Tech companies in Arizona

There are so many tech companies in Arizona, some of which are the state’s biggest employers and also the best companies to work for.

In this post, I’ll be listing some of the best tech companies in Arizona, some are familiar brands that are still expanding their footprint, while others are new to the scene in Arizona.

This list covers industries from FinTech to HealthTech to the tech sector, and beyond.


1. Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab

For over 40 years, Charles Schwab has been assisting investors, and the individuals who serve them, change lives and realize dreams. Each choice made by Schwab depends on observing things through the eyes of its customers.

Schwab’s culture of administration makes it an exceptional work environment. “Schwabbies,” as the employees are known, are groundbreaking, hopeful and enthusiastic. They value straightforwardness and trustworthiness, things that are at the core of everything they accomplish for their customers and each other.

The company’s technology and digital teams shake things up for the benefit of their customers and the individuals who serve them. The company recently declared a new Digital Accelerator team that will “quickly ideate, emphasize and test new thoughts related to explicit client journey or specific business openings.”

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The objective of their work is to deliver intuitive experiences with easy-to-utilize instruments for their current customers, and the individuals who may require assistance to accomplish better financial results.


2. American Express

American Express

Since their earliest days, they’ve strived to discover better approaches to improve their clients’ lives, have their backs and provide their special brand of administration, in manners of both big and small.

Even as their business changed – from cargo sending to travels to cards to create digital products and services – one thing has stayed consistent: their immovable pledge to win their clients’ devotion for the long haul. That standard of greatness guides them today.

They guarantee to understand, regard and back their clients, and assist them on their personal journeys. Since when their clients flourish, so do they.

Their vision is to give the world’s best client experience each day and their central goal is to get fundamental to their clients by providing differentiated products and services to assist them with accomplishing their yearnings.

Their values include Delivering to their clients, making the wisest decision, respecting individuals, requiring various perspectives, winning as a group and thinking about the community.


3. Clearlink


Since 2003, they’ve been an amazing development engine for the world’s prominent brands. Client experience is the core of all their organizational decision.

They have confidence in effectively taking a shot at developing their partners’ organizations so their success will follow a similar way. Clearlink’s methodology combines the best people with the smartest innovation to give clever marketing, deals, and data science answers for the world’s prominent brands.

This connected approach to client experience brings about an organization focused on creative thinking, fast deployment, and effective, long-term development.

The world is a different place than when Clearlink was established, yet their responsibility for improving the client experience and developing their brand partners’ organizations continues as before.

Their obsession with movement keeps them searching for special approaches to have a beneficial outcome on brands’ relationships with their clients.


4. Freedom Financial Network

freedom financial network

From a humble start in an extra room in Silicon Valley in 2002, Freedom has bloomed into a leader in online financial administrations that provides a huge number of customers with successful answers for debt repayment, personal loans, and mortgage shopping.

Their main goal is to give financial solutions, services and training empowering customers to reduce debts, build riches and accomplish financial freedom.

Their Core Values includes Caring for everybody, Acting With Integrity without fail, showing signs of improvement and teaming up with everybody


5. GoDaddy


GoDaddy’s main mission is drastically to move the worldwide economy toward life-satisfying independent ventures, helping its clients by giving them the instruments, knowledge and the individuals to change their thoughts and personal initiative into success.

GoDaddy constructs innovation that launches people’s fantasies, energizes business development, and impacts economies by the millions.

The organization exists by living its strategy and ruthless prioritizing its work to make basic, elegant innovation that charms its clients. Regularly, GoDaddy unites with groups and teams to break barriers, make new markets and stare down the impossible.

GoDaddy is a complete work environment that needs its employees to be comfortable enough to bring their true, entire selves to work.


6. Amkor Technology

Amkor Technology

Since 1969, Amkor Technology has been a semiconductor product packaging and test services provider. The headquarters is at Tempe, Arizona and has factories in China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Portugal, and Malaysia.

Insight specializes in data center, devices, software, licensing, power, storage, and IT services.

