where to buy firewood

Trying to figure out where to buy firewood? Here, you’ll know how to get firewood for free as well as the right places to buy firewood in the United States.

There are different ways you can get firewood for free. All you need is good manners, a watchful eye, and the necessary tools.

But before getting started with firewood gathering, ensure you ask for permission and if you are new to firewood gathering, it is important you know the types of firewood that work best as this can save you lots of time as you know exactly what to look for and what to avoid.

Below are things to do to get firewood for free or less

1. Look to your local area

You can use sites like Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and the Freecycle Network to look for people who have no use for firewood and would love to give them out. You can do this by posting your own ad or look for ads put up by others.

If your town or neighborhood has a special swap group on Facebook, make sure you look and post on there too.

Online ads are very helpful for reaching a large number of people but not everyone visits the sites you may be using.

Also, don’t hesitate to post or watch for print ads around town or ask locals if they have firewood they want to discard.

2. Clean up after a storm

Heavy winds often bring down branches or even the entire trees. This gives you the opportunity to get lots of free firewood.

If you reside in the city, there’re usually tree remains all over the streets and in parking lots.

Some homeowners may not have the tools, vehicle space, or physical capacity to remove the larger fallen branches from their fences or roofs – this is where you step and haul off the debris for them.

This is a great idea to get free firewood because nobody wants a messy neighborhood. But make sure to get out there on time because immediately the storm passes, people don’t hesitate to clean up.

3. Raid a burn pile

People cannot construct buildings where there are trees. You can take advantage of these circumstances where people cut down trees only to dispose of them by swooping in and removing the wood for them.

You probably don’t want all the wood they have, but after getting permission to relieve them of the mess, you can pick through the burn pile and take what you want.

A good place to look for this free wood is at construction sites but if you can’t seem to find any, you might try to visit a landfill where the construction company may have deposited all the wood.

4. Offer trimming services

If you have the expertise and equipment to trim trees, you can get free firewood. You can do this by driving around to look for dying or outgrown trees that should be trimmed.

But you need to first take permission from the necessary parties like your neighbors, or the city before you can start cutting their trees.

Another great idea is to contact local tree trimmers in your area as most of these trimmers have a way to dispose of the extra wood they get but may be willing to give out some.

5. Visit a sawmill

Sawmills produce usable lumber from tree logs however, they don’t use 100% of the tree. You can take advantage of this by gathering up any scraps they are willing to give you.

Sawmills may be willing to give you wood scraps because they do pay to dispose of the scraps and if they can give you some of the waste for free why not.

Above are some things you can do to get firewood for free but if you can’t go through that process, below are some of the right places to buy firewood in the United States.

where to buy firewood

Where to buy Firewood in the United States

1. East Coast Firewood, LLC  

East Coast Firewood, LLC provides customers with the highest quality products and excellent customer service.

  • Address: 840 Moncure Pittsboro Rd Moncure, North Carolina 27559, United States
  • Tel: 919.542.0792
  • Hours: Mon-Fri: 7 am-4:30 pm, Sat: 8 am-1pm

2. Jersey Firewood  

A good place to buy firewood in New Jersey.

  • Address: 265 US 206, Hillsborough NJ 08844 1901 North Avenue, Port Norris New Jersey 08349, USA
  • Tel:  908-359-5368
  • Hours of Operation: Mon-Sat, 9 am-5 pm.  
where to buy firewood

3. Huertaz Firewood Sale

Huertaz Firewood Sale is a firewood supplier in the East Foothills, California.

  • Address: Crothers Road, San Jose, California 95127, USA
  • Tel: 408-849-0086
  • Hours of Operation: Mon-Sat, 6:30 am-6 pm, Sun, 9 am-12 pm

4. Seasoned Gourmet Firewood

Seasoned Gourmet Firewood is a firewood supplier based in New York.

  • Address: 2867 U.S. 9, Ballston Spa, New York 12020, USA
  • Tel: 518-810-3510
  • Hours: Mon-Sun: opens 24 hours

5. Rick’s Firewood  

Get quality firewood at affordable prices at Rick’s Firewood. Rick’s Firewood is one of the leading firewood suppliers in Hyde Park, Vermont.

