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Bitpay Adds Bitcoin Cash Settlement Services To Payment Platforms

Bitpay has always allowed people to settle in BTC, and now the firm has added support so merchants can settle in Bitcoin Cash.
The cryptocurrency payment processor Bitpay, now give its merchants the options of settling all of their funds in bitcoin cash or they can choose fiat settlement instead in their local currency in order to avoid price volatility.
And merchants using Bitpay’s services can also get a fraction of BCH and a fraction of fiat as well.
While making this announcement publicly, Bitpay explains:
“Most businesses still do business in national currencies — But more are starting to hold and use digital currency, too, from making bill payments to managing their treasuries,”

“Now we’re excited to announce the second digital currency settlement option for Bitpay merchants: Bitcoin Cash.”

Why People Prefer Bitcoin Cash These Days
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Bitpay wants to make it easier for people to accept blockchain payments. And many merchants and businesses who accepted BTC in the past have changed over to Bitcoin Cash. Buy why? This is because BTC charges $50 per transaction unlike Bitcoin Cash that is extremely affordable to all at $0.003 per transaction.
Although, this past Spring Bitpay gave people the option to choose either BCH or BTC during the payment invoice process.
BitcoinCash fans were very pleased to hear the announcement across Reddit forums and social media platforms. The firm Bitpay emphasized it just wants to make accepting payments easier, noting:
“We’re excited to continue our work to make the Bitpay platform the best way to accept blockchain payments – and to accept payments, period.”

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