Amkor Technology is a leading player in the semiconductor industry. It packages and tests integrated circuits for chip manufacturers.


7. Insight


This is an Arizona-based publicly traded global technology that focuses on B2B (business-to-business) and IT (Information Technology) capabilities for enterprises.

This tech company focuses on four (4) main areas i.e. supply chain optimization, cloud & data center transformation, digital innovation, and connected workforce.

This company serves Healthcare industries, Federal Government, Higher Education, Small to Medium Business, Service Providers, K-12 Education, Enterprise Business, and State & Local Government.

Insight has offices in 19 countries and headquartered in Tempe, Arizona.


8. Blue Yonder (Formerly JDA Software Group)

blue yonder

Blue Yonder is an American software and consultancy company that provides supply chain management, manufacturing planning, retail planning, store operations, and collaborative category management solutions.

It was founded in 1985 (as JDA) by James Donald Amstrong and Frederick M.Pakis and has grown into a global company serving people worldwide with headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona.

9. ON Semiconductor

ON Semiconductor

ON Semiconductor is a semiconductor supplier company established in 1999. This company’s products include power & signal management, logic, discrete & custom devices for communications, automotive, computing, LED lighting, consumer industrial, medical, military/aerospace, and power applications.

It is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona but also has offices in North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific regions. It is among the world’s top 20 semiconductors sales leaders.

10. Keap (formerly Infusionsoft)


Small business is the company’s focus. They make the technology that quickens small business development. They offer help, mentors, and partners while encouraging networks you can depend on, to make your fantasy about working for yourself a reality.

The Keap’s main mission to enable small businesses to succeed. Their way of life and guiding principle reflects this dedication. Their values include really Caring, owning it, adapting continually, building trust, checking inner self, thinking ambitiously, winning together and driving from the front, not from the top


11. USAA


The company is not like any other financial-technology service organization. When you join USAA, you’ll automatically become part of a flourishing network focused on going above for the individuals who have gone beyond the people of the U.S. military, their associates and their families.

USAA draws upon its extraordinary comprehension of the military community’s lives and employment, and its own Financial quality, to give a full scope of highly competitive financial products and services for each phase of life.

USAA reported plans to procure to 1,000 innovation experts until the end of 2020 at its Phoenix grounds. This development emphasizes the organization’s long-standing spotlight on superior member services by offering innovative products and encounters for sale, as innovation advancement moves at a phenomenal pace.

Developing its innovation abilities is a concentration for USAA as it tries to envision changing part needs. Growing innovation capacities in Phoenix is a part of a larger strategy to enlist the best ability around the entirety of USAA’s grounds.


12. TEKsystems


At TEKsystems, they’re fixated on innovation and Its capacity to make a huge difference. Innovation fuels their enthusiasm and pledge to help the organization do what they set out to.

When they connect, they bring new thoughts that assist you with boost your performance. Refine your system, Flash new energy. The future—and how they arrive—relies upon the individuals who build, associate, make and change their reality.

The best and inventive organizations are as of now doing it, and they’re gifted experts at getting the groups and support required to flourish.

In this day and age of continual, quick change, genuine pioneers accomplish more than adjusting, They foresee and make the most of new chances, quick. They bring the expertise and ability to assist you with enacting ideas and make solutions.

They listen cautiously to comprehend your culture and cooperate with you to handle your business challenges. Their answers aren’t off-the-rack, their answers are worked to your world.

They make agility and force, and They’re exciters in planning, implementation, and certifiable application. Regardless of whether it’s a convincing vision for tomorrow or a hit-the-ground-running undertaking, they’ll cooperate to propel your change.




Vixxo’s unequaled skill gives you access to committed account management, checked specialist organizations with a solid responsibility to quality and service and experiences that drive your everyday activities. Vixxo developed because of two industry pioneers and their subsidiaries meeting up to change the scene of offices the board.

The organizations’ joined to unite demonstrated office experience, keen innovation, and unrivaled client assistance. With almost 40 years of experience, Vixxo is the main office the executive’s partners for organizations all through the United States and Canada.


