Hello! Are you looking for activities to help build your team? Search no further as we present to you the 20 Best Team Building Activities in 2022.

Firstly, you may ask, what are Team Building Activities, and why are they important?

Team Building Activities are simply those activities carried out to strengthen the bonds between members of a team for more efficient achievement of the team’s goals.

These activities can as well be said to be those activities that promote and enhance team building and as well social relations to define roles and achieve goals within the team.

The activities also aim to expose and address interpersonal problems and as well promote interpersonal relationships among members of the team and improve the team’s performance. 

A good team looks forward to aligning around goals, building effective working relationships, reducing team members’ roles in multiple interpretations, and finding solutions to the team’s problems.

Team-building activities are carried out to address underlying concerns and build trust by engaging in activities that are not part of what the team members ordinarily do.

 Importance Of Team Building Activities

Team Building Activities help the team members to get to know each other, and their interests, know their strengths, weaknesses, and how they communicate, among other things.

The activities set up a sense of trust amongst team members as this allows them to bring the full power of their personalities, skills, and real self to work, having to work it out even when they don’t trust each other.

There is every possibility of holding back so many things about themselves which certainly limits their abilities to be their very best, drive them into an unnecessary competition, and brings about disunity.

Lastly, Team Building Activities help to remind the team members that work is never just about them but the entire team, and encourage them to do everything in the team together.

It discourages the one-man island mentality i.e everyone being on his or her own, therefore bringing the realization that success, progress, or growth as a team is a priority.

Consequently, I will be showing you more explicit but simple terms, those activities you should engage your team in for those positive results you need, and those attitudes team members should put up in order for the team to grow stronger and hit the targets as intended.

Creative Activities Teams Should Engage In 

1. Goal Setting

Setting clear goals for individuals and teams is vital and ranks high, this is as team members become more involved and active in the planning of the team.

This identifies ways of defining success and failure as well as ways to achieve the team-set goals.

It is also aimed at strengthening motivation and bringing about a sense of ownership and helps measure their progress.

2. Role clarification

Team members understanding their roles and others’ respective roles and duties will help them focus more and reduce ambiguity in such a way that when one person takes up a role, another person takes up another role as his or hers, and no stone will be left unturned.

If roles aren’t made clear, everybody might end up trying to do the same thing and in the end leave so many things undone, which would certainly deter the team’s success.

3. Host a Brainstorming Session

Team building Activities can totally be work focused as it is oftentimes the best kind.

This activity should center on identifying major problems and solving them.

 The focal point there is to make these brainstorming sessions less about day-to-day accomplishments and more about bigger team goals.

4. Team Emblem Strategy

This is one of the most effective of the 20 Best Team Building Activities 2022.

To carry out this activity, team members are divided into small sub-teams, where they must work together to create an emblem, flag, or shield for their sub-teams.

This enables collaboration and creative thinking and is great for building a stronger and more effective sense of team identity and cohesiveness.

The activity is flexible enough for any situation or Team size.

5. Interpersonal Relationships

Here, increasing giving and receiving of support, adequate communication, and sharing amongst team members is important.

6. Outdoor Activities 

Observing outdoor activities, majorly for fun and excursion is recommended, as all work without play makes Jack a dull boy.

7. Campfire Stories Concept

Once in a while, the team can gather in a round sitting arrangement and share their different workspace experiences as that will help them learn new things about themselves and get relive old memories.

8. Memory Wall Concept

This very activity establishes and revives the team’s previously shared memories with each other as they position them on a wall, leaving it throughout a particular event,  making it serve as the focal point of the team’s camaraderie.

9. Silver Lining

This very activity is similar to the Memory Wall Concept.

Here, memories are recollected as a good way to get team members to bond with each other.

Nevertheless, not everyone in the team will have the same perspectives of memory, especially if it’s a negative one, so pointing out the silver linings in a negative memory will help shift perspectives, improve morale and help team members see things from each other’s perspectives.

10. Low-Tech Social Network

The Low-Tech Social Network maps the connections between teammates on a whiteboard as the team members create their avatars or embodiment of ideas, and put up lines to indicate the extent to which they know other team members.

This is most helpful as an ice-breaker at events where team members do not know each other well.

11. Scavenger Hunt

The Scavenger Hunt is classic and works in any situation and regardless of location or team size.

It can be done indoors or outdoors, brief or day-long, and with just a few team members or the entire team.

The Scavenger Hunt will make your team learn to appreciate collaboration, communication, leadership, and sheer value.

12. Shark Tank

The Shark Tank is another beautiful concept of Team Building, where the Teams product and services are presented and pitched in front of a mock “Shark Tank” of investors, as this helps the teams members to showcase their talents, products, and craft.

This pitch format i.e Shark Tank is widely loved as it enables team members to work together and be entrepreneurial.

13. Office Trivia

You sometimes need a quick activity that gets people involved in an event and asks relevant trivia questions about the team in such situations.

The Office Trivia game doesn’t require any equipment or significant preparation as this may be impromptu.

It may be held indoors or outdoors, with small or large teams, making it flexible enough for the team members.

14. Build Bridges, Not Walls Concept

Divide the team into two and let them build separate halves of a bridge, using the materials provided, on completion, let them work together to make the halves fit.

This activity is greatly recommended for building collaboration and creativity skills in the Team.

15. Odd Couples

In all of the teams, you’ll have team members with different personalities, but sometimes, there is every possibility that these different personalities have things in common.

Getting the team members to accept and appreciate their differences and similarities can improve team bonding and good spirit.

16. Truth and Lies

The Truth and Lies is a simple game to get people to open up and come out real.

Team members gather together in an intimate environment, each team member says three truths and one lie about himself as other team members have to guess the lie out of the four statements.

17. Blind draw

This is more like Back-to-Back drawing, but it focuses on the team itself rather than individuals i.e team members.

The activity’s goal is the same as the Back-To-Back drawing, and it involves drawing objects, using only verbal instructions.

18. Body of Words

Here is another simple and fun-filled activity that gets all the team members involved physically.

The goal is to create letters and words with their bodies alone. It’s a great way to get people to loosen up and have fun at team retreats as it gets them relaxed and helps build leadership, strategic planning, and cooperation amongst team members.

19. Perfect Square Concept

The Perfect Square Concept is a blindfold game, where team members have to work together to create a perfect square with a rope while completely blindfolded.

This activity greatly inspires and ignites communication skills and collaboration for the team’s success.

20. Organize a “Show and Tell” Exercise

This is another great way of getting your team members to brag a bit about their accomplishments, and as well encourage them to stay updated on what everyone else is working on.

You can do this on a small scale, and spend a few minutes a week or once a month getting together and highlighting something each member is working on, and allow people to ask questions, give suggestions, and positive feedback as the case may be.


These 20 Best Team Activities 2022 have been scientifically proven to affect positively a team’s performance and to have some tangible impact on the cognitive and psycho-motto of the team members.

And as earlier mentioned, Team Building Activities aren’t usually part of the team’s original or ordinary activities, but a true definition of thinking outside-the-box, for outstanding and proficient results.

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