Where to buy Scrubs

Do you want to know where to buy scrubs? This post got you covered.

Scrubs can be found in some department stores but if you want to buy high-quality scrubs, find stores that specialize in selling scrubs and medical equipment.

In this post, is a list of stores and online stores that specialize in scrubs as well as a few large chain stores that sell scrubs in stores and online.

What exactly are scrubs?

where to buy scrubs
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Scrubs are medical or sanitary clothing worn by physicians, nurses, surgeons, and other medical and health workers.

Scrubs were first made for surgeons and other operating room personnel who would put them on when sterilizing themselves before surgery but today, are now worn by many health and medical personnel.

Why are scrubs important?

In the healthcare industry, uniforms and clothing are very important. Uniforms protect healthcare workers from contaminants and make their job easier.

Scrubs are an important component in providing adequate healthcare. They provide an imperative role in the medical facility.

Below are some of the benefits that healthcare facilities, medical professionals, and patients gain from scrubs.

1. Scrubs provide adequate protection against bodily fluids.

High-quality scrubs are made of very thick fabric which prevent a patient’s bodily fluids from making direct contact with the wearer’s skin.

2. They are economically efficient

They are designed for maximum use and cost-efficiency. Scrubs are made of high-quality fabric that is not only inexpensive but can also withstand even the most thorough cleaning process.

This means that they can last through years of wash and wear and are also easy to replace.

where to buy scrubs

3. They provide comfort and range of movement for the wearer

Healthcare professionals are often exposed to harmful pathogens and are expected to stand on their feet throughout their shift, work through long hours, move around the hospital or clinic for hours, and much more.

In order for healthcare professionals to perform their job efficiently, they need uniforms that will give them optimum comfort and scrubs provide that for them.

4. Scrubs make healthcare workers easily identifiable

Scrubs Just like every company uniform provides easy identification of the location’s professionals. These identifications are enhanced with custom color combinations or hospital/clinic logo prints/embroidery.

5. Scrubs help protect against contamination

Scrubs that are processed in a specialized facility prevent the spread of possibly contagious infections and viruses.

Medical scrubs must be cleaned with precision and with a focus on hygiene as any other medical care linen.

Where To Buy Scrubs

Below you’ll know where to buy scrubs in countries like USA, Canada, Australia, and South Africa.

Where to buy scrubs in the USA

Here is a list of scrubs specialty stores as well as online stores to buy scrubs in the U.S.

1. Scrubs & Beyond

Scrubs & Beyond is one of the best places to buy scrubs in the United States. They offer high-quality scrubs and medical equipment from the most popular brands in the healthcare industry.

Scrubs & Beyond has stores all over the country which you can easily find a location near you. You can also shop online if you can’t find a store near you.

2. Jen’s Scrubs & Medical Uniforms  

Jen’s Scrubs & Medical Uniforms is a leading supplier of premium healthcare apparel. They supply high-quality scrubs and other medical uniforms to healthcare professionals.

They have scrubs from reputable brands like Barco, Healing Hands, Cherokee, WonderWink, Heartsoul, Koi, and much more.

Jen’s Scrubs offers only online shopping and accepts the following payment methods: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Amazon Pay, PayPal, and Apple Pay.

where to buy scrubs

3. Allheart  

Allheart is one of the leading online suppliers of medical apparel, footwear, accessories, and personal diagnostic equipment in the United States.

Shop online for high-quality scrubs, medical uniforms, shoes, and medical accessories at allheart.

Allheart has a large collection of scrubs from different brands including Cherokee, Dickies, WonderWink, Tooniforms, Jockey Scrubs, and many more.

4. Scrubin Uniforms

Scrubin has been in the medical apparel business for decades and has top-quality scrubs at the best price available.

Scrubin Uniforms is one of the best places to shop for scrubs online. They accept the following payment methods: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, PayPal, American Express, and gift certificates.  

5. Uniform Advantage (UA)

Uniform Advantage provides a wide selection of scrubs and nursing uniforms at wallet-friendly prices.

UA provides high-quality medical scrubs to professionals in the U.S. and even the world at large.

Uniform Advantage also has a shopping assistant that can help you find the right medical scrubs in any size, color, brand, or style.

