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Do you have a rare talent and don’t know how to monetize it? Then these Talent agencies in Dubai will be the best place to start. We have compiled a list of all the best and Top talent agencies in Dubai.

These are the most wanted skills in Dubai that you can acquire or work on with confidence knowing that it has relevance in the Dubai society.

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Before we proceed to the list of talent agencies, let us take a deep look at the meaning of Talent Management

What is Talent Management?

Talent Management is a bit different from HR, it is more of a closed way in employing, training and managing Employees but these days it is mostly used in the Entertainment Industry

For more details and Explanations on Talent Management, proceed here: What Is Talent Management and How Is It Different From HR also on Wikipedia – Talent Management

It’s time to list out the best talent agents in Dubai 

20 Talent Agencies in Dubai

1.  MMG Talent Agency Dubai

MMG Talent Dubai
MMG Talent Dubai

MMG Talent is one of the finest Talent Management Agencies in Dubai, UAE, and the Middle East at large, mainly focused in the Movie, Entertainment, Advertising, Fashion, Events, and film niche to connect Talents to Clients.

Arriving on the Website, you will see different Talent needs like Girl Kids Teens for Book Shoot, Female Models for Fitness shoots, etc.

MMG Talent Dubai 2

With well over 13, ooo+ Talents, and quite a number of Jobs and casting, MMG Talent is a great place to visit for your Talent Management.

They have worked for Clients like Nissan Motors, Vaseline, Tictac, Coca-cola, Dubai Tourism, Infiniti Motors, Apple, Etisalat, Dubai television, Mama & Papas and a host of other reputable firms

So if you don’t wanna miss the Opportunity to get Discovered as a Talent in Dubai, then head down to MMG talent and create a Talent Profile

MMG Talent is on Facebook and also on Instagram, you can follow them on these Social Networks to stay connected.

MMG Talent Address: 

Highlights info row image Dubai Design District, Building 7, Office 405A
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
MMG Talent Phone:
Highlights info row image+971 4 434 1577

Visit MMG Talent Today and Get started 

2. MMG Model

MMG Models Dubai
MMG Models Dubai

MMG being a large Talent Agency in Dubai also has a Modelling Agency known as MMG Models for Women, Men, Kids, and Artists.

MMG Model is dubbed the fastest growing modeling Agency in Dubai, maybe due to its historic existence from 2008 till date, MMG Models is a well respected Modelling Agency in Dubai.

Being Operated and founded by Experience personnel who have the right Experiences and Expertise to source out and present Quality Talents to Client, MMG Models stands out in its Industry.

MMG Models

With a strong international network with other reputable Modelling Agencies in the World, MMG Models is positioned and well able to scout and bring in the Best Talents into Dubai and the UAE at large.

Visit MMG Model today to Get Started

3. MMG Artists 

MMG ArtistsStill from the MMG’s, their Artists Talent Management is a creative agency in Dubai with roots across Europe who supports and manages young talents in Style, Videography, Photography and Beauty

You can follow MMG Artists on Facebook as well as on Instagram to stay connected

MMG Artists Address in Dubai:

Dubai Design District,
Office A405,
Building 7,
Dubai, UAE
+971 4 434 1577

MMG Artists PhotographyMMG Artists Address in London:

London UK
+44 7956 435872

With a very vast Portfolio working with the best Luxury company Brands like L’Officiel, Mojeh, Vogue Arabia, Harpers Bazaar, Marie Claire, Grazia, Vogue India, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Emirates Women, and Harpers Bazaar Art, MMG Artists has been able to connect artists and Clients in the Lifestyle, Architecture, Still Life, Food, Fashion, and the Beauty Industry.

Visit MMG Artist today to get started

4. Dynamic Talents

Dynamic Talents Dubai
Dynamic Talents Dubai

Dynamic Talents is a specialized exhibition and event staffing agency that provides the following services;

  • Exhibition hostesses
  • Sales promoters
  • Event hostesses
  • Event support staff

You can contact them at 971 545454562 or send an email to info@dynamictalents.com. 

5. Bare Face

Bareface Talent agency Dubai
Bareface Talent agency Dubai

Bareface is a talent agency that was established in 2001 and has the best regional and international models. They’ve been serving UAE’s fashion, advertising, and media industries for about 20 years.

If you know you are talented and can be in the modeling and entertainment industries, you can call tel:+971 4 554 1060 for more inquires or send a mail to help@bareface.com.

6. The Age NC

The AgeNC Duba
The AgeNC Dubai

The Age NC based in Dubai, UAE, is a Talent replacement and representation Agency that sources and scout for top talents all over the World and in Dubai

With a vast experience in the Industry, the AgeNC has the right procedures and tools to deliver to any Client the wealth of Talents that they so require.

7. Diva Dubai

Diva Dubai
Diva Dubai

This is one of the top talent agencies in Dubai that specialize in the following:

  • Architectural engineering
  • Project management
  • Interior design
  • Event management
  • Entertainment
  • Hostesses
  • Stand builder
  • Photo & Video production
  • Catering
  • Digital marketing
  • Security
  • Landscaping
  • Maintenance
  • Logistics

Diva was founded in 2003 and today, have numerous high-profile clients from the UAE and Middle East Region.

Get in touch with them via this number +97144227272. If you are a model that wants to register call +971529185083. If you are a client you can call +971553421613 for more information.

