Russian job portals

Russian job portals will be of great assistance to job seekers in Russia seeking employment opportunities.

Russia is the world’s largest country with big and beautiful cities such as Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Sochi, Yekaterinburg, Vladivostok, Samara, etc.

Russia is a country filled with mysteries and opportunities.

With an increasingly global market scheme and one of the world’s largest economy systems, foreign and international workers now have the chance to find jobs in different ways throughout Russia.

These Russian job portals below will greatly assist you in your search.



Job Site Rank Job Site Name Description!
1. Head Hunter A great link between employers and employees. Job seekers apply for jobs in and outside Russia.
2. Superjobs Job seekers search for the type of jobs they want, upload their CV, and can apply to as many companies as they want.
3. Trovit Trovit is a good job portal when it comes to job listings and job vacancies in Russia.
4. Rabota Rabota provides jobs for job seekers in different cities in Russia
5. Their job offers are mostly for bilingual people.
6. They offer jobs to all job seekers and gives career counseling.
7. Rabota66 A job portal for the people in the city of Yekaterinburg.
8. Job in Moscow Job in Moscow is a job portal for English speaking professionals residing in Moscow.
9. Henkel Henkel is another good portal that Provides jobs for candidates in and outside of Russia.
10.  Trudvsem Trudvsem is a job board to search for jobs in Russia.
11.  CareerJet Search among the thousands of job openings in Russia on  CareerJet.
12. Indeed Indeed provide English speaking jobs and other related jobs in Russia.
13. The Moscow Times The Moscow Times offers employment opportunities, helps you in developing your career.
14.  Learn4Good Get jobs in all sectors in Russia on Leran4Good.
15. Go Go offers mostly Teaching jobs to foreigners who want to work in Russia.
16. Glassdoor Find jobs in big companies, industries, Hotels, and more on
17. A job portal for students living and working in Russia.
18.  Graduateland Graduateland offers mostly part-time jobs to students in Russia.
19. Xpatjobs Xpatjobs offers employment freedom to job seekers in Sochi.
20. Jooble A good job portal for jobs especially English speaking jobs in Russia.


20 Russian Job Portals – Comprehensive List 


1. Head Hunter

HeadHunter is a Russian site that was founded in the year 2000 and since then, it has been a great link between employers and employees.

Job seekers can apply for jobs in and outside Russia.

Career counseling, salary information, training, coaching, CV/resume services are provided by HeadHunter.



2. Superjob

This site provides jobs for thousands of Russians.

Job seekers search for the type of jobs they want, upload their CV, and can apply to as many companies as they want.

Superjob also gives career advice and offers training courses.



3.  Trovit

Trovit is a good job portal when it comes to job listings and job vacancies in Russia.

They make sure to provide jobs that job seekers will benefit from.

Their job offers range from hotel jobs, bank jobs, to jobs in non-profit organizations.

Give this site a try and get jobs best for you.




4. Rabota  provides jobs for students, for people without working experience, part-time jobs, and more.

Their main objective is to provide jobs for all job seekers in different cities in Russia every day, and for employers, only the best candidates.

Here, candidates can post their CVs from any source, unlike other portals where they follow a particular form.

Rabota helps students and young professionals start their own career while still studying in high school.

They also have services like auto-resume and auto-update vacancies which makes the process of finding employees much easier and more convenient for all employers.




More than 3718 vacancies from direct employers have been posted to job seekers in Moscow at the time of this writing.

They offer both part-time and full-time jobs for all job seekers.

Job seekers get jobs directly from employers via this portal.

Gives interview tips and writes articles that can be useful to employers and employees.




This portal does not only provide jobs but update articles regularly on career counseling, advanced training, employment practices, and advice to applicants.

Here, a professional moderator will assist you in publishing your resume to ensure that the employer who is interested in you does not overlook your resume and there are no charges on it at all.




7. Rabota66

Rabota66 is another job portal that provides jobs for all job seekers in the city of Yekaterinburg.

