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Cryptocurrency Forecast | Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum Price Increases

The value of the three most valuable cryptocurrency is on the rise again as BITCOIN breaks the $4,400 mark and increases by $200 making it’s current worth as the time of writing this article to be somewhere above $4,600. ETHEREUM which happens to be the third most valuable cryptocurrency also saw a rise in it’s value as the breaks the $300 mark and as at the time of writing this article now worth $375.
It seems the uptrend in the ETHEREUM instrument is very much intact and we might even see ETHEREUM giving better returns in terms of percentages when compared to bitcoin, in the short and medium term as well.

BITCOIN CASH is not left behind as it climbs the $500 mark and as at the time of writing this article now worth about $560. The BITCOIN CASH is currently the second most valuable cryptocurrency.


Looking ahead to the rest of the day, we are likely to see the increase in the prices continue for the BTC, the BCH and the ETH markets as well for the day as the traders pick up the breakouts in the prices and begin to trade this.
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