Where to Buy Amazon Gift Cards

Have you been searching for the best answers to the question “where to buy Amazon gift cards,” no worries, you’re in the perfect place as this post will be highlighting 15 Top physical & online stores to buy Amazon gift cards.

Shopping on Amazon is full of unlimited possibilities, and with the fact that the e-commerce site offers free, two day-shipping for Prime members, an Amazon gift card will be a really cool thing to have.

If you’re thinking of getting one, know that the best ways to shop Amazon gift cards are online, especially since you can either mail it, print it, or give it as an e-card.

You can choose from preset amounts of $15, $20, $25, $50, and $100, or input the dollar amount you want, even as low as $5 if you are using the print at home option.

Amazon also offers cute ways to package the cards, like in a holiday-themed tin.

Apart from buying Amazon gift cards online, you can also buy Amazon gift cards in physical stores.

This post will be highlighting both methods of buying Amazon gift card

Where to Buy Amazon Gift Cards Online

Do you want to avoid the troubles of going outside the comfort of your home? If you do, here’s the post section for you as this section will be highlighting the top online stores to buy Amazon gift cards

Here they are;

1. Amazon

Amazon Logo

 Amazon Gift Cards

Amazon.com is the major online store that sells Amazon gift cards. Amazon.com Gift Cards don’t expire and carry no fees.

You also have a variety of gift card designs and amounts to choose from.

You can only use your Amazon.com Gift Card to pay for eligible products and services on Amazon.com and some related sites as enlisted in the Amazon.com Gift Card Terms and Conditions.

To buy a gift card for use on an Amazon website in another country, kindly visit the country’s online stores: Amazon.ca, Amazon.cn, Amazon.fr, Amazon.de, Amazon.in, Amazon.it, Amazon.co.jp, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.es, or Amazon.com.au.

Amazon.com is probably the best answer to the question “where to buy Amazon gift cards” as it is the most trusted and most used.

Another perk of buying Amazon gift cards at amazon.com is that you can get the gift card from the comfort of your home.

2. MyGiftCardDelivery.com

Where to Buy Amazon Gift Cards

They started the online store in 2012 to help reduce the stress people go through to have instant access to gift cards and avoid the risk of buying gift cards from people without a name or phone number on sites like eBay.

MyGiftCardDelivery.com take customer service and satisfaction very seriously.

They are frequently working to make their website better, make browsing easier, make the checkout process faster, and deliver your gift cards very quickly so you can get access to the entertainment and services you want when you want it.

3. Dundle.com

Where to Buy Amazon Gift Cards-Dundle.com

Dundle.com offers instant delivery. You will get the gift card code directly by email so that you can immediately make use of the credit.

On Dundle.com you can complete the checkout process safely and fast with a choice of over 60 payment methods.

Their payment options include PayPal, Payvision Creditcard, Apple pay, Bitcoin, Ideal, Skrill, Neosurf, etc.

They offer digital gift cards and vouchers for entertainment services and online stores to shop online directly or top up your account balance.

Some of the digital gift cards dundle.com sells are Amazon Gift Card, iTunes Gift Card, Google Play Card, ENEBA Gift Card, Spotify Gift Card, and eBay Gift Card

4. CardDelivery.com

Where to Buy Amazon Gift Cards-CardDelivery.com

At CardDeliverys they believe in having the quickest and absolute best service in the online Gift Cards industry!

They have been around since 2014 and have always tried their best to go above and beyond in serving their lovely customers and making sure they can get their gift cards as soon as possible.

To meet their goals, they developed a state-of-the-art system with their excellent staff to ensure they can deliver their gift cards as soon as possible via email to their customers.

Their target goal is to send orders in 5 to 15 minutes or less to make sure gift cards are always accessible to their customers.

5. GameCardDelivery.com

Where to Buy Amazon Gift Cards-GameCardDelivery.com

GameCardDelivery is the premier online retailer for online Gaming cards delivered by E-mail.

But that’s not all they have to offer, they also sell gift cards like Amazon gift cards.

The online card delivery store guarantee they have the fastest delivery system across the web.

They use cutting-edge technologies so that you can quickly and easily get your Xbox Cards, PlayStation Network Cards, Amazon gift cards, and Nintendo Card.

6. OffGamers.com

Where to Buy Amazon Gift Cards-OffGamers.com

OffGamers is a well-known global brand with more than 10 years under their belt as the prominent online game store and distribution site for gamers, game developers, and publishers.

They also sell gift cards like Amazon gift cards and other well-known gift cards.

Their main vision is to always expand their payment methods and distribution channels in both traditional and online methods to increase benefit their partners and customers.

7. Egifter.com

Where to buy amazon gift cards-eGifter Logo

eGifter joined the digital gifting space with a mission of disruption.

The eGifter founders noticed that the industry seemed slow to conform to mobile and social trends.

To their surprise, they also saw an industry that seemed like it was without a nimble and creative company that also had a verily enterprise-grade offering.

Since its inception, eGifter has been a trailblazer with a regular stream of creativity and innovation.

Physical Stores That Sell Amazon Gift Cards

If you’re the kind that likes picking up items in physical stores, this section is just for you. There are quite a number of stores that sell Amazon gift cards.

Some of the stores that sell amazon gift cards are featured below. For a full list of participating stores, click here:

1. 7-Eleven

Where to buy amazon gift cards-7-Eleven Store
Source: gettyimages.com

7-Eleven is an American global chain of convenience stores, headquartered in Dallas, Texas.

The global chain was established in 1927 as an ice house storefront in Dallas.

