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    Taliban Halting Talks with Govt Over Prisoner Release | TOLOnews

    Shaheen says that the prisoners release has been delayed under “one pretext or another till now.”

    The Taliban’s spokesman Suhail Shaheen tweeted on Tuesday that the “technical team will not participate in fruitless meetings with relevant sides starting from tomorrow.”

    “We sent a technical team of the prisoner’s commission to Kabul for verification and identification of our prisoners as release of prisoners was to start as per the signed agreement and the promise made (to us),” Shaheed tweeted.

    “But, unfortunately, their release has been delayed under one pretext or another till now. Therefore, our technical team will not participate in fruitless meetings with relevant sides starting from tomorrow,” he said.

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    Anxiety over rights violations as Zimbabwe enforces lockdown

    As police scale up operations aimed at curbing coronavirus spread, groups raise fears over possible breach of conduct.

    Bulawayo, Zimbabwe – Off the open-air market in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe’s second city, armed soldiers and police controlled a modest queue of vegetable traders, scuttling people away as soon as they make their purchase.

    On a normal day, the marketplace would be a bustling hive of activity. But on Monday, as Zimbabwe entered its second week of a 21-day lockdown aimed at mitigating the spread of the new coronavirus, activity was sharply reduced. 

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    Madagascar 'listening centres' encourage female victims of domestic

    65% of women in Madagascar, have reported experiencing some form of abuse (threats, beatings, rape, etc) but only 5% of cases end up in court.

    Shame, social pressure, and plain ignorance of their rights are all reasons why the majority of Malagasy women who suffer from domestic abuse do not file a complaint.

    “I tried to defend myself, but he grabbed me by the hands, he was very strong, and we were home alone. Afterwards, my hips hurt. I went to the hospital to get treatment, “said Onintsoa, rape victim.

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    Denmark refugees feel left out from lauded coronavirus policies

    Asylum seekers and migrants say progressive policies do not apply to them, as they face financial woes amid pandemic.

    For Daniel Christiansen, lockdown measures amid the coronavirus measures simply mean another form of isolation.

    Originally from Iraq, he lives in one of Denmark’s two udrejsecentrene – “departure centres” for rejected asylum seekers.

    The Kaershovedgard facility in the country’s northwest is located just over seven kilometres (four miles) from the nearest shop, has no public transport access, and houses people like him, whose applications for asylum have failed. Some are separated from their families.

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    Libyan rebel leader who led Gaddafi overthrow dies of COVID-19 | Africanews

    As of April 06, Libya has recorded 18 cases of the coronavirus with one death.

    The former head of the rebel government that overthrew Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi in 2011 Mahmud Jibril died on Sunday of the coronavirus, his party confirmed.

    Jibril, 68, was in Cairo where he had been hospitalised for two weeks, said Khaled al-Mrimi, secretary of the Alliance of National Forces party founded by Jibril in 2012.

    According to Hisham Wagdyn, the director of the Egyptian hospital, the 68-year-old former leader was admitted to the hospital on March 21 after suffering a heart attack, before testing positive for the new coronavirus and being quarantined.

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    YouTube tries to limit spread of false 5G coronavirus claims after cellphon

    YouTube and other social media platforms are taking steps to limit the spread of conspiracy theories falsely connecting 5G networks and the coronavirus pandemic after a string of attacks on cellphone towers.

    Mobile operators said Monday that there have been at least five instances of vandals setting fire to towers in the United Kingdom in the past few days.

    Some YouTube videos claiming a connection between the virus and the new super-fast wireless technology have racked up hundreds of thousands of views.

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    Man shot five people for 'talking too loud' during lockdown

    A man has been arrested in Russia on suspicion of shooting and killing five people after asking them not to be so loud during the country’s coronavirus lockdown.

    The man was arrested over the weekend after having an argument with neighbors while standing on the balcony of his apartment, the Russian Investigative Committee told state news agency TASS.

    The alleged incident took place in the village of Yelatma, in the Ryazan region of western Russia. As with most Russian regions, the area has imposed a stay-at-home order for residents as the country battles the coronavirus pandemic.

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    Taliban Seeks Release of 15 Key Commanders: Official | TOLOnews

    IDLG chief Matin Bek says the Taliban is seeking the release of its 15 commanders who are involved in “big attacks.”

