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In this article, I’ll be showing you the 3 effective methods I used to sell ad space on my website.

Do you know that your website can easily become a source of recurring revenue that is if it is managed properly – Meaning your site can complement your publication with highly targeted, relevant ads.

With the numerous digital advertising opportunities, website owners passively earn lots of money by simply placing ads on their site to their targeted audiences at the right time and in the right context.

But how can you become a web publisher? And what are the best ways to sell ads on your website?

In this post, we’ll be discussing how you can sell ads on your website and the effective ways you can go about it.

But before we go into that, let’s start with the initial requirements for all web publishers.

Before you start selling ads on your website, ensure you fulfill all the requirements as a web publisher.

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Basic requirements to get started

Traffic – Before you think of selling ads on your website, your website must be active for at least 6 months and has a good amount of traffic.

Content – Your content must be unique, relevant, and solve your user’s problems. Note that websites with contents like hate speech, pornography, spyware, hacking software, weapons and ammunition, illegal drugs, etc will not be suitable and will be rejected.

Design – Your website must be professionally designed and visually appealing to your users. Your site must be easily navigated, structured simply and provide a flawless user experience.  It should also be mobile and tablet compatible.

Transparency – All the information on your web page must be clear and open to the general public. Visitors that come to your site should easily find your contact information and reach to you when it’s necessary.

If your website is already has a dedicated niche audience, generating lots of traffic, and high conversion rates, then it’s high time to consider the ways you can monetize it and one of the ways is by selling ad space.

How to sell ad space on your website

1. Create a Subscription Plan

create a subscription plan with Yaioa

Creating a subscription plan is one of the easiest and best ways you can sell ad space on your website. You can create a subscription plan using the Yaioa subscription tool. The Yaioa subscription tool is a multipurpose tool that you can use to do and achieve more.

So, how can you create a subscription plan using the Yaioa Subscription tool?

Creating a subscription plan with the Yaioa subscription tool is very easy. All you have to do is to go the YAIOA homepage and click on register or simply visit to sign up as a vendor.

Once signed up and verified your account, you can then log in to your vendor’s account and go to your dashboard to add a subscription.

Fill in all the necessary details about your subscription such as the duration, price, location, description, etc, and save your subscription.

It will be reviewed by the Yaioa team and if all the necessary requirements are met it will go live after 1-24 hours.

When you’ve successfully created a subscription plan to sell your ad space, a JavaScript code will be sent it to you which you can copy and embed on the spot you want to sell on your site.

The Yaioa platform will then place your subscription in their platform as well as other major platforms where advertisers, publishers, and visitors who come to look for ad space to buy will see it and subscribe to it.

When they subscribe to it, it will direct them to where they can pay for it. Once you are notified about the payment, you can then place the banner on your site and the subscription will start running for the duration it was subscribed for.

The best thing about using the Yaioa platform to create a subscription plan is that it is very easy and requires little or no effort from you at all.

The Yaioa platform also helps you to promote your website to thousands of advertisers that come to their site and can even do direct pitching which can easily help you get sponsors.

2. Approach Advertisers Directly

Approach Advertisers Directly

If you really don’t want everything to work in automation (like creating a subscription plan using the Yaioa subscription tool) then another option is to do the work yourself and approach advertisers directly. Approach them to see if they will be interested in buying available ad space on your website.

This is a more tedious method but if you have a niche website and lots of traffic, there’s a chance you can convince some companies to work with you.

Below are some tips you can use to approach potential advertisers directly.

  • Use Google Analytics – it will help you know more about your website visitors so that you know the type of businesses they will like to buy from.
  • Know your competitors and see the advertisers that go to their sites. From there, you can contact the advertisers with products or services related to your niche telling them how you can help them promote their businesses when they buy ad space from your website. If possible share your traffic stats, pageview stats, bounce rate, etc to convince them to buy ad space from your site.
  • Track the number of outbound links your website receives on a daily basis and share it with possible advertisers to show your site visitor’s willingness to click away from your site and onto something of interest to them.
  • Show potential advertisers your strategies in promoting your website to your existing users and a broader audience base.

If you can convince advertisers to buy ad space on your website, then you are sure to make lots of money.

3. Sell Ad Space Directly

sell ad space directly

Another good option is to sell ad space directly. This method does not need any middleman and lets you make direct contact with advertisers, thus making more money. This is a time-consuming method and needs lots of effort and patience.

When selling ad space directly, you need to promote a retailer’s product or service, getting 100% of the advertising revenue. Also, you can set your own price and remain in control over decisions on how to charge advertisers and which payment method is the best.

However, you can choose the brands you want to work with, thus establishing unique business partnerships that are both durable and lucrative.

If you sell ad space directly, you are sure of stable income streams and never be bothered by clicks, conversions, and sales.

But selling ad space directly means that you are to find advertisers manually and personally negotiate terms with them. It is a daunting process especially for small and medium websites with average traffic.

To easily find advertisers to buy ad space on your site, you need to

  • Build an “Advertise” landing page and a media kit.
  • Check competitors in your niche website or blog and see the sponsors they have. Ensure you contact those brands and offer a partnership on your terms
  • Checkout forums or chartrooms where web publishers share their experiences and provide important tips on how to advertise directly.

Selling ad space directly is what most website owners prefer because they get to keep all the income themselves but it is quite tedious and involves direct contact with retailers and direct negotiations and agreement between two parties.

Before providing space on your site, you must know the real value of your target audience and can estimate the potential revenues.



With these 3 effective methods I used to sell ad space on my website and made a good income, I believe you too can easily sell your ad space on your website either by creating a subscription plan using the Yaioa Subscription tool (which is easiest and best method to me) or by selling it directly.

The choice is yours, you can select the best method that fits your website and will be easy for you to do. Once you got good traffic coming to your site regularly, valuable content, great web design, and your site is easily navigable, be sure to get advertisers to buy ad space and make recurring revenue.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I monetize my website?

The common ways you can make money with your website is by;

  • Selling ad space
  • Become an affiliate marketer
  • Sell your own digital product
  • Accept sponsor posts and articles
  • Accept donations from visitors
  • Flip your website
  • Email marketing

2. How much can my website make from ads?

Whenever a visitor visits your website and clicks on a posted ad, you will receive a payment of about 15 cents from the advertiser or its agent. If your website generates 1,000 ad clicks daily, you can make about $15 per day or $450 per month.

3. How can a website earn without ads?

To make money from your website without ads you need to:

  • Do affiliate marketing
  • Create subscription plans for all your services using the Yaioa Platform
  • Accept donations from visitors
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Generate leads for companies
  • Build your email list


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