. Your kid might want to ride this like a toy and might end up sloshing poop around the house. 

Toddler Target Bullseye Light

Most Ridiculous Baby Products


This might help but your kid can use his eyes.

The Tinkle Tube Aiming System 

Most Ridiculous Baby Products

This might only be useful when there’s no toilet but come on, there are toilets everywhere.

Pee and Poo Plush Dolls

Most Ridiculous Baby Products

These dolls are a waste of money. You don’t need them.

Build-on LEGO-like Brick Mug

Most Ridiculous Baby Products

Do kids really have to play with everything? get them the actual building blocks (toys)

The Dipr Cookie Spoon


Most Ridiculous Baby Products

you could use a spoon or fork to accomplish this.

Zimpli Kids Gelli Baff

Most Ridiculous Baby Products

This could block your drainage.


Can Why-cry accurately tell your baby is crying? It is advisable to get a Simon-play toy that will sing songs and distract the baby from crying with its bright colours.


How will crumbs get to the baby’s head? Even if it does, you can pick them away.


This really isn’t necessary.



Everyone poops and with your nose, you can perceive it. that way you can tell when your baby poops.


Why in the world will you give your baby some rib to chew when the baby has no teeth?


A Ridiculous baby product I must say. You can easily control your kid’s legs when changing the diaper.


This isn’t a product you should purchase, it is absurd especially when you can’t wash up food residue from these tiny holes.


Except you refrigerate your baby wipes like a weirdo, then this product is absolutely not for you.


Take a look at how ridiculous this hat looks on the baby’s head.



When your kid is learning to walk, the falls aren’t dangerous that it requires a helmet.


babies don’t need kneepads, their kneecaps can act in place of the pads.



Yes, parents want their kids to sleep comfortably but this nap strap isn’t an option.


There really is no use in this. not waste money getting products that are absurd.


I wish your baby doesn’t speak up and tell you that hanging him like this is no fun.

Time-Out Pad


This isn’t funny at all. I believe it is absurd.

Pacifier Wipes


There are a lot of things you could clean a pacifier with so getting a whole new item just for one purpose is ridiculous.

The Snozzie



Yes, until you run out of the house to the market forgetting that you have this thing tied around your wrist.

Toddler Urinal


Pretty isn’t it but what are your nappies for? Save your kid some stress.

Hair Hat


Your kid will definitely look so ridiculous in this hat.

 Bumper Bonnet


You can place this on your baby’s head to avoid any minor bump. wherever the baby may be. Is it really worth your money?

Kids Portable Urinal


Should your little one be forced into this urinal? It could have some consequences.

Diaper Alarm



 Potty Mitts


This could be useful in trying to avoid germs but you still have to wash the baby’s hands after pooping. What then is the use of these Potty mitts?

Jill and Joey

Jill and Joey


A mom expecting a baby wears this Kickbee band around her stomach. When it vibrates, the sensors detect that the baby is kicking, this gadget can send a tweet to the mom’s partner, family, and friends who are involved in the baby’s life. I think this isn’t necessary. These people can be a part of the baby’s life when the mom puts to birth the baby.

Piggyback Rider

Piggyback Rider

This back rider is supposed to help your baby see above people’s heads in a crowded place. This is outrageous.

First Cleats

First Cleats


Just as it is not advisable to wear your baby heels, these cleats aren’t recommended either. A sock is enough for your baby’s feet. 

Moo Mixer

Moo Mixer

This Moo Mixer mixes your cup of milk for you. No stress of checking the bottom of your cup to make sure no chocolate or milk was stuck.



Multi-tasking is a good idea but wait until your child is grown enough for that.




Baby Bikinis? this is ridiculous. be careful not to let the straps put lines on your baby’s skin.

Play that funky music (to your foetus)

Sound Beginnings

 Do you want your baby to enjoy some cool music? or Do you want to have some cool mom and foetus time? Sound beginning is here for you. Hilarious!


Baby girl Mermaid Outfit-Crochet Baby Mermaid-Mermaid image 0

What joy will you derive as a parent with your baby looking this way?

 Mini moustache

Who produced this and why?

Baby Towels

Not your average hooded baby towel! We love the extra large size and  adorable print from @bebeaulait. #PNpartner | Baby bath time ideas, Baby  towel, Baby bath time

Use Bigger towels like adult size ones so your baby doesn’t become too small for them as they are growing.



 That’s a lot of Ridiculous Baby Products we have here. Expectant moms want the best for their unborn kids that they want to get everything in the market called a baby product. Most of these products are really a waste of money, they are irrelevant in your parenting journey.

We have scoured the market and have brought you 60 most Ridiculous Baby Products that are completely unnecessary. most of them are weird, funny, and unappealing. We advise you to look out for these products so you don’t end up injuring your kids or even boring your parenting task.

Don’t spend money purchasing outrageous baby products before the right ones come along.  








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