Tutu App (sometimes referred to as BunnyApp) has become a well-known app store over the world. Hundreds of millions of users have downloaded numerous mobile apps and games from their app store.

With the Tutu app, you have access to many games and apps, including the ones that you were supposed to pay for. All these can be downloaded on the Tutu app for free.

The Tutu app was initially developed as a Chinese app store for Chinese users and as such, came in only one language which is Chinese.

However, the app has since earned a global audience because of its numerous features and ease of use. It is also the only app store to release a “modded” version of the popular Pokemon Go game.

Many people, most of who don’t speak Chinese wanted to make use of this app but couldn’t because of the language barrier.

This problem prompted the app developers to come up with an English version of the app to reach a wider/global audience.

Currently, the Tutu App supports over 10 languages, including English, Arabic, French, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, and Korean.

It will surely support more languages soon. This article will be providing all the necessary information on TutuApp and will also answer all the questions you might have about the TutuApp.

We’ll start with the popular question “What is TutuApp”.

What is TutuApp?

The Tutu App is a Google Play Store and Apple App Store alternative for Android and iOS devices. You can use this app to download apps that aren’t available in the official marketplace. Although it offers apps that are in the official marketplace.

It also offers all kinds of applications but especially mods or modified apps that have extra functions for free. By mods or modified apps, we are referring to apps that permit you to use paid functions or paid apps for free.

That’s one of the many reasons you won’t find TutuApp in the official app stores. One of the other reasons is that it’s a direct competitor to Google and Apple.

This store features a user registration system to permit you to bookmark lists of favorites or rate apps that you have to download. It also offers you its app manager for the apps downloaded from TutuApp.

Aside from seeing your download history, you can also check how much free space is left on our device, uninstall those apps that you no longer want, or see if there are any updates available.

Along with Aptoide, it’s one of the most well-known and controversial Android and iOS marketplaces. Since it’s not accepted on Google Play because of its nature (being a major competitor and for distributing apps in a somewhat illegal manner), you have to turn to the TutuApp official website or alternative download sites (the download links will be provided later in this article).

Then, configure your device’s settings to allow the download and installation of apps from unknown sources.

What Makes Tutu App Special?

Tutu app is probably the only app store alternative that covers all platforms and has an app for iOS, Android, and PC. TutuApp’s interface is also easy to use and navigate through which makes finding an app and downloading very simple.

The best and probably the highlight of the Tutu app features is that you can download premium apps for free without having to spend anything. You can download any app you see on the app for free.

Is the Tutu App safe to use?

Generally, there haven’t been any reports of any malicious attempts from the app users to give such an answer. However, there are some reports from some of the app users who say that the Tutu App requested permission to access the dialer app/make calls or send/read messages.

This is strange as the only two things the app should need permission for are your data connection (or Wi-Fi) and storage to save the apps you’re going to download. Apart from these two, any other permission could be putting your privacy at risk. If you value your privacy, the Tutu app may not be the app for you.

How to Download the TutuApp

If you search for the app on the Google Play Store or Apple app store for Android and iOS respectively, you won’t see the app there because of some reasons that have been stated earlier in this article.

The only way you can get the app will be to download it from the official website or an alternative source. To do that, simply follow the steps below.

How to Download the Tutu App on Android Devices

  • Go to the settings menu of your android device and turn on “Allow installation of apps from unknown sources” which should be under “Security”. Though, it might be in another location depending on your software version/device.
    allow from this source tutu app
    Source: tutuapp-vip.com
  • After that, go to the Tutu App Website and download the app in APK format.
  • Install the app and launch it.
  • Now, you can start downloading premium apps for free.

How to Download the Tutu App on iOS Devices

  • Open the Safari Browser on your device. [Do not make use of any other browser]
  • In your Safari browser app, go to the Tutu App Website and download the install the application.
  • Tap the Allow option when you see the popup, as shown below.
tutu app profile-settings-open
Source: tutuapp-vip.com
  • Now tap on the Install option under Install Profile option, as shown here.
    tutu app profile iphone x
    Source: tutuapp-vip.com
  • Enter your iPhone passcode and tap on Install again when asked.
  • Launch the app and you’re all good to go.