Shop and order online and your scrubs will be delivered to your home, office, or hospital.

6. Scrub Pro Uniforms  

Shop in-store or online for top-quality scrubs here. Scrubs Pro Uniforms have scrubs from top brands like Carhartt, Fundamentals, Grey’s Anatomy, WonderWink, Dickies, Healing Hands, and more.

7. Medical Scrubs Mall

Shop and save on scrubs from Medical Scrubs Mall. Medical Scrubs Mall has your favorite medical scrubs collections online at discount prices.

Shop online for the best medical scrubs from top brands here.

8. The Uniform Outlet  

The Uniform Outlet has a huge selection of medical scrubs and medical uniforms from top brands. They have both men and women’s scrubs in different sizes and styles.

9. FIGS  

FIGS offers comfortable designer scrubs and medical apparel at wallet-friendly prices. They have a wide selection of scrubs with different colors and fashionable styles.

Shop online for both men and women’s scrubs on FIGS.

10. USA Scrub  

Buy top-quality scrubs from USA Scrub. They have scrubs available from brands such as Cherokee, Heartsoul, Dickies, Tooniforms, Elle, and Cherokee Workwear.

Other retailers that sell scrubs in the U.S. include

where to buy scrubs

These stores may not have a wide variety of brands and sizes but you will still find scrubs at them. Here are some department stores in the United States that sell scrubs.

11. Walmart 

Walmart is one of the leading stores you can get Scrubs. They have scrubs for brands like Scrubstar, Landau, Medline, and more. Find a location near you or shop online.

12. JCPenney  

JCPenney is one of the leading department stores in the U.S. They have scrubs from top brands like Barco, Grey’s Anatomy, Cherokee, WonderWink, Dickies, and more.  

13. Walgreens  

Walgreens have scrubs for sale but you can only buy them online.

14. Target  

Target also sells scrubs but the scrubs are not available in-store. You can only get them online.

Where to buy Scrubs in Canada  

Where to buy Scrubs

Here are some stores and online stores to buy scrubs in Canada

1. Scrub Depot

Scrub Depot provides medical uniforms to healthcare professionals. It is one of the best places to buy scrubs in Canada.

They have scrubs from popular brands like Alegria, White Cross, Cherokee, Mobb Scrubs, Dickies, and many more.

2. Scrubs Canada (scrubscanad.ca)  

Scrubs Canada is a popular scrubs and medical uniform online store in Canada that offers quality and cheap scrubs.

They have scrubs from popular brands like Koi, Med Couture, MOBB, Carhartt, Adar, WonderWinks, and much more.

3. Daily Scrubs  

Daily Scrubs offers stylish nursing scrubs of various styles, prints, and colors at affordable prices.

They have nursing scrubs for both men and women from brands like MOBB Medical, Koi, Urbane, DIckies, Cherokee, Landau, and Baby Phat.

4. My Scrub Shop Canada

Buy scrubs on My Scrub Shop Canada. This shop has medical scrubs that every healthcare professional needs.

5. Scrubs Zone  

Buy quality and affordable scrubs from Scrubs Zone. This online store sells high-quality scrubs from different brands including Koi, Cherokee, Dickies, and many more.

6. Bottoms Up Scrubs    

Bottoms Up Scrubs is one of the best places to buy scrubs in Canada. This store has top-quality scrubs from popular brands.

Bottoms Up Scrubs stores are located in Calgary and Red Deer. Visit any of these stores and shop for quality scrubs.

7. Scrubs For Them 

Scrubs For Them is one store you can visit in Canada to buy healthcare uniforms and professional apparel.

They offer a wide selection of scrubs from top brands like Maevn, Healing Hands, White Cross, Cherokee, Infinity, Dickies, EDS, Heartsoul, Barco, Grey’s Anatomy, and much more.

8. Scrubs Kelowna 

Scrubs Kelowna is a local store located in Kelowna that offers high-quality scrubs from top brands. They have scrubs of different styles, sizes, and colors.

9. SCRUBWear Factory   

SCRUBWear Factory is Canada’s first exclusive Cherokee and Dickies brand scrub and lab coat supplier.

Visit the store at 501 Nightingale Avenue London, ON N5W 4C4 Canada, or call 519-452-1790 to order.

