Things you must do before giving birth

This post will be about the Things you must do before giving birth

Being pregnant is another feeling entirely and in this post, you will get to know 24 things you must do before giving birth.  During your first trimester, you have to deal with morning sickness, exhaustion, and heartburn.

During your second trimester, you feel better again then comes your third trimester when you will have different feelings and emotions.

Here, you will be thinking of a life with your new baby and things to do with your baby but have you ever thought of what to do and have ready before your baby is born?

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At times, your baby may have other plans like coming before the due date and when that time comes and you are not ready what are you gonna do?


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The Best Things You Must Do Before Giving Birth

Let’s get you started on the most important things to do before your new baby arrives. Below is a list of them:

Set up the Nursery

Have a Baby’s Crib ready

Make sure your baby’s crib or cot is ready before giving birth. Get it done either during the 7th month or 8th month of pregnancy. Also, paint and decorate the baby’s nursery.

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Crib Mattress

It is necessary to get a baby mattress before the arrival of your baby. We recommend the Newton Baby Crib Mattress. It is comfortable and soft.

Video Baby Monitor

As a mom or as parents, Setting up a baby monitor is one of the things you must do before giving birth.  This helps to have a good watch of the baby from anywhere around the house and outside from your phone or tv.

We recommend the Infant optics DXR-8. Although it is expensive, it is worth having.


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During the course of your maternity, you will need this rocker. Certainly, you will be a lot of time on this chair. Therefore, it is advisable that you make it comfortable!

You’ll also have to keep things within reach like baby’s burp cloths, etc. so make a side table for this purpose.

White Noise Machine

Among other things you must do before giving birth is to purchase a white noise machine. Trust me, you will need it!

This product will amazingly function as a sleep aid for your baby. The noise from it is a moderate sound just like the whoosh noises in the womb.

It also helps to keep down other noises from the house while the baby sleeps. The top-rated white noise machine is the LectroFan.

Black-out Curtains

This is not entirely necessary but it makes your baby know when it’s time to sleep. It will come in handy during summer when the lights tend to come out so early.

Stock your Baby’s Nursery

It is time when you fill your baby’s nursery with the most important things.

Buy Diapers and Wipes

Buy at least tw0 or three boxes of baby diapers and wipes and have them ready in your room or baby’s nursery before you give birth.

Moms always recommend the Seventh Generation and Honest. Both can fit and absorb properly and are lotion, chlorine, and fragrance free.

This is one of the important things you must do before giving birth.

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Buy Baby Clothes


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It is very crucial to get your baby’s clothes available. There are a lot of cute choices in the market. You should get the following clothes:

  • Onesies: Buy in newborn size not less than a week’s worth and the next size-up. We recommend the Gerber Organic bodysuits and the 100% organic cotton onesies from Honest Baby
  • Swaddle Blankets: You should get swaddle blankets, preferably the soft and stretchy ones. Check out the Swaddle Blankets from Copper Pearl. They are just perfect.
  • Footie PJs: Why don’t you get Footie PJs for your newborn instead of all those little baby clothes. I know baby clothes can be super cute and mothers can’t resist buying them. Buy the ones with zippers because the ones with fasteners can be stressful. Imagine wasting to snap 10+ tiny fasteners together properly.
  • Headwarmers, stockings, burp clothes, etc: These too are essential for your newborns.

Nursing Supplies

Ensure to keep nipple cream, pads, burp cloths, and water in your baby nursery

Have your Baby’s Bottles and Formula ready

Ensure you have a few baby bottles washed and ready to be used for your baby. Whether you are planning to breastfeed or not have at least one baby formula ready.

This is among the things you must do before giving birth.

Other Essentials

Take a Breastfeeding Class

If this is going to be your first childbirth, Taking a breastfeeding class is one of the things you must do before giving birth.

So many moms struggle with breastfeeding their newborns. This is because they lack information about breastfeeding.

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Make Freezer Meals

Having freezer meals at home will release you from stressing out after you are back from the hospital.

This way, you don’t have to stress about what to eat or have to consider less healthy packaged foods or take-out options.


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Stock up on Household Essentials

One of the things you must do before giving birth is to buy all your household needs. You don’t want to run out of anything when your baby comes.

Stock up things like toilet paper, safe cleaning products, paper towels, personal care products, hand sanitizers, and many other things you will need.

Make Provisions for your Furry Family Members

This is one of the crucial things to do before giving birth. It may not seem important to many but some put this under consideration.

Make sure things are in place for your pet to be properly taken care of after the baby arrives.

You don’t want your pet to be kept without proper attention and care when you are away, then you should stockpile food and medications for them.

A friend or family member could assist with this.

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Fill Prescriptions

Is there anyone at home who takes regular medications? Probably you, hubby, or older kids, you should make sure these medications are filled up before the baby arrives just in case it is needed.


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Check if you have supplies of cough/cold remedies, headache fighters, bandaids, and more.

Ask if your doctor can let you get supplies that take you for a month just so you do not hurry to get any medications from the pharmacy

Prepare your Preventative Care

Take your time to get any healthcare tasks you may need before the baby comes. This is one of the things you must do before giving birth.

See a dentist and an optometrist for preventative care.

Clean up the Entire House

This is what is expected of expectant moms. The house should be properly cleaned so as not to breed anything unhealthy for the baby and the mom after childbirth.

The floors, carpets, the windows, in fact, everywhere!

You can call on professionals to assist if this will be too much work.

Take Some Time for Yourself

You should really take time out for yourself, either alone, with your partner, or with family and friends. Do the things you love to do because you will stay away from all these for a while.


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Some people fancy going out on trips, vacations, or babymoons before their babies arrived. If you can actually plan this, then you should!

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Complete any Household Projects

One of the things you should put in place before your baby comes is making sure to complete all household projects you have on your plate so you don’t have to run around fixing stuff instead of resting or relaxing while taking care of your baby.

Take a Prenatal/Baby Class

Is this your first pregnancy? If yes, then you should consider taking a prenatal class. This way, you will get to learn what to expect when it’s labor time.

You need to know about everything from contractions to pushing techniques, to breathing as well as how to bathe a baby, change a diaper, and more.

Trust me, you will feel less nervous when it’s time.

Take a Visit to the Hospital


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Prepare to have a tour of the hospital you want to deliver.

This is extremely beneficial as you get familiar with the environment. If you arrive in labor, you’ll be grateful you know where to go already.

Pack Your Hospital Bag

Prepare and ready your hospital bag on time. When you do so, you will know everything is in order.

This is one of the things you must do before giving birth.

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Prepare for Labor and Delivery

Don’t forget that this is one of the things you must do before giving birth.

Have a relaxed mind, go to the delivery room with a peaceful mind, no fears, no anxiety, and expect to see your baby with a happy mind.

Prepare for Postpartum

Moms tend to think about labor and how they will take care of their newborn babies and forget about what happens after postpartum.

Joining the Peanut app will go a long way as you will learn and get advice from other moms. They’ve got a lot of amazing ideas to share about postpartum.

This is one of the “must-dos” before your baby arrives.

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These are a few tips on the 24 things you must do before giving birth. I hope you find it helpful and eventually apply all if not most of it.

Being pregnant is an awesome experience and bringing your new baby home is another amazing journey that you will embark on. For you not to stress yourself, ensure you do what’s right.

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