The app doesn’t expect you to root your android device or jailbreak your iOS device for it to work. However, if your android device is already rooted or your iOS device is already jailbroken, you can still run the Tutu app.

How to Download Paid Apps For Free on TutuApp

To be able to download paid applications and games for free with Tutu App, you have to follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Use the search engine on TutuApp to download and install on your device the app you want. Then, simply tap on it to download it and wait for the download process to finish. This is similar to the normal downloads from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Step 2: After the app has been downloaded, you’ll be asked if you want to proceed with the installation, you’ll have to tap on “Install”.

Step 3: The installation process may require the creation of new user profiles. In that case, you’ll follow a process similar to that of the app’s installation, where you’ll be asked if we want to trust the user called “Xiamen”.

With these detailed procedures, it’s really easy to download an app without having to pay anything. Please note that these steps may vary depending on the device’s OS/version.

What permissions does TutuApp request during the installation?

TutuApp is installed manually by downloading its APK to your device and proceeding to the installation from the device’s download folder.

Once you’ve started this process, Android will warn you about the permission that has to grant to install the app on your smartphone or tablet. Those permissions can be sorted into Privacy permissions and Device Access permissions.

Privacy Permissions

The following permissions are required with regards to the “Privacy permissions”;

  • Full access to the network.
  • Access to all the information about the Wi-Fi networks we connect to.
  • Access to the SD card file system.
  • Full access to network connections, both existing ones and those to which it connects.
  • Access to the phone’s vibration system to send alerts.
  • Storage capacity to approximate the size required by the apps installed on the device.
  • Permissions for the installation of shortcuts on the home screen.
  • Control over the phone’s flashlight.
  • Permissions to close other running applications.
  • Full permissions to connect to or disconnect from a network.
  • Permissions to access the device’s location functions.

Device Access Permissions

The following are required permissions in the “Device Access permissions” section;

  • Access to the user’s contact list.
  • Permissions to read the contents of the SD card.
  • Full permission to delete or modify the contents of the SD card.
  • Permission to allow access to the status and identity of the mobile device.
  • Full permissions to take photos and record videos through the camera.
  • Access to the precise location of the device through GPS.
  • Complete access to the estimated location of the device via Wi-Fi network connections or telephone aerial connections.

With all these permissions, the user has to grant several access permissions that you might feel are unnecessary, such as your contact list. At the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide whether downloading the app is worth downloading.

Is Tutu App legal?

Without being any kind of Law expert, but certainly, the TutuApp doesn’t look legal. This alternative app store has apps that are just modifications of other apps to offer their functions to users for free.

For example, in the TutuApp catalog, you can find Spotify++ and other modified apps. Spotify++ is a mod of the online music streaming player that allows you to access their service freely without having to watch or listen to any form of ads like those included in the free version.

Therefore, TutuApp is distributing contents that are subject to intellectual property rights without afore authorization and, therefore, infringing those property rights laws. However, this is an app from China and that’s most likely why it’s harder for the app developers to take legal actions.

This is also the major reason why you can’t download TutuApp from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store since the official marketplaces don’t allow any app that doesn’t follow the intellectual property rights of third parties.


That everything you need to know about the famous TutuApp. Though, the app is very advantageous in that it allows users to download premium apps for free. The main downside of this app is the permissions that it requests for. In conclusion, it’s solely up to you to compare the pros and cons and make a choice to download it or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the TutuApp be trusted?

Yes, based on the app user’s general response, the TutuApp can be trusted but apps on Tutuapp may not be safe. People think that since it is not available in the Google Play Store or Apple Play Store, it’s a virus or malware. But actually, it is not. Another issue you might have with it is the long list of unnecessary permissions it requests for. Accepting those permissions solely depends on you.

Can you download TutuApp?

Unfortunately, you will not find this application on the Google Play Store or Apple Play Store. So, for downloading you have to go outside of those apps. Some download links have been provided in this article.

What can I use instead of a TutuApp?

TutuApp is one of the best third-party app installers which helps android, iOS, and Windows users to download a lot of amazing application. However, some users face issues in downloading and using the TutuApp for their device; here are some alternatives to TutuApp. –TweakBoxvShare MarketAppValleyApps4iPhone9AppsAppAddictPanda HelperCydia JailbreakiPASTORE

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