Ways to Earn Money in Dubai

Do you need some Extra Cash while schooling or working in Dubai? If Yes, below are 30 ways to earn money in Dubai.

Whether you are a teenager or an adult, we believe that everyone would definitely need some extra cash while engaging in other Full-time jobs or occupations.

In this post, we’ll be listing different ways you can earn money in Dubai, as well as the skills and talents required in Dubai for survival.

If your skills are properly utilized, then earning some extra cash in Dubai won’t be an issue.

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Top Best Ways to Earn Money In Dubai

There are certainly diverse ways of making money in a foreign land. In this part of this post, We’ll succinctly list those ways to earn  money in Dubai,


Become a Translator.

This is the first on our list of ways to earn money in Dubai.

If you can speak more than one or two Languages, you can become a translator in Dubai.

If you can speak English and Arabic fluently,  companies are willing to hire and pay you just for you to be a translator.

Besides speaking English, you consequently can handle Arabic too, then consider yourself a piece of hot cake.

Become someone’s interpreter now, I mean right now! and save a life and consequently save yourself because you are walking cash.

Reach out to some people in need of your skill and earn some cool money because you are in Dubai.

Band, Music, Performance, Stage, Concert

Teach (Language)

The second way to make money is to teach.

When am talking about teaching one a Language you are good at, Knowing Arabic as well as English is a huge advantage, am not asking you to become a professor.

some clients would not just end up in need of an interpreter, but might see reasons to migrate to a fluent speaker, and there you go, Bingo!

Become a Tutor, you earn some cool menial money from tutoring one on a Language you are very good at, come on it’s not gonna be a full-time offer.

meanwhile, you are already on your main job/work, who knows…


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Become a Musician


You know very well that you are good at music, or you believe that YOU CAN! then you’ve got to give it a shot. You are great when you are on the track?

Do something this is Dubai, you can sing in a club, or you can probably play your strings and sing too, after a hard day at work, well the majority of us do go to clubs to calm down and freshen up,  a place like Dubai need you, they need your talent.

This is one of the fastest ways to earn money in Dubai


Here in Dubai, there are thousands of people in the Global Village of Dubai who are lost in the fun-filled and exciting trip, take a photograph of a person and show it to her.

O.M.G! you are really gonna sell, because she’s gonna want to keep the photograph of herself, and she is willing to pay for it.

Take a beautiful photo of the kids and show it to her mom or Dad, they’ll love it and they’ll definitely want to keep it.

Just for taking photos, you are earning.

Photographer, Tourist, Snapshot


Sell your Photos.

Selling your photos is another way to make money in Dubai. Just for taking photos, you are earning.

Don’t you think you can take awesome photographs of yourself and sell them? Photos of you in the Amusement park of Wild Wadi, or the Burj Khalifa Tower

of Dubai and sell them on sites like iStock or Fotolia.



Yeah, you can rent out (accommodate) some tourists that are visiting Dubai.  He was kind of Broke, so I had to… Says David.

He rented out his apartment to some folks, and earn himself some money,  perhaps they might not have had enough cash for a hotel, and David who lives alone decided to help them for just a few days.

Giving out your apartment now give you the opportunity of being their tour guide, you translate for them,  and you still get paid

Baby Sitting.

I could still remember when I babysit just for fun and reason being that I just liked the baby.

The child’s parents showed up and were excited about the way the child enjoyed my company. They told me her name and left me with Dhs 20 and a  heartily THANK YOU!

To my greatest surprise. I said wow, so I could really babysit? and I was actually babysitting without knowing, and I even got paid.

I’ve really got to start doing this. but as a lady, you could do more than I did and set your own fee (charge rate)


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Rent Your Car.

I am not just asking you to rent your car, but am telling you that you could do more than that.

I get to ask Mr. David did you rent out your car too just like you rented your apartment? and he said “NO”. He gave it out to a friend who made good use of it to my satisfaction and liking.

Festivity or no Festivity you could still be someone’s driver, the Tourist is here, make use of your car as a cab, take them to where ever it seems takeable and charge them for the service rendered.

Rent out your Car and equally rent out yourself a driver.


Gosh! This idea is amazing. You will be surprised at how much you will make.

If you already own a YouTube Channel, then you definitely are gonna earn a few bucks.

Because with an awesome place like the Burj Khalifa where Ethan Hunt (Mission Impossible) climbed to the highest peak, For those who had not been here, in the UAE.

Watching stuff like this is gonna be fun and awesome. Upload a video or shots of the Palm Jumeirah taken by your DJI Phantom 4 and so some cool stuff like that, you’ll definitely rank high on your channel.

Student, Typing, Keyboard, Text, Startup

Earn with the Mobile app (Task Spotting)


In the USA, we have the SWAG BUCK and other survey apps and here in Dubai, we have Task Spotting.

Task Spotting is a mobile app that can earn you some money in your spare time, the mobile app (Task Spotting) is a Dubai-based mobile app that pays users for their feedback and mission accomplished try some new stuff of different brands and products.

Get the app on the Google play store and start spotting.

After-School Lessons.

Do you think that you have the Tendency to take a kid on a lesson? or on a particular course? then talk to the parent and lucky you if you could talk them in.

