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There are lots of websites that let you watch cartoons online for free and in this post, we’ll be seeing a number of them.

People love watching cartoons irrespective of their age this is because cartoons are a great stress buster and can help people relax in times of strain.

However, people might find it difficult to look for decent websites where they can watch cartoons for free online in HD.

Some websites are free, some are not, some demand registration, and some are easily accessible. It can take a lot of time to source out the websites suitable for you.

Luckily, we have done the work for you. Below is a list of the top cartoon websites where you can watch cartoons online in HD for free.

15 Best Websites to Watch Cartoons Online for Free

Like I earlier said, there are many sites to watch cartoons online but here is our pick of the best sites to watch cartoons online for free. They are listed in no particular order:

1. WatchCartoonOnline 

Watch Cartoons Online

WatchCartoonOnline is a great site to watch cartoons online, animes, and even movies. Here, you just have to search for the cartoon you are looking for and start watching for free.

The site’s interface is highly interactive and easy to navigate. WatchCartoonOnline’s cartoons are divided into categories like subbed, dubbed, series, movies, and other cartoon types thus makes it easy for you to explore your favorite cartoon.

The site might not be available in some countries and if you can’t access the site, you can use a VPN.

2. CartoonsOn  

watch cartoons online

Another great website to watch cartoons online for free is CartoonsOn. This website lets you stream your favourite cartoon in HD quality as well as has an expansive library of cartoons thus makes it easier for you to explore your favourite cartoons.

CartoonsOn is user-friendly and can be accessed on any device including smartphones.

The site’s cartoons are divided into different categories thus you can filter out cartoons either by the character, show name, studio, or series.

3. YouTube  

watch cartoons online

The most popular online platform for watching videos is YouTube. It is the king when it comes to online videos. The site has over 5 billion video collections and millions of people go here every day just to watch videos. YouTube also has thousands of cartoons that meet your requirements and you can find your favorite cartoon just by searching on the YouTube search bar.  

YouTube has also created an app for kids that curates cartoons and kid-themed videos onto a separate mobile app designed for children.

The platform has collected a massive database of cartoon videos that anyone can watch for free.

4. Toonjet  

Toonjet is an awesome site to watch cartoons online. On Toonjet, you can watch classic series like Popeye, Tom and Jerry, Betty Boop, Looney Tunes, and many more for free.

You can also watch contemporary cartoon series like Pokemon and Samurai jack on this website. The site lets you comment on any of the episodes and rate the cartoons.

5. KissCartoon 

This site was amazingly designed for you to watch your favorite cartoons hassle-free. KissCartoon has an impressive user interface and it is very easy to navigate.

Here, you can filter cartoons by genre, movies, series, ongoing, or with advanced filtering options. The site includes a cartoon list as well as an anime list. So, visit the site and find your favorite cartoon/anime series and start watching for free.

6. Cartoonito

Cartoonito is the best website for kids to watch cartoons online. This website provides fun, entertaining, and light educational videos suitable for pre-school children.

Choose any educational cartoon show by clicking on it and click on any episode you like to play. On this site, you’ll find lots of additional types of entertainment like games, songs, activities your child will like.

7. Anime Flavor  

This is one of the best sites to watch anime online without paying. All the cartoons on this website are structured on the main page in alphabetical order. All you need to do is to tap on the name of the anime you want to watch.

On top of the site, you’ll find the most popular episodes and if you’re interested in any of them, just tap on its cover to watch it. You can also search for your favorite anime series and shows using the search bar.

8. WatchCartoonsOnline  

Watch Cartoons Online is a top website for watching anime for free without problems. The website is well structured and has a clear menu.

The site has a great list of cartoon shows and some of the most popular are Atomic Betty, Shark tale, Super Friends, The Super Hero Squad Show, and many more.

A drawback about this site is that there are lots of pop-ads which can be irritating.

9. Disney Junior  

watch cartoons online

Disney Junior has been in the cartoon industry for a very long time. On the Disney Junior website, you’ll find a variety of cartoons that you can watch for free.

Search for cartoons in alphabetical order and find the show you love the most. The site has some of the famous cartoons like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Sophia the First, etc, available for free in HD quality.

The website is blocked in some countries and if that’s the case, you can use a VPN to watch your favorite cartoon series online.

10. Nick  

This is an excellent site for kids to enjoy cartoons online in HD for free. It has a straightforward user interface that is designed with vivid and striking colors to attract kid’s attention.

Nick’s collection of cartoons is limited to only Nickelodeon cartoons like Spongebob, Avatar, Jimmy Neutron, etc.  The site also lets you listen to the radio or play different online games.

You can search for your favourite nickelodeon cartoon and watch new videos and TV shows on the site.

11. Go Go Anime  

Another remarkable site for watching anime for free is Go Go Anime. On this site, you’ll find anime series both new and updated ones. All the anime series on this site are dubbed in English.

You can use the search bar to search for your favourite cartoon.

12. SuperCartoons

SuperCartoons is a great site to watch more than a thousand classic cartoons, all for free. You can watch old animated Disney, Looney Tunes, and many other cartoons on this site.

The site has a very clear menu where you can cartoons by characters, studio, and series.

13. KIM Cartoon 

KIM Cartoon is another excellent website to watch cartoons online for free. Although it is a new site, it has gained lots of traction in the world of cartoons.

On the site, you can find the latest updates, as well as the latest cartoon shows and movies.

14. Cartoon Network

This is one of the most favourite websites for kids to watch cartoons online. Cartoon Network has over 30 thousand films and cartoon videos which children and adults can enjoy.

One great feature of this site is that users can filter out videos by the character of their liking. There are numerous cartoons on this site, so find the one suitable for you and start watching.  

15. Fox 

watch cartoons online

Fox is a fantastic entertainment website where you can watch your favorite cartoons online in HD without paying a dime. You will undoubtedly enjoy surfing this site as you can easily find the latest cartoons without difficulty.

The site hosts some of the popular cartoon TV shows like Family Guy, Bob’s Burgers, The Simpsons, and many more.


Kids, teenagers, and even adults love cartoons that’s why we compiled this list of the best websites to watch cartoons online for free.

What are you waiting for, visit any of the websites mentioned above and search, find, and watch your favorite cartoons for free.

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