    The head of the Independent Directorate of Local Governance (IDLG), Matin Bek, who is also a member of the negotiation team, said the reason for the delay in the release of Taliban prisoners is that the Taliban are demanding the release of their 15 senior commanders who are involved in “big attacks.”

    The release of 5,000 Taliban prisoners is part of deal signed by the US and the Taliban in Doha on Feb. 29.

    Bek said demands reveal the Taliban’s “stubbornness” and it is “not acceptable” as it will lead to the fall of provinces and the continuation of violence in the country.

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    'Nothing left': Venezuelans head home amid coronavirus pandemic

    Hundreds of migrants, refugees make dangerous, long journey home after facing evictions, loss of income in Colombia.

    Richard de Jesus walked along a highway leading out of Colombia’s capital city, along with his pregnant wife. They carried their belongings on a small baby stroller covered by a sheet of cardboard that read: “We are going back to Venezuela … any help you can give us will be a great blessing.”

    The couple said they had been on the road for five days, travelling about 400km (248 miles) from Cali, where they started their journey. They had more than 600km (373 miles) to go before reaching the Colombian-Venezuelan border.

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    Stricter measures in Turkey as cases rise sharply

    Authorities ramp up restrictions but still have not imposed a full lockdown to curb the coronavirus.

    Turkish authorities have imposed new measures to limit the spread of coronavirus, as the number of infections continues to rise sharply.

    Figures released on Sunday show the country has more than 27,000 confirmed cases, and 574 deaths.

    The country now has the ninth-highest number of cases worldwide, according to Johns Hopkins University data.

    More than 1.2 million people have fallen ill globally and close to 70,000 have died.

    Commenting on the latest data on Twitter, Turkey’s Health Minister Dr Fahrettin Koca urged people to “stay at home”, saying the virus “draws its power from contact”.

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    Kenya coronavirus: Cases rise to 158, Uhuru locks down Nairobi, three count

    Kenya remains one of East Africa’s most impacted countries after leader Mauritius and Rwanda. Government is enforcing a night-time curfew to curb spread of the virus.

    President Uhuru Kenyatta has confirmed that the confirmed cases of coronavirus in the country stood at 158 as of April 6, an increase of 16 new cases.

    The president was delivering an address on Monday on measures that government continued to take in combating the virus that has claimed six lives so far. Kenya has also recorded four recoveries.

    The president declared the cessation of movement in Nairobi, Kilifi, Kwale and Mombasa Counties for 21 days. He disclosed that 82% of COVID-19 have been in Nairobi and 14 per cent have been in the other coastal counties.

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    Donors Frustrated by ‘Personal Agendas’ in Afghanistan: US | TOLOnews

    Wells says donors are frustrated by personal agendas being advanced ahead of the welfare of the Afghan people.

    Pressure by the United States continues because of the unsolved political “impasse” in Afghanistan between President Ashraf Ghani and Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, which deepened after the announcement of the Afghan election results in February.

    “As the world gets slammed by COVID-19, with devastating economic consequences for all, donors are frustrated and fed up by personal agendas being advanced ahead of the welfare of the Afghan people,” US State Department’s Alice G. Wells tweeted on Monday, referring to the unsolved political tension in Afghanistan.

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    Irish leader Leo Varadkar picks up shifts as medical doctor to help tackle

    Seven years ago, Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar quit medicine for politics. Now he is going back to work as a doctor as his country battles the novel coronavirus outbreak.

    The Taoiseach, as the Prime Minister is referred to in Ireland, has rejoined the medical register and will work one shift a week to help out during the pandemic, national broadcaster RTE reported.

    Varadkar worked as a doctor for seven years before becoming a politician. He left the medical profession in 2013.

    RTE reported that he re-registered as a doctor in March and offered his services to the country’s Health Service Executive for one session a week. Varadkar will carry out phone assessments to free up staff for frontline work, according to RTE.

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    The global economy just got a $1 trillion infusion from Japan

    Japan is committing nearly $1 trillion to try to protect its economy from the fallout from the coronavirus pandemic.

    Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Monday announced a 108 trillion yen ($989 billion) relief package — a staggering amount equivalent to about 20% of the annual output of the world’s third biggest economy.

