work from home options in India

There are lots of work from home options in India and in this post, I’ll be listing some of them. Unemployment is such a major issue in India and this has caused lots of educated individuals to turn to online jobs to earn a living.

In this post, I’ll be discussing the top 14 work from home options in India which you can choose any and can make between Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 90,000 monthly and even more depending on your experience and skill level.

Work from home jobs require little or no investment and you can start earning from the first day.

Without further ado, let’s take a quick look at the various work from home options in India today.


1. Web Developer

Web Developer
Web Developer

Businesses and companies are giving jobs to freelancers more often than hiring full-time employees for one-off projects, in order to economize costs on employee benefits.

Web developers and graphic designers are the demanded freelance and paid the highest due to an increasing need for mobile applications for user engagement.

In fact, shifting to freelancing after three years of work experience can be more profitable than working full-time. It will also give you the privilege to negotiate for a better package after every completed project.

Different from other freelancing jobs, such as content writing, a college degree in computer science or related field is a must to be a Web developer. An online course can be used as a substitute for a formal degree, If you don’t have a formal degree.

However, your earning capacity will be lower compared to the earning capacity of people with a bachelor’s degree. As you gain more work experience, you will be able to charge higher rates for your services.

Web Developer Job role includes creating, coding and transforming websites from layout to perform and according to a client’s instructions or blueprints.

Web developers aim to design visually captivating and attractive sites that highlight the user-friendly layout and outstanding navigation. This is a home based job as the web developer can create websites anytime from the comfort of his home.

They also have great knowledge of CSS or HTML. As a web developer, you’ll need to learn the basics of coding and markup language, JavaScript, Photoshop and SEO. To get freelance work, you can create a profile on freelance websites like,, and


2. Freelance Content Writing

Freelance Content Writing
Freelance Content Writing

The content writing jobs are all about writing articles for websites, blogs or companies. Content writers are professional writers who design engaging content that is used in various online activities.

They’re Internet-savvy individuals who make blogs, articles, captions, website content and other types of written Web materials.

A good content writer must have some skills like Excellent written communication skills, Research proficiency, A knack for storytelling, Knowledge of his/her target reader, Proofreading and editing abilities, Adaptability, Social media know-how, A grasp of basic search engine optimization (SEO) and Time management skills

This job can easily be done from home and making use of your time. You just have to make researches and organize your own working hours. Fixing the work rates all depend on you, you’re also free to ask for the financial independence from your employer.

If you’re really interested in writing and you’re also good at, create a profile on freelance sites like,,,, and


3. Graphics Design

Graphics Design
Graphics Design

The graphics designer job envelopes the entire strategy for deciding elements, visualizing and designing graphics including pictures, designs, logos, and so on.

Utilizing Photoshop and Corel draw is a simple task. An organization contracts an online graphics designer gives a depiction of the pictures needed to be designed and the graphic designer works with the instructions given by the organization.

Sitting at home may give reviving and smart ideas to make a remarkable design. The pay is relatively high for graphics designers. It’s a lively job as work from home you need to work in fixed hours which is chosen by you.

If you’re interested in graphics design, create a profile on freelance websites like, and


4. Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant
Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are freelancers who provide administrative support to companies from a remote location through the internet. Their tasks include;

  • Data entry
  • Managing projects
  • Composing and responding to emails
  • Creating business documents such as PowerPoint presentations and Excel sheets
  • Managing blogs and website
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Providing customer service
  • Social media management
  • Managing calendars
  • Preparing reports
  • Personal tasks like booking hotels and restaurants
  • Simple digital marketing tasks
  • And many more

Virtually anybody can become a virtual assistant provided they have good communication skills and are comfortable working with computers and applications such as MS Office, Excel, PowerPoint, etc and should be a multitasker to be able to handle several tasks at once.

The best virtual assistant jobs can be found at LinkedIn, career sites and freelance sites such as,, Fiverr or, Brickwork India and LifeBushido


5. Blogging


Blogging is one of the best side income opportunities online. If there is anything at all that interests you, like computers, books or even gardening then blog about it.

It just costs a few hundred rupees to start a blog – but the profit potential is limitless. Becoming a blogger is different from any other work-at-home job in that you have to materialize and build it up yourself.

Even worse, most blogs make no profit for years as they grow and become established. In that sense, blogging isn’t much of a job at all. However, there are lots of potential for writers who are able to grow their site, build an audience and find a way to start making money from it.

Some of the ways blogs generate revenue include sponsored posts, affiliate advertising, Google Adsense, and product sales. Owning a blog can be a somewhat cheap way to start your own business, with domains costing about $12 per year and Web hosting costing about $7.99 per month.


6. Medical Transcriptionist[MT]

Medical Transcriptionist
Medical Transcriptionist

MT is a health related job which involves the process of writing down voice-recorded medical reports that are made by nurses, physicians, and other healthcare professional.

Medical reports can be notes taken during a lecture, voice files, or other spoken material. A medical transcriptionist can actively work from home, All they need to be a work from home medical transcriptionist is a functional computer, a fast internet connection, a proper desk, and a first-rate earpiece.

It is of utmost importance to have done a course in medical transcription to be able to carry out the task efficiently. You can search for work as a medical transcriptionist by joining freelance job sites like and, or join an online medical transcription organization that permits you to work from home.


7. Translator

A Translator’s job is to read materials and researching industry-specific terms, convert those text and audio recordings in one language to one or more other languages making sure the translated texts still conveys the original material meaning and tone.

There are many translators on various freelance websites, but only a little of them are really up to the standard that clients expect from them. If you are fluent in Hindi and English, or even Tamil and English, you will find numerous work opportunities from both, Indian and Western businesses or authors in need of quality translation services.