Whether you are inexperienced, a pensioner, disabled or you want a part-time job as a student, Rabota66 is the site you have to check.



8. Job in Moscow

English speaking professionals and expatriates who reside in Moscow should search for employment opportunities on Jobs in Moscow.

Your qualification and skills will be required in order to get good jobs o this site.


9. Henkel

Apply for your current job vacancies in Russia and other European Countries on Henkel.

They provide jobs to pupils,  graduates, and professionals.

Your experience and career level will determine the kind of jobs you will get.



10. Trudvsem

Trudvsem is a good place to start searching when looking for jobs in Russia.

A great job portal for all job seekers.



11. CareerJet

I am sure you’ve heard about this giant online job search engine called CareerJet.

It has job search options for Russia too. Browse to get jobs in Russia on Careerjet and find the job that fits. 



12. Indeed

Indeed is a job search site used globally by millions of people. The Russian version of have thousands of jobs available.

It provides English speaking jobs and other related jobs as well. Search and apply for the right job on this job portal. 



13. The Moscow Times

The Moscow Times is a good Career center that offers career opportunities to all candidates.

Aside from providing jobs, it is also a site where you can get news, know the Russian culture, develop your business skills, and lots more.



14. Learn4Good

Another good job portal in Russia where you can get quality jobs in all fields.

Get jobs in Moscow, St Petersburg, and other cities in Russia.



15. Go

Qualified teachers seeking employment in Russia and outside Russia, Go. offers the best teaching jobs.

Articles are written on this site that will help travelers in their stay abroad.

Providing jobs to travelers is a priority to them as well as giving people the opportunity to study, teach, and get intern jobs abroad.

So, foreigners who want to work in Russia, this site should be where to begin your search.


16.  Glassdoor


Glassdoor is a leading online job board with thousands of available job listings. Find the best hotel jobs, Restaurant jobs, Teaching jobs, Science jobs, and more with the company’s ratings and salaries on

Glassdoor has job vacancies available for the Russian citizens.

Register and find the jobs that suit your profile. 





Study and work as a student in Russia, get internship jobs, part-time jobs on

A great portal for students who want to start their working career in Russia.



18. Graduateland

Graduateland is a job portal for students who search for mostly part-time jobs.

It offers thousands of part-time jobs to students both foreign and local.



19. Xpatjobs

Xpatjobs provides jobs for the people in the city of Sochi.

With just a click you are close to your next job.



20. Jooble

Provides English speaking jobs for job seekers in Russia.

Job seekers in Russia can proudly search for jobs on Jooble with confidence.



Summary: Russian Job portals.

I can proudly say that these Russian job portals listed above will be of great assistance in your search for jobs in Russia.

These portals above have jobs for foreigners, expats, freelancers, students, fresh graduates e.t.c.

Kindly go to each site and see which one is best for you.

For job portals in Russia which are not listed above and you have an idea about it,  please, let us know such in the Comment section below.



Frequently Asked Questions

What jobs are popular in Russia?

Some of the most popular jobs are:
1. Social Worker
2. Supplementary Education Teacher of child and adults
3. Procurement Specialist
4. Vocational School Teacher
5. Chef
6. Cashier
7. Nurse
8. Clerk
9. Lawyer
10 Accountant

What does job portal mean?

A job portal, also called career portal, is a modern name for an online job site that helps jobseekers find jobs and assists employers in their quest to locate ideal candidates. 

What are the fastest-growing industries in Russia?

The fastest-growing industries in Russia are IT, Manufacturing, and Agriculture.

What jobs pay well in Russia?

Some of the highest-paying jobs in Russia are;
Surgeons / Doctors
Chief Executive Officers
Ship Captain
Bank Managers
Chief Technologist in the gold mining industry
Head Coach of the Ice Hockey Team
Chief Financial Officers
Construction Site Manager
College Professors
Marketing Directors
Risk Manager
Electrical Engineer
IT Analyst
Aircraft Pilot and Co-pilot

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