  • Address: 171 Locke Avenue North, Hyde Park, Vermont 05655, United States
  • Tel: 802-635-9663
  • Email: rickkesfirewood@gmail.com
  • Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri: 8:30 am- 5 pm

6. Big Axe Firewood  

Big Axe Firewood provides northern Wisconsin and the western U.P. with high-quality firewood made from hardwood.

  • Office Address: 1243 Easy Street Ironwood, MI 49938
  • Pickup Address: E6319 US HWY 2 Bessemer, Michigan 49938, 5140 South Highway 51 Boulder Junction, Wisconsin 54512, United States
  • Tel: 906-364-5188
  • Email: rick@bigaxefirewood.com
  • Hours: Mon-Sat: 8 am to 5 pm
where to buy firewood

7. Cutting Edge Firewood  

Cutting Edge Firewood provides ultra-premium kiln dried firewood, and firewood that lights easily, burns brighter and longer, with less smoke.  

It is one of the best places to buy firewood in Georgia.

  • Address: 6900 Peachtree Industrial Blvd Ste E, Norcross, Georgia 30071 United States
  • Tel: 678-878-2434
  • Email: service@cuttingedgefirewood.com
  • Hours:  Mon-Sat: 9 am-5 pm

8. Valley Firewood  

For over 10 years Valley Firewood has been serving the Phoenix metro area with high-quality firewood.

They strive to give their customers firewood of the highest quality, premium service as well as professional delivery service.

Valley Firewood is located in Chandler, Arizona and serve all of Arizona.

  • Address: 15 S Roosevelt Avenue, Chandler, AZ 85226 USA
  • Tel: 480-495-3518
  • Hours: Mon-Sat: 8 am – 5 pm

9. Royal Firewood  

Royal Firewood is located in south Los Angeles. They offer top quality seasoned firewood in full, half, and quarter cords, bundles, and bagged wood.

  • Address: 8700 Crocker St Los Angeles, California 90003 USA
  • Tel: 323 531 9980
  • Hours: Mon-Sat: 6:00 am-5:00 pm, Sun: 6:00 am-2:00 pm
where to buy firewood

10. Best Burn Firewood  

Best Burn Firewood is a fast-growing firewood company located in Wisconsin. They provide 100% high-quality affordable firewood to their customers.

  • Address: 19000 W Lincoln Avenue, New Berlin, WI 53146, USA
  • Tel: 262 746 7416
  • Hours: Monday-Saturday: 8 am-6 pm

11. Boston Firewood   

A Kiln Dried Firewood Supplier in Boston, Massachusetts.

  • Address: 50 Easton Ave, Hyde Park, Massachusetts 02137, United States   
  • Tel: 781-254-2773
  • Business Hours: Mon-Fri: 8 am – 4:30 pm, Sat: 8 am-11:45 am

12. Nashville Firewood 

This firewood supplier in Nashville, Tennessee, provides the very best quality firewood at wallet-friendly prices.

  • Address: 13306 Old Hickory Blvd Cane Ridge Tennessee 37013, United States
  • Tel: (615) 496-1049
  • Business Hours: Mon-Thur: 10 am to 6 pm, Fri: 10 am to 4 pm, Sun: 10 am to 4 pm

13. Firewood2go  

Firewood2go is a great place to buy firewood in New York.

  • Address: 1640 Park Ave New York, NY 10035, USA
  • Tel: 646.872.3991
  • Hours: Mon-Sun: 9 am-7 pm
where to buy firewood

14. Buffalo Firewood 

Buffalo Firewood provides mixed hardwoods, hickory wood, cherry wood, oak wood, pellets, and even kiln dried firewood of the highest quality.

  • Tel: (716)912-2013
  • Email: buffalofirewoodcolleen@gmail.com

15. A-1 Country Firewood 

Since 1981, A1 Country Firewood has been providing premium firewood to Chicago and surrounding suburbs.

