Vintage-Inspired Styling, Books, and Tools

Do you need some Vintage-Inspired Styling, Books, and Tools and, you don’t know where to get them? No worries, you are in the right place as this article will help you discover an amazing number of Vintage-inspired styling and where you can get them.

Fashion speaks the right message just at the most suitable time and situation. Inspire your atmosphere with some oldies.  Look classy and lovely while bringing back time with some vintage fashion.

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Top Best Vintage-Inspired styling, Books, and Tools

Here are some vintage-inspired styling, books, and tools.

Delores Vintage Dress

This enchanted emerald green dress is a high quality, super-stretch fabric, rich in 1950’s vintage appeal with a gathered V-neckline to enhance the bust.

It is one of the best Vintage Inspired Styling.

Black Vintage Wiggle Dress

This elegant, high-quality wiggle dress is crafted in a sturdy stretch blend for a flattering fit that hugs all your curves in the right way with princess seams for a comfortable and flattering fit.

Monroe Vintage  Bikini 

These amazing black bikini bottoms are a classic vintage design and look fantastic on any body shape.

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 Mrs. West Vintage Bikini Top

This Mrs. West’ has wide halter straps, adjustable back, gorgeous retro bikini top, classic black with ivory pin dots.


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Riviera Vintage Wedding Dress

A lovely vintage-inspired Ivory wedding dress with high-quality fabric and soft underwire molded padded cups.

This dress is one of the collections of vintage-inspired styling.

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Top Vintage-Inspired Books

How To Wear Your Hair Guide book

How to Wear Your Hair is a little guidebook designed for the ideal vintage 1950s hairstyle! It is one of the series of advice books for women authored by nutrition expert Joe Bonomo.

It is perfect for fashion lovers and enthusiasts of all time.

Vintage – Hairstyling Hats, Hair-do’s, Makeup Book

Perfect for vintage, fashion-lovers, and enthusiasts of all times.

Fashion Do’s and Don’ts Hats, Hair-Do’s, and Makeup is a booklet originally published in 1943 and authored by a stylist as part of a series of booklets with fashion tips and directions for the most flattering looks.

It is specific to how a woman of the early 1940s should wear her hats, accessories, hair, and makeup based on her facial features, coloring, and age.

Retro Makeup Booklet

This book is specifically written to give you whatever look you desire, whether you are searching for theatrical production, for some time party or you just want to have the look of the beauty of a particular time or period passed, this book has all you will need.

No matter your skill level or makeup goal retro makeup has something for you.

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Retro Styles with Step-by-Step Techniques Booklet

This book is one of the best vintage-inspired books you should take a look at.

This amazing booklet shows how to recreate hairstyles of the 1930s down to the 1960s and breaks them down into simple, easy-to-follow instructions.

This guidebook is your regular guide to re-creating hairstyles from the 1930s to the 1960s. 

Vintage Event Hairstyles Booklet

Do you need help on how you should rock your hair for that wedding, party, or prom? This book is all you need. It is one of the most fantastic Vintage-inspired books.

Brides, hairstylists, and any other woman in need of a hairstyle for a formal event need this hairstyle tutorial book for that special kind of look.

When you’re not using this book to create a fabulous look you can leave it on your table for visitors to read, someone will sure need it.

Top Best Vintage-Inspired Tools

Below are some vintage-inspired tools you can use without having to stress. 

Vintage Hairstyling Roll Tool Set

With this Roll & Go Hair Tool wrapping hair into uniform, round tube shapes are made easy.

You can also use it to make large pin curls, cool round shapes for contemporary styles, and all of this can be achieved without having to use any heating tools!

This styling tool does all of the work for you.

Vintage Hairstyling Hair Roller Set

Vintage hairstyles are easy with these Rockin’ Rollers.

They have multiple uses that are pillow soft and comfortable to sleep in while setting. They can also be used as filler for retro hairstyles

It has many styling advantages such as long-lasting vintage waves are easily achieved, making them ideal for medium to long hair vintage hairstyles. 

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Vintage Hairstyling Sculpture Pin Curl Tool Set

The Sculpture Pin Curl Tool is a reproduction of a styling tool used in the mid-20th century to aid women creates fast and uniform curls.  

