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In this article, we’ll be looking into the top  Sales Job Interview Questions and Answers you should know. You’ll get to know various questions your interviewer may ask you and ways of answering them.

The sales industry is a tough career best suitable for people with a passion for Sales

Tips for giving the right answer, how to prepare for a sales interview, and many things are what we’ll be looking into in this article.

Before we head to the sales interview questions and answers, Let’s take a look at what a Job Interview is and its purpose.


Job Interview

A job interview is a conversation that exists between a job applicant and a company’s representative employer. This interview is conducted to assess the applicant regarding qualifications, experience, and capability of handling a position.

Job Interview is probably one of the hardest aspects of the hiring process because as an applicant, you have to make a good impression about yourself and convince your interviewer that you are the right person for the job using your previous job experience, knowledge in the potential job, and your qualifications.

As an applicant, providing a convincing and intelligent answer to tricky questions might be challenging. This is why we have brought this article to enlighten you on various ways of providing answers to those questions you might be asked.

Using sales job interview questions and answers as a case study, check out 5 top sales job interview questions and the answers to each below.

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Top  Sales Job Interview Questions and Answers.

When you are in an interview for a Sales job, you’ll have to sell yourself properly telling your interviewer why you are the best for the job.

Being a sales job interview, you must show that you have the ability to sell goods or services and close a deal.

Check out 5 top sales job interview questions and answers below:

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1. Describe your Sales Experience

In most cases, the interviewer asks this question to have an idea of what your sales background looks like.

So when giving answers to this kind of question, first try to know what your interviewer is expecting from you so as not to shift from what is important.

Prior to this, highlight your relevant sales experience that explains why you are good for the job not forgetting to align with your interviewer’s needs.

Also, emphasize your achievements; this includes stating impressive results on your past sale experience and giving examples of the various ways you have grown your sales.

State the amount of dollars you have made within a period of time and on a product or service. This will help your interviewer judge by your experience that you have the ability to create better impressive results for the company.

Typical Answer you can provide to this question:

“For the last three years, I have been working as a sales representative for Primely Goods, where I am responsible for over 50 accounts. I have taken significant time and effort to develop my customer relationships and currently have a 100% satisfaction rating.

I have also consistently met or exceeded my sales goals. In fact, I won our team’s Top Performer of the Year award last year with over $120,000 in total sales.

As your regional sales manager, I hope to pass on my work ethic and knowledge to my team to help them exceed their monthly sales goals.”

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2. Tell me About a time you Lost a Sale

This is another question a job seeker should anticipate while going for an interview in any sales department of an organization.  Here is the question and the answer you can give:

Losing sales is inevitable but what did you make out of that loss? Do you admit it and make corrections thereafter or do you point fingers at others?

The main aim of why you are asked this question is for you to explain why this loss occurred and what you have learned from it. You state the way you can turn lost sales into learning opportunities and overcome such next time.

The question is aimed at you to explain what really happened and how you have overcome it. A typical answer may be:

“I didn’t fully understand the customer’s pain points. Now, I always ask these additional discovery questions, and I’m better able to meet customers’ needs.”


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3. What Motivates You to Sell

As a salesperson, this question should be expected. So get ready!

Your interviewer wants to know your interpersonal skill. How you’ll relate with other workers. Your positive qualities as a sales rep are what your interviewer wants to know.

Answering this question may be slightly tricky because individual motivation varies and it is personal. But if asked this question in an interview you may provide answers based on the following question

Are you motivated by pleasing your employer and other workers, being among the highest-performing sales reps, or achieving more goals?

My primary motivation is serving clients so that our company can solve problems they’re experiencing. Sales representatives help prospective clients to make an impact on the world. Our job is to establish a connection that can lead to a long-term symbiotic relationship.”

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4. Why do you wish to work as a Sales Rep?

This question may be easy to answer because you can give an answer like ‘because we all need money or ‘because I like it.

Giving answers like this doesn’t tell your interviewer anything and aside from that, the answer does not make you unique from others.

“You can answer this question by incorporating real-life experience with your answer by explaining how it all started; the passion you have for it, and how you have enjoyed doing it since you started it. You may also include your personal success story to show that you still wish to have more success in that field”.

With this, your employer would note this story of yours, and probably from there, you are employed.


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5. Why did you leave your Last Job?

Finally, on our list of top 5 Sales Job Interview questions and the answer is this tricky but easy question to answer.

Why did you leave your last job? Your reason may be personal; maybe due to the work environment or the work criteria or the amount you were paid or the management but if at all you’ll be giving one specific reason; never state it to portray negativity about your last place of work.

You can answer the question by talking positively about your last job. You explain what you need in your next job that your past job doesn’t have.

This may include more responsibilities, using modern culture, or any other thing. This will present your past work with a good face and also get compliments for the sales job you are interviewed for.

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What you have to do before going for a Sales Job Interview

A lot of job hunters do not actually know how to make preparations before going for a job interview. Most times they feel like they know it all but flinch at the very first question. Sad, isn’t it?

The following tips are important to all those hoping to get a job in the Sales depart of an organization and beyond.

  • Review the Job Description: Before going for an interview, It is advisable to know what the job is all about as well as the requirements. Many do not take this into consideration.
  • Identify your Experience and Skills: Identity what experience you have that relates to the potential job before going for the interview. As a salesperson, Have you been experiencing losses or is it usually always wins? You should know this because this is what your interviewer expects from you.
  • Note your major achievements: Before going for a sales job interview, note your achievements as you’ll be asked to state them with your experience. Don’t leave this out as it is very vital.
  • Prepare your answers: As important as this is, a lot of people care less about it. After knowing your experience and skill related to the job, prepare your answer; know what to say when asked a particular question and at the right time.

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There you have it, Sales Job Interview Questions and Answers you must know.

We have looked into the 5 major sales job interview questions you may be asked as well as how to answer them correctly. You can also use the various examples we have attached to each question to guide your knowledge for the best interview experience.

Read through this article and get the best of your knowledge on the various Sales Job interview questions and how to give the right answers to the questions.

To avoid being unaccepted when you go to find a job, Then you should take the above points into great consideration before presenting yourself for an interview in the sales department.

Thanks for reading, do well to share as a lot of people need to read this.

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Have a good time!


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How do I prepare for a sales interview?

  • Research the sales role, particularly for the industry you’re applying to work in.
  • Research the company you want to work for.
  • Investigate the company’s sales strategy and goals.
  • Reflect on your sales achievements in previous roles.

You must highlight your core qualities and what makes you indispensable. You might say, “I’m passionate about my goals and not one to shy away from challenges.” Or “I believe my relationship-building skills are key to achieving my long-term goals. My hard work and persistence will keep me striving for greater heights.

Your answer should include I am passionate about sales and developing sales professionals. I like to make my team achieve their targets and grow. If you are fresher and looking job in sales then you should include -I love to travel and meet people. I like challenges and achievements.

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