International companies also require experts for translating websites, technical documents, mobile applications and academic papers. Some employers request for a work experience or a bachelor’s degree, but in the absence of both, you can either start working for a non-profit organisation, take an online course offered by colleges, or just start small by interning with an expert translator

A advanced certification or degree in languages that highly demanded for, such as Japanese, and Chinese will increase your earning potential. Also, Translators in local Indian languages like Punjabi, Telugu and Kannada are also sought after.

If you are bilingual or multilingual, then you can try remote translation jobs with organizations like Responsive Translation, World Lingo or join a freelance website such as Freelancer, or that always get a lot of traffic.


8. Social Media Manager

Every business has to be on various social media platforms and social media marketing is absolutely very important for all small or medium-sized businesses.

But not everyone has the time to manage social media accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and so on. That’s why businesses employ social media managers to manage all their tweets, updates and respond to customers as quickly as possible.

Social Media Managers performs day-to-day tasks like

  • Content creation
  • Marketing analytics
  • News junkie
  • Customer service
  • Community management
  • Funnel marketing
  • Project management
  • Strategy planning
  • Tactics and execution
  • Understanding how content works on a social web
  • Optimizing content and technology

They must have a creative mindset, writing skills, analytical skills, leadership and communication skills, audience growth, audience engagement, brand reach, feedback and word of mouth marketing and many more.

If the afore listed tasks is something that you’re interested in, you can create a profile on websites such as,, and

The job would also be easier if you are comfortable with social media and have hundreds or even thousands of friends or followers on various social media platforms


9. Data Entry

Data Entry

Data entry is one of the easiest work from home jobs you can do to make money online. The jobs include inserting data from multiple sources into the company computer system for control and processing.

All the qualities you need to have is a decent computer, fast internet, attention to detail, MS Office and fast typing skills. You can work at home based on a working plan that suits you. If you’re interested in data entry, create a profile on freelance websites like, and


10. Call-Centre Representative

Call-Centre Representative

Many organizations need people who can attend to the telephone at extremely inconvenient times, assist clients, and procedure requests or manage returns. In any case, since more organizations are web-based, a significant amount of these employments will be offered to client care workers who can work at home.

Being an at-home call-centre rep requires a PC and may require a specific software or gear. An incredible telephone voice helps too, as does any involvement with client care, information section, retail deals, or the executives.

Many websites list employment opportunities for call-center delegates, including,, and You may likewise discover postings offered by nearby organizations in your neighborhood paper but remember to make sure the company will allow you to work from home.


11. Online Tutoring

Online Tutoring

A PC with a top-notch Web camera and expertise in a subject is all you need to reach on the web. Vedantu, BharatTutor, and Tutor India are a portion of the web-based tutoring platforms that connects Indian educators and understudies.

On different sites like,, Chegg. com,, and Amazetutors. com, you can teach understudies situated in the UK, the US, Canada, and Australia.

While such websites require advanced degrees in different subjects, they pay higher. This is the reason Sengupta, who has a master’s degree in Applied Physics and more than 20 years of teaching experience, has more foreign understudies. Even college understudies or non-teaching professionals with expertise can join on these sites.

After a number of tests, mock sessions and screening, and getting approval, most websites offer training on the use of virtual whiteboard and different fundamentals of video conferencing. As every platform requires at least two hours per day, don’t join more than three websites.


12. HR Recruiter

HR Recruiter to run total circle recruitment from perceiving potential hires to addressing and making a decision about candidates. That is a complete job description of HR in an organization.

This job is very simple to do at home. An organization will give you a rundown of candidates. You can call them and cross-question them, after that they can be invited for an interview in an organization.

HR Recruiter obligations involve sourcing candidates online, refreshing occupation promotions and dealing with history checks. Screening various Curriculum Vitae and hosting a telephonic interview with candidates is an interesting work from home job, you can work in a couple of hours in a peaceful way and enjoy doing it. Websites that these job listings can be found include, and


13. Business Development Manager

Advertising a business can be effectively done from home. You simply need to speak with customers and tell about the products and helps in making profit for the organization. Sitting home and making calls isn’t a big deal but it’s a lucrative business.

A business development manager’s job is to have an eye for sales heads, Conveying goods or services to new customers and secure a decent working relationship with new contacts.

The work will develop the organization by communicating on calls with customers and building an extraordinary relationship for the advancement of the organization.

Talking about new product advancement to proposed customers. Dealing with the development of marketing research. Websites that these job listings can be found include,,, and


14. Editing

An editorial manager is a vital peruser and an admirer of words, whose job is to polish and refine an article or a story. Editors are utilized in different enterprises and for many kinds of products like magazines, papers, online journals, and books.

Editors are responsible for checking spelling, facts, sentence structure, and punctuation. They are additionally liable for guaranteeing that an article relates with in-house style aides and feels polished and refined when done.

There are likewise times when editors need to step in and slice out what doesn’t fit the purpose of the story and guide the consideration towards the regions that the perusing audience should center on.

An editor oversees a scope of functions in a publishing house and has numerous assignments that should be accomplished before a book is prepared to be launched.

If you love reading through documents and rectifying mistakes, at that point you can attempt some remote editor gigs. In spite of the fact that there are relatively few organizations that enlist editors in India, these two organizations enlist irregularly.

Cactus Global – With this organization, you will be editing the manuscript in fields like medicine, engineering, life sciences, and so forth. You have to have a Bachelors’s /Masters’s in the necessary field.

Enago – This organization employs editors from different nations including India to edit documents related to Physical Sciences, Medicine, Arts and Humanities, and so forth. After you present your resume on the web, you must edit a sample document to show your abilities.





There you have it, the various work from home options in India. Now, you know the different work from home job options in India and where to apply for the job listings, waste no more time and apply for the one you know you can do and earn some cool cash.

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