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China's Crypto Ratings: EOS Top Spot, Bitcoin in 17th position

Recently, a research carried out by a company that is link to China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), released its latest evaluation of Blockchain networks. The results or list was full of surprises.
The China Electronic Information Industry Development (CCID) Blockchain Research Institute placed the newly launched EOS network in the number one spot, with ethereum and NEO coming second and third, respectively.
However, bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, didn’t make the top 10. Bitcoin was 17th in position.
And the project sets out to gauge 30 major blockchains based on their technological capabilities and use cases, not aspects related to their financial valuation. According to the index’s website , the purpose of the list is to “evaluate the development level of global public-owned chain technology, accurately grasp the trend of Blockchain.”
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The CCID blockchain research team in its assessments gave EOS 102 points for fundamental technology, 15.4 for applicability and 44.1 for innovation. Meanwhile, ethereum – a platform noted for its smart contract functionality – scored lower on fundamental technology (85.2), but higher on applicability (24.9).
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The team wrote about the number one-placed blockchain: “Because of its potential to support commercial distributed applications, [EOS] is considered by the industry to be a typical representative of Blockchain 3.0.”
While, Bitcoin was rated as low as 41.6 on the fundamental technology scale but, notably, scored relatively well on innovation (35).
What do you think about theB CCID ratings?

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