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Best Crypto Coins To Invest and Make More Money

If you are thinking about investing in cryptocurrency and you wonder which is the best crypto coins to invest in then this article is for you. This article is going to introduce you to some coins that is profitable to invest in with good possibility of making good profit.

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1. Ethereum: Surprisingly ETH investment occupies the first spot. You might wonder why not bitcoin, well the boat of bitcoin have long sailed and Ethereum has potential of becoming big in the future. In fact according to some reviews, ETH is the most valuable cryptocurrency in the market.

Another reason why ETH investors are likely to make more money is due to its ease of mining. The cost of mining ETH seems far lesser and more affordable when compare to BTC. So ETH investment is pretty cool and will yield more profit for its investors as its price is still on the rise and when there is eventually a bull run in the cryptocurrency market, ETH will sure have its fair share of this run.

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2. Bitcoin Cash: The second best crypto coins to invest in is the BCH. The volume of trade in BCH have increased in recent times more than that of bitcoin. Like ETH mining BCH is more easier compare to bitcoin. Been the second most expensive cryptocurrency in the market, BCH is still growing and its price will likely be on the rise too. So investing in BCH will yield good profit for its investors in the long run.

3. Bitcoin: We all know that the boat of bitcoin have long sailed but you can’t take BTC out when it comes to best crypto coins investment. The price of BTC has been predicted to worth more than $20,000 in the coming years. Now BTC is just worth somewhere above $6,000 and investing in the most used cryptocurrency is still a very viable option.

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Although there are various fraud websites and platforms for BTC investment, there are legit BTC investment platforms. CLICK HERE to read about one of such investment platform. Also CLICK HERE to read about a BTC investment platform that offers 30% return to investment in six days.

4. Monero: This not so popular cryptocurrency is silently making wave in the cryptocurrency market. Monero is now worth over $100 and has made some real money for its investors. The good news is that it’s price is just starting to climb and there is still a long way to go.


Other cryptocurrencies to invest in are Litecoin, Bitcoin Gold, Ripple, Stellar and EOS. The reason why you should consider having these cryptocurrencies is that their price is still rising and should there be a bull run in the cryptocurrency market they will likely have increase in their piece values. You might wonder how you can invest in these cryptos when it’s hard to find miners or legit mining platforms for these cryptocurrencies. Well read on

The best way you can invest in these cryptos is by exchanging your bitcoin or bitcoin cash for these cryptos. You can make the exchange with faith that when there is an eventual rise in price you can cash out and earn more. The best crypto coins analyzed in this article is based on their popularity and ease of exchange. So please be sure to understand every cryptocurrency you wish to invest in before throwing in your money.

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