It is easy to use and so helpful in getting the perfect pin curl.

Miss Curlette Hair Vintage Setting Spray

This is a special setting spray for all your curling options.

Use it with your soft rollers and curling iron.

This hair spray is one of the best vintage-inspired tools.  

Miss Curlette Vintage Hair Setting Spray

This premium setting spray can be used for all your curling needs.

Use it with your foam rollers, pin curls, or curling iron and have your all vintage curling experience.

Blue Jac-O-Net Triangle Veil Net 

Jac-o-net is a classic brand that has been for over 75 years now.

Its longevity is a testament to quality and consistency. It has been a favorite vintage-inspired hair tool for quite a several years.

It Helps hold pin curls in place during drying and is great to wear while sleeping.

Pink Jac-O-Net Triangle Veil Net

Jac-o-net is a classic brand that has been for over 75 years now.

Its longevity is a testament to quality and consistency. It has been a vintage hair tool favorite for quite some years.

It Helps hold pin curls in place during drying and is great to wear while sleeping

 Vintage Hairstyling Practique Wave Clips

Practique Wave Clips are a great tool in styling marcel waves! A clip like this holds the ridge in the hair in place while drying for durable, lovely vintage waves.

This amazing tool includes features like:

  • Four clips per card
  • Durable for salon use
  • Rust and stain resistant
  • Vented for quicker drying time
  • Curved to match wave pattern

Lady Elisa Vintage Hairstyling Clips

Use these Lady Eliza Double Prong Pin Curl clips to hold your pin curls in place.

It holds dry or wet curls in place or holds your rollers.

It also makes a great gift for the lover of vintage beauty products.

Starlett Single Prong Pin Curl Hair Clips

These Starlett Pin Curl Clips hold your pin curls in place, it holds dry or wet curls in place for setting and you can also use them for small vintage waves.

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Hollywood Duckbill Hair Clips

Use these pink powders coated Duckbill Clipettes to create that desired vintage wave.

It is one of the vintage-inspired tools.

Vintage Hairstyling Ella Hair Nets

These awesome nets are a large hair net that protects your hairstyle and creates some amazing vintage hairstyles with a stretch edge for invisible control.

Vintage Miracle Hair Curl Brush

This is aPin-Up, the 1940s-1950s vintage hairstyling fashion Brush.

The Miracle Curl Brush brings out pin curls sets, waves, and barrel iron curls.

Its unique design enhances curls and reduces snags.

Pink -Vintage Hairstyling Teasing/Smoothing Brush 

This brush has been specifically designed for upswept styling and increased volume, it is resistant to heat and chemicals and has an ergonomic handle that provides extreme comfort during styling. 

Its sectioning tip allows easy separation and texture variation. It is available in different colors (Brown, Cream, Mint, Red, Silver, blue, pink, etc)

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Cleopatra 1950’s Rattail Comb 

This amazing rattail comb is the perfect addition to any vintage vanity.

 Use this rattail comb to separate your hair sections and comb out for curls. It is available in different colors (Brown, Cream, Mint, Red, Silver, blue, pink, etc.)


Vintage Cleopatra 1950’s Standard hairstyle Comb

This amazing standard comb is the perfect addition to any vintage vanity.

Use this multi-purpose comb to comb out rolls or waves your hair, backcomb your victory rolls, or your finger waves. It is available in different colors (blue, pink, etc.)

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Vintage Hairstyling Ella Hair Nets – Dark Brown

These dark brown hair Nets are large hair net that protects your hairstyle and are wonderful for helping form some vintage hairstyles.

It has fine elastic with a stretch edge for invisible control.

Uppercut Deluxe Pocket Flip Comb 

Combing just got better with this pocket flip comb, the fold-away Flip Comb makes grooming on the go easy and comfortable.

The plant cellulose acetate enhances the comb’s flexibility and its durability in all styling conditions.


Black -“Snug Set”: Deluxe Triangle Hair Net 

This nylon, lightweight, comfortable, and re-useable triangle hair net helps to hold your set in place. It is one of the best vintage-inspired tools you need.

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