    It includes tens of billions of dollars in cash handouts for families and small business owners who have lost their incomes because of the virus. The package also features tax breaks and zero-interest loans.

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    Lockdown wedding ends in arrest of bride and groom

    Police vans, not wedding cars, greet newlyweds who ignored South Africa’s ban on public gatherings.

    Married life got off to an unexpected start for a pair of newlyweds in South Africa when police showed up to the party.

    They had received a tip-off that the wedding in KwaZulu-Natal was happening on Sunday despite a nationwide ban on all public gatherings because of coronavirus.

    All 40 wedding guests, the pastor who conducted ceremony, and the newlyweds themselves were promptly arrested and taken to a police station outside Richards Bay.

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    Why India could help US get unproven 'corona drug'

    India may ‘reconsider’ a ban on exporting hydroxychloroquine after a call from the US President.

    India is reportedly “considering” a request by Donald Trump to release stocks of a drug the US president has called a “game-changer” in the fight against Covid-19.

    Mr Trump called India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday, a day after the country banned the export of hydroxychloroquine, which it manufactures in large quantities.

    The two leaders are on friendly terms, and Mr Trump recently made a high-profile trip to India.

    But is India really in a position to help the US? And does hydroxychloroquine even work against the coronavirus?

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    Coronavirus: India lights up to heed Modi's call for unity

    Twinkling flames from candles and traditional lamps light up night sky to mark fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

    Millions of Indians turned off their lights and lit up balconies and doorsteps with lamps, candles and flashlights on Sunday, in response to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s appeal to “challenge the darkness” spread by the coronavirus crisis.

    Modi, who imposed a three-week nationwide lockdown from March 25, asked all citizens to turn out their lights for nine minutes at 9pm local time (15:30 GMT) on Sunday, and to display lamps and candles in a show of solidarity.

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    Coronavirus patients on chloroquine heal faster – Senegalese medic | Africa

    Senegal has as of April 6, registered over 220 cases of COVID-19. Of those cases, 82 have recovered with two deaths.

    COVID-19 patients on hydroxychloroquine heal faster, a Senegalese doctor has disclosed. Moussa Seydi, Head of the Infectious Diseases Department at Fann Hospital in Dakar made the announcement after 55 people had recovered from the virus.

    “We have found out that patients undergoing treatment, especially under specific treatment such as hydroxychloroquine, heal faster.

    “But as I said earlier, when it comes to science, observation alone is not enough, and extensive research is needed before a theory can be validated. But the results that we have seen reassure us and reassure my entire team and we will continue in this direction,” Seydi stressed

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    Coronavirus: Nigerian showbiz couple arrested, Chinese medical aid slammed

    In this article we update you on major issues are pertains to the coronavirus pandemic in Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation.

    The Lagos State Police Command on Monday arraigned a popular showbiz couple for flouting the lockdown order in Lagos State. Nollywood actress, Funke Akindele, and her husband, Abdulrasheed Bello popularly known as JJC Skillz, held a birthday party in an estate contrary to lockdown rules.

    The couple were subject of social media bashing through much of Sunday after Funke posted photos of her husband’s birthday party. She subsequently explained in a social media post how the members of the party were pooled together.

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    What you need to know about coronavirus on Monday, April 6

    The US Surgeon General has told Americans this week to brace themselves for a “Pearl Harbor moment,” even as Trump says he sees “light at the end of the tunnel.”

    In the span of 40 minutes inside one New York City emergency room, six patients went into cardiac arrest, and four died before they made it out of the ER. There was no time to regroup.

    A hospital worker wrapped the body of a deceased patient. A half hour later, the body was gone, the space sanitized, and another critically ill patient arrived, coughing, with an oxygen mask on his face.

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    Drive-through funerals in the epicenter of Spain's coronavirus pandemic

    Every 15 minutes or so, a hearse pulls up in front of the crematorium in Madrid. A priest greets family members, delivers blessings, and douses the casket with holy water. There’s no eulogy, and there’s hardly even time for a goodbye.

    Father Edduar, a Catholic priest dressed for mass, walks out of the building to greet family members who have come to pay their final respects — by national rule, each group is limited to five or fewer people. The driver opens the trunk to reveal a simple wooden casket. Standing behind the hearse, under a shaded carport, the mourners keep a distance. Some wear masks, or even gloves. Hugs and kisses are an uncommon sight.

