where to buy distilled water

Here, you’ll get to know where to buy distilled water and all that you need to know about distilled water.

When dining out, you’ve probably been asked to make a choice between tap water, bottled water, and sparkling water. But what about distilled water?

Distilled water is not that different from tap water but goes through a process that sets it apart from other types of water.

What is Distilled Water?

Distilled water is water that’s been boiled to become steam then, cooled to become water again. The distillation removes all contaminants and improves the taste and smell of the water. 

With distilled water, you are sure that there’re no contaminants or additives in the water you drink.     

Tap Water vs. Distilled Water vs. Filtered Water vs. Purified Water

Tap Water just as the name says is water that comes out of a faucet. Tap water has likely been disinfected with chlorine, filtered to remove sediments, and treated with chemicals to neutralize dirt. Fluoride is also added to prevent tooth decay. 

Filtered water is tap water that’s been run through filters to get rid of chlorine and other things like bacteria and some chemicals.  

Purified Water is water that is totally free of chemicals and microbes. Purified water can be achieved by reverse osmosis (forcing the water through a membrane to remove chemicals, minerals, and microbes(, ozonization (disinfecting the water using ozone rather than a chemical), or distillation. 

Distilled Water is a type of purified water that is achieved by removing salts, minerals, and other organic materials by collecting the steam from boiling water.

where to buy distilled water
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Is Distilled Water safe to drink?

Distilled water is safe to drink but you will probably find it bland because it lacks important minerals like sodium, calcium, and magnesium that give tap water its familiar flavor. What is left is just hydrogen and oxygen.

Distilled water is safe for drinking as it is free of contamination which can spread disease and expose you to pollutants.

However, when distilled water is the only kind of water you drink, potential health consequences may arise.

These health problems occur because of the lack of minerals and potential changes to your body’s balance of electrolytes, fluid, minerals, and pH.

Additionally, those who have cancer, infants, small children, athletes, and those who are fasting should avoid drinking distilled water to prevent electrolyte imbalances, especially if these are not being adequately replaced with food or other drink sources.

Finally, drinking distilled water won’t be a problem when combined with other water sources.

What are the disadvantages of drinking distilled water?

The main disadvantage of drinking only distilled water is that distilled water lack dissolved minerals like calcium and magnesium.

Some of the adverse effects of drinking only distilled water include:

  • Distilled water has a bland taste which many people find unappealing and can lead to reduced water consumption.
  • It cause a decreased in the body’s metabolic function
  • It causes an increase in urine output that could result in electrolyte imbalance

What are the potential advantages of drinking distilled water?

Distilled water do have potential benefits and some of them are:

  • It can cleanse the body: When drinking distilled water, you are consuming water with no other additives. As distilled water is pure, some people believe it can cleanse the body though data on this is limited.
  • Drinking distilled water can reduce the risk of disease: Distillation gets rid of waterborne pathogens. Most waterborne disease-causing bacteria don’t survive distillation. ‘
  • Drinking distilled water reduces the risk of consuming harmful chemicals:  The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) does allow for low levels of specific harmful chemicals in drinking water. In distilled water, none of these chemicals were found.
where to buy distilled water
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Uses of Distilled Water

Common uses of distilled water include:

1. Distilled water is used to clean medical tools and equipment – Hospitals clean their medical equipment with distilled water to help avoid contamination and infections.

2. Distilled water is used in cosmetic products – Distilled water is used in cosmetic products like deodorant, moisturizer, shampoo, etc.

 3. Distilled water is used on Automobiles – Since distilled water lacks minerals, it won’t corrode metal engine parts or interfere with batteries.

4. Distilled water can also be used at home for cooking or other reasons like:

  • Neti pot:  use distilled water with a neti pot to clear your sinuses
  • Infant formula: You can mix distilled water with infant formula if your baby has weak immunity.
  • Shampoo your hair: Chlorine, fluoride, and other additives in the water from your faucet may dull your hair.
  • Iron: You can use distilled water to iron your clothes to prevent scale buildup.

Now that you know what distilled water is and what it is used for, you will want to know where to buy distilled water and how much it costs.

Where To Buy Distilled Water

Here are some places you can buy distilled water:

1. Grocery Stores

Most grocery stores do sell distilled water though it’s expensive. Distilled water in grocery stores ranges from $2 per gallon from the cheapest brands to about $9 per gallon for premium brands.

Even at the cheapest price, that is a lot of cash to give out weekly for water.

2. Supermarkets

Bottled distilled water can be found in supermarkets. You can visit a supermarket near you to check if they have distilled water for drinking.

3. Pharmacies

Some pharmacies also sell distilled water. Since distilled water is used to clean medical tools and equipment, you are sure to find it at a pharmacy close to you.  

4. Home Delivery

You can as well use the home delivery service of distilled water but it is also expensive.

