YAIOA Writing Competition

The YAIOA writing Competition is a monthly Writing Competition that offers $100 and other consolation prizes to Winners of the Competition. The Competition is open yo anyone anywhere in the world with access to the Internet

This is the first Editon of the Competition and we have decided to make the Contests open to everyone.

What can one write on?

The topics to be written on are already pre-populated on the Competition registration form while registering, you will be able to choose your topic of choice

What is the Length of the Content?

The is no limit on the length of Words or Characters you can write on but the minimum is 1,500 words of content that is free from Plagiarism and typos.

What are the criteria for Winning?

The best Content will always win in this contest. Lengthy content with nice representing images from non-copyrighted sources or references where applicable. The content can have unlimited images, links, References or Question and Answer

Rules of the Competition

  1. Any Plagiarized of copied content will be deleted at once without any prior notice
  2. Content full of Typos and Erratas will reduce your chances of winning in the Competition
  3. If you are writing about a Company, it is okay to use their Company website Screenshot as a reference
  4. If you are writing about a Product on Amazon or Etsy, it is also okay to include the picture of that product in your content and reference back to the product
  5. Content Formatting also adds up to your winning chances, so format your contents well. Use H2 for topic headings
  6. You can always participate in the latest editions of the contest and still win

How will the Judges select the Winner?

The Winner will not be selected randomly, No. Every content will pass through our content review team and every detail will be considered and the best content amongst all will be awarded the Winner

How will the Winner be Paid?

The Reward of the Competition will be paid through PayPal. So get your PayPal Account ready to receive some bucks when you eventually win the Competition. And even if you don’t, don’t worry, there is always another Competition every month

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How to register for the Competition?

To register for the Contest, proceed to the Registration page here on Google Form. Fill the Form, select your Topic of Choice and Submit.

After that, begin writing in a Word Document, once you are done, you can then submit your content here.

NOTE: If your content has images, you will have to put the images in the folder and archive it with the Word Document or better still just put the links to all the images in the spot that they are to be inserted and submit

What other Consolation Prizes can one win?

  1. You can get a Remote Writing Job from the Competition
  2. You can win access to one of YAIOA’s Premium Features
  3. You can win Virtual Gift Card Credits that you can use in sending Gifts Items to Friends, Family and loved ones

Good luck and Happy Winning


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