10. Accuwear Uniforms  

Accuwear is your one-stop-store for scrubs in Western Canada. They have the largest scrub store location in Western Canada and also have the largest selection and variety of scrubs and accessories in one location. 

11. Dixie Uniforms

For over 20 years, Dixie Uniforms has been providing quality uniforms to professionals as well as outstanding customer service.

Buy high-quality scrubs from Dixie Uniforms.

Where to buy Scrubs in South Africa

Where to buy Scrubs
Image source – allheart.com

1. Tanc  

Tanc is a leading producer, manufacturer, and supplier of medical scrubs, doctors laboratory coats, doctors jackets, and doctors scrub caps in South Africa.

Tanc scrubs are locally produced and manufactured thus are high in quality as well as pocket-friendly. All their products are custom embroidered.  

2. Stich 

Stich offers high-quality and best scrubs in South Africa. Their scrubs are stylish, comfortable, and of the highest quality. Shop embroidered medical scrubs from Stich.

3. Scrubs Rx  

If you want designer scrub tops, scrub pants, scrub cap, and masks, and other medical accessories then, shop with Scrub Rx.

Scrub Rx sells unique, high-quality stylish scrubs for both male and female healthcare professionals.

Scrub Rx is also an authorized importer and distributor of Koi and Adar professional apparel in South Africa.

4. Signature Scrubs    

Signature Scrubs is the official re-seller of Cherokee workwear, HeartSoul, and Code Happy scrubs. They offer affordable and quality medical scrubs.

5. Niwa Clothing  

Niwa is a manufacturer and supplier of stylish, functional, and durable medical uniforms and scrubs in South Africa.  

6. Super Scrubs 

Super Scrubs is a South African medical professional apparel company that specializes in high-quality medical scrubs, medical uniforms, lab coats, and medical products.

7. Wave Medical & Surgical Wear 

A company based in Johannesburg, South Africa, that delivers premium, designer medical scrubs to South Africa’s growing healthcare industry.

Their scrubs are stylish, comfortable, functional, and of the high-quality too.

8. Scrubs Surgical Wear

Scrubs Surgical Wear sells affordable and high-quality scrubs from medical professionals. Buy stylish and comfortable scrubs here.

Where to buy Scrubs in Australia

Where to buy Scrubs
Image Source – justcausescrubs.com

1. Mediscrubs  

Mediscrubs is a leading retailer of medical scrubs and medical uniforms in Australia. They offer high-quality scrubs and medical uniforms to all healthcare professionals.

2. Med Shop Australia  

Med Shop is a leading online store in Australia that specializes in medical supplies, medical uniforms, medical equipment, and medical products.

Buy top-quality medical scrubs from Med Shop.

3. Healthcare Uniforms Australia  

Buy Scrubs online from Healthcare Uniforms Australia. This online store has a collection of high-quality medical scrubs & nursing scrubs in exciting colors.

4. The Scrub Store

The Scrub Store is the leading medical & nursing scrub supplier in Australia. The Scrub Store offers free shipping on orders over $79.00 and easy returns to ensure the perfect fit.

5. Australia Scrubs

Australia Scrubs is an online seller of nursing scrubs, microfiber scrubs, kids lab coat, cheap scrub sets, scrub pants, and many more.

6. Hunter Scrubs 

Since 2004, Hunter Scrubs has been providing quality scrubs to the medical industry. They sell scrubs of different colors, sizes, and styles to suit both men and women.

7. Smilewear  

Smilewear is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of medical scrubs and uniforms specifically for medical professionals.

8. Advance Design  

Advance Design is a medical uniform supplier in Australia that has high-quality, affordable scrubs for sale.

9. eNurse

eNurse is a leading online retailer of nursing scrubs, equipment, and supplies in Australia. Visit the site and explore its wide range of collections.

10. Spring Spa Wear

Spring Spa Wear is also a great place to look for the perfect nurse scrubs or medical scrubs in Australia.


Certainly, by now you know where to buy scrubs in countries like the USA, Canada, Australia, and South Africa.

If you reside in Canada, USA, Australia, or South Africa, visit any of the aforementioned stores to buy scrubs or better still, order online and your scrubs will be delivered to you at home or in your office/hospital.  

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