where to buy a dog

Want to know where to buy a dog? If your answer is affirmative, then you’re in the right place.

I am certain that what brought you here was the fact that you want to know about the best sites to buy dogs online as well as, the best places to buy dogs in your country.

Here, we’ve listed the best places to buy dogs in 4 different countries and the best dog sale sites to get a dog of your choice.

Where to buy a dog online in Nigeria

where to buy a dog

Below is a list of the best online sites in Nigeria to buy dogs. Some of the sites don’t really describe exactly what they are selling and in a case like this, ensure you contact the seller and ask him/her questions based on what you want.

Before buying a dog from any of the sites below, do your research about the exact breed you need and the exact cost.  

Without much ado, the list below:

1. Buy A Dog  Nigeria

Buy A Dog Nigeria is the leading online dog shop in Nigeria. This reputable online shop sells purely bred puppies and pedigree dogs, original pet accessories, dog food, and other canine supplies.

All their dogs come with every necessary and needed documentation and ISO microchips.

2. Kennel Pride

Kennel Pride Nigeria is also a leading dog sale site in Nigeria that caters and sells dogs. They offer 24/7 services for dogs including access to veterinary and Auxiliary services.

The auxiliary services offered by Kennel Pride include Vacation dog sitting, dog walking, dog grooming, dog waste cleanup, dog sales, dog training, dog accessory sales, etc.

3. Nairaland 

Most people don’t know that they can actually buy dogs from Nairaland. To buy a dog from Nairaland, you just need to visit the forum, look around the menu –where there’re lots of sections, then search for “pet”, click on it, and you’ll see pets like dogs and cats from different breeders and sellers.

Look out for posts that suit what you are looking for. There are actually lots of different breed dogs for sale on there and if you see any that suit your taste, click on it and look out for the poster’s contact details.

In case you didn’t find any that suit your taste, you can make a post telling people exactly what type of dog you need.

Make sure you drop your contact details so that if anyone sees your post and have what you need will give you a call.

Note: You must be a member before you can post on Nairaland.

4. Facebook

Yes! Facebook, you heard me right.

Although there can be various scammers, and fraudsters on Facebook, there’re actually some Transparent Facebook groups where you can find different breeds of dogs.

Just go to Facebook and search for “dog groups in Nigeria” join some groups and then look out for legit people selling dogs.

Be careful when carrying out any transaction on these groups. In fact, you can involve the admin of these groups letting them know that you’re about transacting with a certain member of the group.

You can also create posts asking people if they know or have done business with that particular individual before.

5. Fairvet  

Fairvet is an animal clinic based in Abuja, Nigeria. Although they can’t be compared to the other sites listed here, they occasionally post pictures of dogs for sale.

Hopefully, you might find the breed you are looking for in one of their listings.

Note: Dogs listed here are mostly non-pedigree dogs.

Where to buy a dog in Ireland

Where to buy a dog


1. Dog.ie 

Dog.i.e is an online marketplace for buying and selling pets, as well as a great place to find studs for breeding. Its sister sites include dogs.ie, puppies.ie, and kitten.ie.

This site lets you contact Irish dog breeders in order for you to get a cute puppy or dog of your choice. All of their sellers have been verified by phone thus making it a safe place to buy a dog online. 

2. Dogs.ie  

Buy a puppy or dog on this online dog shop. They have different breeds of dogs including Golden retriever, German shepherds, Belgian malinois, Bichon, Cockapoo, Chocolate Labrador, Jack Russell, Golden Labrador, and many more.

3. Gumtree.ie  

Gumtree Ireland is a free classified site with a pet classified category. It is a very popular site with lots of visitors that are interested to sell and buy dogs online.

It is a local classified site that means you can easily find dogs for sale ads in your local areas. You just need to select your location and it automatically comes with dogs for sale ads.

4. Petbond.ie  

This site has great loving pet dogs for sale by ethical and trusted approved dog breeders in Ireland. Visit the site today to find a new best friend.