7-Eleven operates, franchises, and licenses about 71,100 stores in 17 countries as of July 2020.

Some of the products 7-Eleven sells incudes Slurpee beverage, Big Gulp beverage cup, coffee, candy, prepared foods, gasoline, dairy, snacks, and various assortment of beverages.

Along with these products, they also sell amazon gift cards which can be picked up at any of their stores

2. Best Buy

Where to Buy Amazon Gift Cards-Best Buy Store
Source: BestBuy.com

Best Buy is an American global consumer electronics retailer headquartered in Richfield, Minnesota.

They operate internationally in Mexico and Canada, and formerly operated in China until February 2011. Best Buy company also operated in Europe until 2012.

Best Buy handles the Best Buy Mobile and Insignia brands in North America, plus Five Star in China.

They sell cellular phones which include Verizon Wireless, AT&T Mobility, and Sprint Corporation in the United States.

In Canada, the carriers include Bell Mobility, Telus Mobility, Rogers Wireless, their fighter brands, and other competing carriers, such as SaskTel.

Along with all these electronics, Best Buy also sells gift cards like Amazon gift cards.

3. CVS Pharmacy

Where to Buy Amazon Gift Cards
Source: FireHealthcare.com

CVS Pharmacy is an American retail corporation that is owned by CVS Health. It is headquartered in Woonsocket, Rhode Island.

CVS sells prescription drugs and various general merchandise, including over-the-counter drugs, beauty products, and cosmetics, seasonal merchandise, greeting cards, gift cards (Amazon gift Cards included), film and photo finishing services, and convenience foods through their CVS Pharmacy

4. Kroger

Where to Buy Amazon Gift Cards
Source: Eatthis.com

Kroger is an American retail company established by Bernard Kroger in 1883 in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States.

As of 23 May 2020, they operate, either directly or through its subsidiaries, about 2,750 supermarkets and multi-department stores.

The organization maintains markets in 35 US states and the District of Columbia, with hypermarkets, supermarkets, department stores, superstores, and 170 jewelry stores.

These stores don’t only sell products, jewelry, and essentials, they also sell gift cards like the famous Amazon gift cards.

5. Lowes

Where to Buy Amazon Gift Cards-Lowe's Store
Source: USAtoday.com

Lowe’s is an American retail company that specializes in home improvement.

The retail company is headquartered in Mooresville, North Carolina, and operates a chain of retail stores in the US, and Canada.

Lowe’s is the second-biggest hardware chain in the US behind rival The Home Depot and ahead of Menards.

It is also the second-biggest hardware chain in the world, also behind The Home Depot but ahead of European retailers Leroy Merlin, B&Q, and OBI.

Being one of the biggest Stores in the world, they offer a variety of products and gift cards like Amazon gift cards and other popular gift cards.

6. Office Depot

Where to Buy Amazon Gift Cards-office depot store
Source: Bloomberg.com

The Office Depot is an American office supply retailing company headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida.

The retailing company has combined annual sales of about $11 billion and hires about 38,000 partners with businesses in the US.

They operate 1,400 retail stores, e-commerce sites, and a business-to-business sales organization.

In their retail stores and e-commerce sites, they offer majorly office supplies, technology, furniture, copy & print, gift cards, and shipping services.

7. Rite Aid

Where to Buy Amazon Gift Cards
Source: Riteaid.com

Rite Aid Corporation is a drugstore chain in the US-headquartered in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, near Harrisburg.

Rite Aid is the biggest drugstore chain on the East Coast and the 3rd largest in the U.S.

The company is ranked No. 94 in the 2018 Fortune 500 list of the biggest US corporations by total revenue.

Though the company majorly sells drugs, they also sell groceries, food, personal care products, and gift cards like Amazon gift cards.

8. Staples

Where to Buy amazon gift cards-Staples Superstore
Source: BusinessInsider.com

Staples is an American office retail company that opened its first store in Brighton, Massachusetts on May 1, 1986.

They are primarily involved in the sale of office supplies and other related products, via retail channels and business-to-business (B2B) oriented delivery operations.

The retail company sells office supplies, business machines, tech services.

Staples also offer a copy and print center for photocopies, digital printing, lamination, faxing, custom business cards, folding, custom rubber stamps, promotional products, gift cards, binding, cutting, and engraved products.


With these stores where you can buy Amazon gift cards, we trust that you now have all the answers to your question “where to buy Amazon gift cards.”

You can now buy Amazon gift cards for yourself and others to shop in the Amazon stores and other approved stores that accept Amazon gift cards.

And if there’s any other popular store to buy Amazon gift cards, kindly drop them in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Amazon gift card work?

The person getting the Amazon.com gift card can redeem the gift on Amazon.com.

The balance of the card will automatically reflect on his/her account and he/she can use it to pay for any future items purchased on Amazon.

Can you buy Amazon gift cards at Target?

No. You cannot buy an Amazon gift card at Target as it sells most products that Amazon sells.
Though Target retail is much larger than the Amazon retail currently, Amazon is a much bigger online shopping platform.

Does Costco sell Amazon gift cards?

Costco doesn’t sell Amazon gift cards online or in stores.
But they sell gift cards and tickets to other regional restaurants, hotels, stores, theme parks, and events.

How can I get Amazon gift cards for free?

There are quite a number of ways you can get Amazon gift cards for free.
Though it might take time for you to accumulate a very valuable one, you can easily get the $5 and $10 Amazon gift cards within a short time.
Here are some things you can do:
– Play games
– Take surveys
– Buy groceries
– Share your recommendations
– Trade stuff in
– Pick up some extra work
– Search with Bing
– Use a credit card

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