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    Boris Johnson 'still in charge' while in hospital

    The prime minister is undergoing “routine tests”, 10 days after he was diagnosed with coronavirus.

    Prime Minister Boris Johnson is “still very much in charge of the government” despite spending the night in hospital with coronavirus, Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick has said.

    The PM was taken to a London hospital on Sunday evening with “persistent symptoms” – including a temperature – for a series of routine tests.

    It is said to be a “precautionary step” taken on the advice of his doctor.

    Mr Johnson, 55, tested positive for coronavirus 10 days ago.

    Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab will chair Monday morning’s coronavirus meeting in his place, Mr Jenrick said.

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    Trump sees ‘light at end of tunnel’ in virus fight

    The president voices hope that cases are “levelling off” in US hotspots, but warns of more deaths.

    President Donald Trump has expressed hope coronavirus cases were “levelling off” in US hotspots, saying he saw “light at the end of the tunnel”.

    On Sunday, New York, the epicentre of the US outbreak, reported a drop in the number of new infections and deaths.

    Mr Trump described the dip as a “good sign”, but warned of more deaths as the pandemic neared its “peak” in the US.

    “In the days ahead, America will endure the peak of this pandemic,” Mr Trump said at his daily coronavirus briefing.

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    Coronavirus: Bronx Zoo tiger tests positive for COVID-19

    Malayan tiger ‘Nadia’ believed to be infected by a zoo employee in the first known animal case of COVID-19 in the US.

    A tiger at New York’s Bronx Zoo has tested positive for the new coronavirus, in what is believed to be the first known infection in an animal in the United States or a tiger anywhere in the world, federal officials and the zoo said. 

    The four-year-old Malayan tiger named Nadia was among a group of six other animals to have also fallen ill, the Wildlife Conservation Society, which manages the zoo, said in a statement on Sunday. 

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    UK students use 3D printers to produce masks | Africanews

    At a time when the health administration seems distraught, the initiative of these young students sounds like an encouragement to do more.

    A group of students in the United Kingdom has found productive ways to eliminate the boredom of a lockdown by making yourself useful against the coronavirus.

    This group of students has returned to classrooms in the UK to produce protective equipment. The masks are designed using 3D technology.

    “We have a total of 500 orders. And this is only our fourth day going. It’ll probably put us into next week or even the third week of production”, said George Dazvaryan, a former pupil at Latymer upper school.

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    Afghan Refugees in Dire Need: Pakistan | TOLOnews

    Food needs to be sent to Afghan refugees, says Pakistani official.

    Pakistan on Sunday warned the international community over the developing “humanitarian crisis” among Afghan refugees due to the coronavirus crisis, Anadolu News Agency reported.

    Pakistan’s Minister for States and Frontier Regions Shehryar Khan Afridi told reporters in the capital Islamabad that Pakistan was rolling out a special relief package for Afghan refugees “despite financial difficulties faced by the country.”

    “If Pakistan can roll out a special relief package for Afghan refugees, why can’t the developed nations come to the rescue of the besieged refugees,” he said.

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    Chinese tourist sites packed as country comes out of lockdown, but experts

    Large numbers of people flocked to popular tourists sites and major cities across China over the country’s holiday weekend, despite warnings from health authorities that the risk posed by the coronavirus pandemic remains far from over.

    Images from the Huangshan mountain park in Anhui province on Saturday April 4 showed thousands of people crammed together, many wearing face masks, eager to experience the great outdoors after months of travel restrictions and strict lockdown measures.

    Such was the rush to get into the popular tourist spot, that at 7.48 a.m., authorities took the unusual step of issuing a notice declaring that the park had reached its 20,000 person daily capacity, and would not be accepting any more visitors, according to state media Global Times.

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    He recovered from the coronavirus and now his plasma donation could save th

    A California man who was diagnosed with the coronavirus and recovered has donated his plasma to help others fighting the potentially deadly virus.

    On March 6, Jason Garcia noticed he had a mild cough and some congestion.

    The 36-year-old aerospace engineer from Escondido, California, didn’t think that much of it. But later while on a work trip, he noticed a headache had begun accompanying his cough. Within a day, he also had a fever and body aches that quickly came and went. Then he began experiencing shortness of breath.

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