5. Pedigreedogs.ie  

This is a reputable site to buy puppies and dogs in Ireland. Buy Pedigree dogs and puppies from this site. This is a website dedicated to responsible dog breeders.


Where to buy a dog

6. Petworld     

Petworld is a leading pet specialty retailer in Ireland. This store provides the products, services, and advice that make it easy for customers to be great pet parents.

There are about nine Petworld store in the country. Find a Petworld store near you.

7. PetStop 

This is a chain of pet shops that sells pet foods, pet supplies and many other pet accessories. 

There are eight large pet superstores in convenient locations throughout Ireland. Find a PetStop store near you

8. Shauna’s Pet Shop  

Shauna’s Pet Shop is an independent Irish-owned pet shop owned and operated by passionate animal lovers.

This store offers animals bred by fully vetted ethical Irish breeders. They also sell pet food and pet accessories.

  • Address: Ground Floor & Basement, 5 Capel St. Dublin 1,  D01 TH76  
  • Tel: 015327660
  • Email: shaunaspetshop@hotmail.com

9. Maxi Zoo 

Maxi Zoo is the largest pet retailer in Ireland and it’s also a part of the Fressnapf Group with over 1,650 stores across Europe.

Buy a dog from this store as well as other pets like cats, birds, rabbits, etc.

Where to buy a dog online in Canada

Where to buy a dog in Canada

1. Getapuppy.ca   

 This is a classified site in Canada where you can buy a puppy or dog. Just enter your location and find a dog breed of your choice.

2. Petpost.ca

Petpost.ca is one of the largest local pet classified and pet directory in Canada. The pets listed on this site are from local humane societies, shelters, owners, and registered breeders across Canada.

Here, you can either buy or adopt a dog. 

3. Canadapups.com  

CanadaPubs.com is Canada’s online marketplace dedicated only to dogs. You can freely browse the site to find dogs and puppies for sale or adoption, new and used dog items and professional dog services.

4. Kijiji  

Kijiji is the largest classified site in Canada with millions of live ads in different categories. This platform helps Canadians to buy items in their community including puppies and dogs.

Just search “dogs and puppies” put your location and you’ll see different ads of dogs for sale.  

5. Canada Oodle Marketplace

Oodle Marketplace is a classified online site where people come to buy, sell, and trade. You’ll surely find dogs for sale ads on this platform.

Where to buy a dog online in USA

Where to buy a dog

1. Infinity Pups  

Infinity pups is one of the best places to adopt puppies in the U.S. They have puppies from trusted breeders.

2. Find A Pet 

This is a site where you can find and buy cute puppies.

3. Puppy Heaven

Puppy Heaven helps you find adorable teacup and toy puppies (very small and cute dogs). They have different types of breeds and help you get the best teacup puppy.

Their puppies are fully registered and checked by vets which means that they are healthy and normal puppies that will put a smile on your face.

All you have to do in this platform is to tell them the type of breed of dog and the gender you want and they will help you find the perfect match.

If you don’t want to shop online, you can still visit them at their locations at Los Angeles (30317 Canwood St, Suite 39, Agoura Hills, CA 91301) and Las Vegas (4525 W Spring Mountain Rd Suite 109 Las Vegas, NV 89102).  

4. ASPCA Adoption Center

This is a place you can find dogs to adopt in Los Angeles and New York.

5. Adopt-A-Pet, Inc   

This is the largest non-profit pet adoption website in North America. The mission of this platform is to help get homeless pets out of the shelters and into loving homes.

Find and adopt the perfect dog from this site.

6. Animal League America  

Animal League America is one of the world’s largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization.

There are so many dogs waiting for you to take them home, find one via this platform, and give the pet a home.


I’m sure by now you know where to buy a dog in Nigeria, Ireland, Canada, and the United States. Visit any of the sites listed above to either buy or adopt a dog.

You can also go to Facebook and look for dog groups in your area where you can find different breeders as well as shops that sell dogs.

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