They have a wide selection of wood including Applewood, cherry wood, beech nut wood, hickory wood, pecan wood, mulberry wood, sugar maple, post oak, and grapevines.

  • Address: 1635 S Canal St, Chicago, Illinois 60616, USA
  • Tel: 312-421-9663

16. Urban Firewood Co

A great place to buy top quality firewood in Colorado.

  • Address: 7830 Black Forest Road Colorado Springs, CO 80908 (about 2 blocks north of Woodmen Road.)
  • Tel: 719-445-9068 (Text or Message)
  • Email: UrbanFirewood@gmail.com
  • Business Hours: Monday-Friday: 9 am -5 pm, Saturday: 9 am-1 pm

17. Freedom Firewood 

Freedom Firewood is located in Lubbock Texas. They offer a variety of high-quality, fully seasoned, ready to burn firewood.

Freedom Firewood provides customers with different options i.e. Mesquite, Oak, Hickory, Pecan, New Mexico Pine, Pinion Pine, and Mixed varieties fully seasoned firewood in any quantity.

  • Address: 6013 130th St, Lubbock, Texas 79424, USA
  • Tel: 806-794-9663
where to buy firewood

18. Ron’s Tree Service and Firewood  

Ron’s Tree Service offers tree removal, tree trimming, firewood, stump grinding, and storm clean-up services to Minneapolis and the surrounding cities.

They offer the best types of wood for long-burning fires like maple, oak, and birch.

  • Address: 6121 Baker Road Suite 102, PO Box 1861 Minnetonka MN 55345, USA
  • Tel: 1-952-974-5056

19. Woodchuck Firewood  

Woodchuck Firewood offers only the highest quality of firewood including cherry, hickory, pinion pine, mesquite, oak, walnut, pecan, peach, and many more.

  • Address: 400 Industrial Street, Valley Center, Kansas 67147, United States
  • Tel: (316) 640-2168

20. Knockout Firewood  

Knockout Firewood sells and delivers top quality hardwood for locals and visitors, alike. They have woods perfect for your rental cabin or home.

  • Address: 3264 Wears Valley Road Sevierville, Tennessee 37862, United States
  • Tel: (865) 654-6822

21. Harley’s Firewood

For over 30 years, Harley’s Firewood has been providing the highest quality firewood for homes in Austin, Texas.   

  • Address: 13499 Research Boulevard. Austin, Texas 78705, USA
  • Tel: (512) 335-3326
where to buy firewood

22. Paul’s Fireplace Wood, Inc

A leading firewood supplier in Little Falls, Minnesota.

  • Address: 17502 Heron Road, Little Falls, Minnesota 56345, USA
  • Tel: 800-347-3966

23. Premier Firewood Company  

Premier Firewood company offers premium kiln dried wood and cooking woods. The company is located in Connecticut and delivers wood to residents in Connecticut and New York.

  • Address: 3 Pimpewaug Road, Wilton, Connecticut 06897, USA
  • Tel: 203-866-4252

24. FireMasters, Inc  

FireMasters, Inc has been in the firewood business for over 30 years and they sell only the highest quality firewood at reasonable prices.

  • Address: 14165 Naples Street NE, Ham Lake, Minnesota 55304, USA
  • Tel: (763) 443-1586
  • Fax: (763) 205-1066

25. JB Firewood

JB Firewood is Northwest’s largest supplier of high-quality kiln-dried firewood.

They have different varieties of kiln-dried firewood to suit your needs, including firewood bundles, bulk firewood, kindling, cooking wood, and firewood pallets.

  • Address: 875 S Pacific Highway W Monmouth, Oregon 97361, USA
  • Tel: (503)-838-0047  
  • Fax: (503)-838-3669
  • Email: order@jbfirewood.com


It’s not easy figuring out where to buy firewood but surely, you now know the best places to buy firewood in the United States.

Make sure you have firewood stuck up in your homes always, especially during the winter season.

You can also use the aforementioned tips on how to get firewood for free and have firewood in your home without paying for them.

But if you think it’s a difficult process, you can order or buy high-quality firewood from the reputable companies listed above.

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