8. Fameworx Dubai


Established in 2006, Fameworx is a Modelling and Event Management Agency in Dubai that carters for Female and Male Models

Fameworx also manages and makes provisions for Hostess, Dancers, Actresses, Actors, Promo Girls, TV Presenters and Kid Models

Fameworx Dubai Talents
Fameworx Dubai Talents

Beyond the Pretty faces, Fameworx makes sure that their Talents are professionally positioned and qualified, from their images, intellects, professionalism, and Language.

Arguably one of the best Modelling Firm to produce the Best of Talents in Dubai

Fameworx seems to be a Customer-Centric Talent Management Agency with good track records of satisfied Clients and nice Testimonials within the UAE and other Gulf Countries

Follow Fameworx on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, as well as on YouTube to stay connected and get informed

Fameworx Contact Details:

Fameworx Dubai Models Agency
Address: Warsan Hills Tower – Office 703, Tecom. New media city extension. Between Media Rotana & Grand Millennium hotel
P.O.Box: 86534, Dubai, UAE
Tel: +971 4 4504230
Fax: +971 4 4504231
Mobile: +971 50 9555307
Skype: Fameworx

To join Fameworx as a Talent or Model, first read more on how to on their Join Us page before mailing them via this email: newmodels@fameworx.com

Visit Fameworx to get started today

9. Bareface Entertainment 

Bareface Entertainment
Bareface Entertainment

Bareface Entertainment is a reputable Model and Talent Management Agency in Dubai and the entire Middle East

With a great portfolio of Professional Talents and a track record of almost 20 Years in Operations, being established in 2001, Bareface Entertainment has all it takes to Manage great Talents.

Managing and providing Talents to Clients in the Media, Advertising and Fashion Industry, they can be referred to as the most outlive Talent Management Industry in the area

After a while in the Business, Bareface introduced the Entertainment arms in 2012 to take care of and manage Talents in Dubai

You can get connected and stay in touch with Bareface Entertainment on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn

Bareface Entertainment Dubai

Other areas of Bareface Entertainment’s Management Categories are Entertainers, Stylists, Musicians, Brand Ambassadors and Presenters

Access Bareface Entertainment to Get Started Today

10. The Fridge Dubai

The Fridge Dubai Talent Management

The fridge is dubbed Middle East’s Premier Talent Management Agency with over 10 years Track record of sourcing, developing and Managing Talents for the Region

Visit the Bridge Talent to Get Started

11. Niche Modelling Agency Dubai

Niche Modelling Agency Dubai
Niche Modelling Agency Dubai

Probably a recent Baby in the Modelling Market, Niche Modeling Agency was Founded in 2017 to carter for the Modelling and Talent Management Industry in Dubai

Niche Modelling Agency Dubai Talent

Niche Models Dubai Office:

38th Floor Office 23, The One Tower
Sheikh Zayed Road Al Barsha-Heights
Dubai – UAE
M. +971 50 292 1888
T. +971 4 246 2833
+971 50 558 2900
For Business Enquiry

For Event Production and Management, Niche Models carters for Models/ Host/Hostesses, Catering, Choreographer, Stylist, Back Stage Staff, Permits, Red Carpet / Media Wall Set Up, Event Video Coverage, Entertainers, Location, Event Photography, Casting Show Director, Light, Sounds, Stage and PR.

Create a Profile today on Niche Models to get started

12. Mix fame Talent Agency Dubai

Mix Fame Talent Management Agency Dubai
Mix Fame Talent Management Agency Dubai

Mix Firm is mix Talent Agency in the Dubai with more than 75,000 talents in their Database covering UAE and South Africa

Mix Fame mostly focuses on the Movie, Commercials and TV Talent Management

Visit Mix fame to get started 
Mix Fame Create Profile
Mix Fame Create Profile

13. Wilhelmina Dubai

Wilhelmina Dubai
Wilhelmina Dubai

This is a global Model and Talent Management Agency with a strong presence in Dubai, Wilhelmina also has a presence in New York, London, Miami, and Chicago.

Wilhelmina Dubai Models
Wilhelmina Dubai Models

You can follow Wilhelmina Dubai and stay connected on their Social Profiles, Instagram, and Facebook.

Visit Wilhelmina Dubai today to get started

14. Emodels Dubai

Emodels Dubai
Emodels Dubai

Emaodels is a Dubai Model and talent agency with a database of the most Prettiest Models in Dubai

Emodels Dubai Models
Emodels Dubai Models

Emodels have a Social Presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest

Proceed to Emodels to get started

15. FLC Models

FLC Models
FLC Models

16. CR Models

CR Modelling Agency
CR Modelling Agency

CR Model Management is a Model and Talent Manage Agency based in Dubai, offering Professional Modelling Service and Talent Management to UAE residents.

CR ModelsWith Over 10 Years Experience in the Fashion Industry, CR Modelling has a strong root in Estonia, Dubai, Milan, and Buenos Aires

Talent Agencies in Dubai (Summary)

With these talent agencies in Dubai, I believe that we have fulfilled just exactly what we promised from the onset, it’s now over to you to make good use of these Talent Agencies in Dubai

Meanwhile, for Agencies that we have missed to list out here, we encourage you to indicate such in the Comment section below and your list will be updated accordingly

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