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Bitcoin Faucet: What is Bitcoin Faucet and How To Get Some

bitcoin faucet
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If you have been into bitcoin for a while then you must have heard of the word bitcoin faucet. And if it’s your first time of hearing about faucet, well here is a chance for you to get to understand what it means.


Bitcoin faucet is small units of bitcoin. Take it this way, the American dollar is made up of cents. In reality 100 cents make 1 dollar. In like manner bitcoin faucet is the cent to bitcoin. While 100 cents make up 1 dollar, about 100,000,000 faucets make up 1 bitcoin. To further understand this analysis let’s try a real world example and we’ll still be using the cent and dollar example.

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Take the dollar for example, it starts to count from 0.00 which makes it 100 cent to 1 dollar. However, bitcoin is designed in such a way that it starts counting from 0.00000000. Cent and dollar starts to count from 0.01, 0.02 and so on. That is exactly how bitcoin is also made. The bitcoin faucet starts to count from 0.00000001, 0.0000002 and so on. Now that you have a basic understanding of faucet and how it works, lets show you how you can some few faucets.

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Gathering faucets to form a tangible bitcoin can be a very tough job. Imagine how long it might take someone to gather about 100,000,000 faucets. But the good news is there are couple of websites that are willing to give faucets, some for free others for performing few tasks.

Mntrends have made some lists of websites that will give you free bitcoin by doing some kind of job or by doing nothing at all. You can CLICK HERE to check out these websites. Also there are also online websites that allows you to Mine bitcoin from your computer. The balance is usually gathered in faucet. Our best recommendation is CryptoTab Mining. CLICK HERE to read about CryptoTab and how it works.

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