Corporate Gifting

Corporate Gifting carters for the Corporate world for Companies to Award their Employees & MV Clients smartly.

Doing it the Corporate Way

One of the things that Motivates Staffs and keeps them going as one Family in building the Business is reward in the Workplace, with our Corporate Gifting which is Included on the Yaioa Gift App, Companies can send Gift to their Staffs and Clients on their Birthdays, Wedding, Wedding Aniversary, Baby Shower, Graduation etc, showing them how much the Company Cares thereby keeping a lasting Impression on their Mind.

Through Our Corporate Gifting, Companies can also Send Gift to their Most Valued Customers with a Customized Sender Name of the Company Delivered into the Mailbox/SMS Inbox of the Client.

Corporate Gifting Possibilities

There are diverse ways to Gift when it comes to the Corporate World, the Company can Organize a Surprise party for it's Staff or Client anywhere they are and the Yaioa Platform will handle the rest while reporting back to the Company with a Live Video of the whole Experience.

With the Corporate Gifting Capabilities, Companies can;

  • Send Gift to their Clients with their Company's Customized Name, Example: YAIOA, NOKIA, GOOGLE
  • Send Gift to their Staffs with their Company's Customized Name, Example: Yaioa, Nokia, Google
  • Send Customized Branded Company Materials as a Gift to Clients
  • Send Corporate Gift as a SECRET Sender without Revealing the Identity of the Sender as a Suprise.
  • Company can Organize a Party for a Staff through contributions from all staff, each one buying a particular Item to make up the whole piece

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