The cheapest monthly price for home delivery of distilled water is about $25 per month for about 15 gallons which is around $1.66 per gallon.

where to buy distilled water
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Where to buy distilled water online in Australia

Here are the top online sites to buy distilled water in Australia:

1. eBay  

If you are having difficulties locating a product in regular retailers, you can be assured that eBay has it.

As one of the top online marketplaces, eBay offers products from both local and international sellers. You are sure to find a range of distilled water brands on this site.

2. Amazon Australia  

Amazon is also a site you can visit to find items you can’t find elsewhere. This online giant makes it easy to shop across sellers to find what you are looking at the best possible prices.

Here, you are sure to find various distilled water brands.

3. Autobarn 

Autobarn sells whatever your automotive needs. Autobarn is passionate about everything automotive this means that you can be assured to find distilled water here distilled water is very friendly with car batteries, radiator, and engine.

4. Coles

Coles is one of the biggest supermarkets in Australia that prides itself on stocking everything your home needs, including distilled water.

5. Big W 

Big W is a discount department store you can rely on everything you need including distilled water at wallet-friendly prices.

6. Team Medical Supplies 

Team Medical Supplies is the leading online hospital and healthcare equipment supplier in Australia that has served the medical industry for years.

This site stocks large bottles of distilled water at affordable prices.

Where to buy Distilled Water online in Canada

where to buy distilled water
image source – walmart.ca

1. Walmart Canada   

Walmart is well known to carry the latest products like fashion, homewares, healthcare products, etc. You can shop online for a wide selection of products as well as distilled water and other popular grocery items.

2. Loblaws  

Loblaws is a Canadian supermarket chain with stores located in the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Quebec, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Ontario.

Loblaws is a subsidiary of Loblaw Companies Limited, the largest food distribution company in Canada.

Shop for groceries including distilled water from various brands.

3. Real Canadian Superstore   

The Real Canadian Superstore is a great place to shop for groceries, and home essentials.

This store also sells distilled water which you can shop online or pick up at the store.

4. LifeSupply.ca

LifeSupply.ca specializes in supplying Canadians with a wide selection and lowest prices on home health and wellness supplies and equipment.

They supply products like hernia support products, continence products, ostomy products, beauty and skincare products, medical syringes & needles, wound care products, and a whole lot of others.

5. No Frills     

Buy distilled water online at No Frills at wallet-friendly prices. This site has distilled water from different brands.

6. Puretap Water Distillers  

Puretap Water Distillers is one of the biggest water manufacturers of both spring and distilled water.

Puretap has been serving Canada for over 30 years and has become one of the largest companies bottling both spring and distilled water in Canada.

7. Wholesale Club  

Wholesale Club has a huge selection of grocery products generally offered in bulk.

Although Wholesale Club primarily caters to businesses, you can still shop for products by becoming a member (a home chef) – this way, you can easily buy distilled water from here.

8. Amazon Canada  

You can also find distilled water on Amazon.ca. This leading eCommerce site has distilled water from different brands.  

where to buy distilled water

How to Store distilled water

Unopened bottled distilled water from a store can last for a long time but you have to keep it away from direct sunlight.

Once opened, ensure to close it up well after use as certain germs can grow even in it if it’s not properly closed.

How to make your own distilled water

You can easily make distilled water over a stove, grill, or campfire. All you need is a large stainless steel pot of water, a smaller collection container (a bowl) that either floats in the pot or can be propped up above the water level, a rounded or pointed lid that fits the pot (turned upside down so that when the steam condenses, the water drips into the bowl), and some ice.  

Here is a recommended material list:

  • 3-5 gallon stainless steel or aluminum pot
  • Rounded lid for the pot
  • Glass or metal bowl that floats inside the pot
  • Ice cubes
  • Hot pads

Here is a step by step process on how to make your own distilled water

  • Fill the large pot with tap water halfway
  • Place the bowl in the pot. The bowl is to collect water dripping from the center of the lid. So, choose the right size of the bowl to ensure the distilled water doesn’t drip back into the main pot.
  • Set the pot lid upside down on the pot. When the water boils, the water vapor will rise up to the lid, condense into droplets, and fall into your bowl.
  • Put ice cubes on top of the lid of the pot- this will help to condense the steam in the pot into liquid water.
  • When complete, turn off the stove and carefully remove the bowl of distilled
  • Allow the distilled water in the bowl to cool down and then you can store it in a clean container.

Here is a video on how to make distilled water at home


By now, I’m certain you know where to buy distilled water as well as the uses of distilled water, and how to make your own distilled water.

Distilled water is safe for drinking but it can be risky if you make it your only source of drinking water as it lacks essential minerals like calcium, sodium, and magnesium that’s good for the body.

Distilled water can also be used in cleaning medical tools and equipment, car engines, radiators, car batteries, etc, that’s why it is an important product to have around.

You can buy distilled water in grocery stores, pharmacies, supermarkets, or order it online from sites site amazon, Walmart, eBay, etc.

It is also easy to make. You can follow the step by step process and make your own distilled water.

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