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How To Protect Your Data on Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg and his facebook team now have new business customers. These customers are other big companies like Microsoft, Netflix and Spotify. Facebook has shared users contact information, personal data, and even private messages with these companies. In order words, your private information with facebook that were supposed to be personal, are no longer private but now public in a sense.

But what can you do to protect your data on facebook? Well, in truth there is only little you can do about what is already on facebook. But you can at least find out what the company has on you, and you can take steps to limit how much more it can gather from you henceforth.

1. Review Your Privacy Settings

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Facebook don’t feel remorse for sharing your private data with other companies. According to them, they have such permission to share information with any companies. Though the company tends to define “permission” loosely.

So, one way on how to protect your data on facebook is by reviewing your privacy settings again. You can limit who sees your posts and other activity, turn off your location history, and disable third-party apps from having access to your data.

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You can also change other privacy settings by checking “Timeline and Tagging” in your account settings.

2. Do You Take Time To Read Terms of Service at All? Do Now

You see, most times users don’t care to read terms of service anymore. I guess you are guilty of this as well.

Now, according to facebook, the company didn’t violate any user agreements in sharing their supposed private data with other companies. Whether that’s true or not, most users don’t even know because they barely even look at terms of service notifications before clicking “accept.”

Well, maybe if only you had read the terms of service before hand, you would have known how much of your data facebook will have permission to. So next time be smart to read terms of service first before clicking that “Accept “.

3. Limit Your Facebook Usage and Mind What You Post or Share

Maybe there is one or two you can learn from the president of Consultancy Creative Strategies known as, Tim Bajarin. According to him, he says, in light of the recent news on what Facebook is doing, he has changed the way he uses the service. While he used to share photos of family, now “it’s mostly dogs and cats,” he says.

Experts advise that if you are worried about what Facebook does with your data, limit your time on the service and minimize posting.

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4. Download Your Facebook Information

Find out what Facebook knows about you. One way you can do this is by downloading your information from Facebook. Facebook allows people to download all of their data that the company has collected.

Under “Settings,” click on “Your Facebook Information” and “Download Your Information.” You will get a file with every photo and comment you’ve posted, all the ads you’ve clicked on, stuff you’ve liked and searched for, and everyone you’ve friended — and unfriended — over the years.

5. How Important is Facebook To You? Evaluate it

The truth is that, whether you stay on Facebook depends on how much the service benefits you versus how much it takes from you. Weigh it to know if you can live without facebook or not. For example, Tim Bajarin mentioned earlier commented, connecting with friends and family is still worth the risk of sharing my data. “But I’m becoming more targeted about who I communicate with, and I’m taking more control of what I post and what I don’t post,” he says.

In summary, according to Facebook terms of service, the company has every right or permission to share your data with other companies. Thus, the best way to protect your data, is to review your privacy settings and also to control what you post on Facebook henceforth. At least, you can learn from Tim Bajarin.

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