So there are people who want to learn a few more languages, and I believe you can help them out.

Since English is not a default Language in the UAE. Teach the Kids and tomorrow they’ll become teachers too.

Sell Cakes

Cupcakes, Muffins, Dessert, Food, Cake


Don’t worry, You’ve got the baking skill, It’s time to harness it!

Bake some cupcakes and go along with them to your place of interest, you will always sell. Kids love it, Mom does, even some dads too, Cake goes a long way.

In Jumeirah Beach, you’ll make a lot of money selling cakes because everybody wants to have a test of your cake, and not just the Jumeirah beach alone.

How about the famous Dubai Museum? outside will be nice.


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Online Tuitions

Of course, you can make money by becoming an online tutor, a lot of folks will spare a lot of money just to learn.

If you got any skills like dance, music, as well as arts, you could as well teach them online.

There are various portals that offer the opportunity for you to showcase your skill online for a fee. They include:




Wow! Here’s another cool idea.

By creating a profile on any of the following, Toptal, Guru, Upwork, and Fiverr, you can earn a lot of money from your tech skill.

Probably content writing, web developing, and even designing.

Woman, Yoga, Stretching, Meditation

Fitness Instructor


You know what? Everyone wants to be in shape and live healthily.  If you are a fitness instructor or you love workouts, You can start this as side work while doing other things.

You will earn a lot of money if you can take this workout training online as well. This is one of the best ways to make money in Dubai.

Arts and Crafts


Are you interested in arts and crafts or you are actually good in that field? Mans, you can use it to make extra cash during your stay in Dubai.

Don’t stay idle when you’ve got something.

Art, Craft, Design, Paper, Hobby, Color



You would probably not believe this. Do you know you can certainly make money from writing while in Dubai?

Ask me how?  Publishing your ebooks online in one of the top-rated money-making book apps like Amazon, Blurb, Kindle, Lulu, and tradebit, etc.

Get started today!



Cry no more! Make money by running Google ads on people’s websites for a fee. This can be done by signing them up on Google Adsense.

You will be paid according to clicks alternated from your website.

Adding podcasts on your website will go a long way because advertisers are down to pay you for putting up their podcasts on your website.

Online Surveys


Another quick way of making money in Dubai is by doing online surveys. Oh yes! that’s what you read.

Man, Smartphone, Mobile, Technology

There are credible websites you can actually bring this idea to light with, Try out Triaba, Swagbucks, TgmPanel,

Email Marketer


Oh My! I never thought of this.

There are numerous truthful companies and NGOs that you can work for in the comfort of your home.

They want to get to a wide pool of people and if you offer your services, You’ll be paid.

Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate Marketing is another way of earning money in Dubai.

With a good social media presence, You can earn a lot of money from affiliate marketing.

Think about it and who knows, your money will start coming in.

Virtual Assistant

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Another way to earn money without having to stress much in Dubai is being a virtual assistant.

The work of a virtual assistant is almost like a regular assistant, only that you work online.

You’ll have to set up daily tasks, manage appointments, and a lot of others.


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Be a tourist guide

That’s what it is. You can become a lawful tourist guide in Dubai and earn a few bucks. Dubai is a scenic place. So, you can help tourists explore amazing places.

This idea can earn you make money you didn’t see coming.

Mountaineering, Man, Trail, Path

Travel Agent

Gosh, Who loves traveling?! If you do, then this is the best job for you in Dubai.

You can be an online travel agent and collaborate with hotels, transport providers, and tourist managers to plan people’s trips.

This is one of the best ways to make money in Dubai.

Sell old stuff online


You can sell books online from Amazon’s used books.

This could become a business that makes you money in no time. Buy used books from students at the close of the year and sell them online during the beginning of the program year.


Being a consultant in Dubai in any field you’re an expert in will fetch you tons of money. You could render this service at a charged rate.

Try this out and thank me later!

Girl, Father, Portrait, Family

Be a helper

YOu can earn some light change by giving a helping hand to people around you who need your help to get some task done.

Definitely, You’ll be paid.


Pet Sitting/Grooming


This is the fastest and easiest way to make money in Dubai. This could me a side business while you are schooling or working.

If you love animals then you’re good to go.

Pet owners will be ever reading to pay a few bucks while you watch their pets.



Dubai folks shut down parties and clubs with a pool of good music, drinks, and dishes.

you could seize this opportunity to make money if you are good at Djing. You can steal the show with your Djing skills.


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Turn your crafts to cash

Don’t stay idle and think you can make money.

Put your creative talent and skills to work. Can you paint, or make baskets, or anything creative, make them and upload them online.

You can as well sell your creative works at an exhibition with permission from the right officials.

Portray your cooking skills

Street Food, Food Truck, People

Let your delicious delicacies earn you some money.

You could start by making dishes and selling them around every weekend either online or opening a stall.

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Now you know, more than two (2) ways to earn money in Dubai. What are you waiting for? choose the one suitable for you and start earning.

Just go ahead and make use of the detailed info on ways to earn money in Dubai.

Or do you think that there’s something missing out? something we’ve not listed here.

It will be nice to hear from you in the comment section below. Don’t you think sharing this with some fellow who is also in need of Ways of earning some money in Dubai will be helpful?

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