14. Bank of the West

Bank of the West

They realize cash kept in a bank has the ability to fund positive change. So they are making a move to help activities that help protect the planet, improve individuals’ lives, and reinforce communities.

They are reanalyzing banking for a superior future by concentrating on zones where they feel they can have a genuine effect: supporting energy transition, empowering businesswomen, and financing innovative new businesses.

As the bank for an evolving world, the Bank of the West is focused on maintainable finance alongside its parent organization BNP Paribas. Through Digital routes and offices over the U.S., Bank of the West gives financial devices and assets to over 2 million people, families, and organizations.


15. Avnet


Innovation’s next wonder is out there, somewhere. It might just be scribbled on a handkerchief right now, a chance on paper, however tomorrow, it could transform the world – with a little assistance from Avnet.

As a main worldwide innovation solution provider, they’ve constantly adjusted to changing markets and needs. In any case, with the ongoing acquisitions of Premier Farnell and, they’re spanning the worlds of creators and producers more than ever.

Today, they can design, make, supply and convey for clients of each size in each side of the world – regardless of whether your product is still thought on a napkin, in large scale manufacturing or anything in-between.

Avnet merges the agility expected to find a good pace with nearly a century of cliquish associations with innovation’s most trusted in worldwide organizations. Transforming thoughts nobody’s heard about into products everybody knows.

Charles Avnet’s aspiration and entrepreneurial soul still guide the organization forward. They blossom with brilliant thoughts – enormous or little, tried and true or recently rising.

It’s put them in the game for almost a century. It’s not only a way of thinking, but It’s also a plan of action. Since each good thought sparkles motivation for the following century of visionaries and beyond.


16. First solar

First solar

The company has created, designed, developed, financed and presently works a significant number of the world’s biggest grid-connected PV power plants. Their experience over the solar value chain diminishes hazard while conveying increasingly solid, reliable and financially savvy answers for their clients.

No organization puts more in R&D propelling their innovation to quickly build their energy yield, lower LCOE and give lasting grid integration.

First Solar conveys an LCOE that is cost-competitive with petroleum products. First Solar tech conveys power during top energy use smoothing costs for energy customers against fuel-price instability.




There you have it, the top 16 best tech companies in Arizona. These tech companies still remain one of the top employers in the state of Arizona. So, if you think you have the necessary skills and can work for them, you can check their career section to know if there are available openings.

I hope this article has been helpful and if there’s any other top tech company in Arizona not listed here, kindly drop it in the comment section.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Tech companies are in Phoenix?

– American Express
– Freedom Financial
– Charles Schwab
– GoDaddy

Who are the largest employers in Arizona?

Here are some of the top largest companies/employers in Arizona;
1. Wells Fargo
2. Arizona State University
3. Banner Health
4. Walmart Stores
5. JPMorgan Chase & Co
6. Apollo Group, Inc
7. Intel Corp
8. Mesa Unified School District
9. American Express
10. Dignity Health
11. Avnet
12. First Solar
13. Charles Schwab

What are the major employement industries are in Arizona?

The major employment industries in Arizona are aerospace, electronics, and semiconductor manufacturing. Other important sectors include; tourism, business services, and back-office operations, agriculture, and mining.

What is Arizona’s top agricultural products?

Arizona’s top agricultural products are cattle, calves, lettuce, cotton, dairy products, and hay. These products generate revenue for the state.

What products are manufactured in Arizona?

Here are some products made in Arizona:
– Appliances
– Cactus water
– Artificial heart
– Cheetos
– Bolts
– Chocolate
– Cancer treatment drugs
– Beer cans
– Election ballots
– Furniture
– Crackers
– Energy bars
– Denim insulation
– Guns
– Glucose monitors
– Helicopters
– Missiles
– Hot dogs
– Peanut butter
– Orthotics
– Nail polish
– Semiconductors
– Solar reflectors
– Satellites
– Saddles
– Rubber hoses
– Tea
– Wine
– Tortillas
– Tennis balls
– Robotic lifeguard
– Potato chips

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