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Instagram Direct Now Supports Voice Chat/Messages

The latest feature now added to Instagram Direct, is the voice message feature. But, you may be wondering why it took them like forever to add this simple ABC feature to the social network platform. Well, the reason is not farfetched, as they are busy day and night ‘copycating’ Snapchat.

Anyways, whatever the case might be that make them wait this long to introduce this feature, is best known to the company. What we should be concerned about now is that, Instagram Direct, the area of the service where you chat with your friends and family either one-on-one or in group settings, is getting a new feature today (voice message).

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The voice message feature is basically a carbon copy of the walkie-talkie like system that Facebook Messenger has had for the past five years. It works exactly the same, it has the same limitations, everything.

How The Instagram Direct Voice Message Works?
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Starting from today that this feature is introduced, you should begin to see a new microphone icon in your group or one-to-one chats in Direct. Hold that and you can record voice messages up to one minute in length. The instant you stop holding the mic icon the voice message will be sent. If you want to discard it instead, just move your finger to the trash icon that shows up while you’re recording.

When, How and Why You Should Use It

I believe this shouldn’t be your first time of using voice messages, but for the sake of newbies. The voice messages won’t expire, and allow for asynchronous communication through voice, for the moments when texting isn’t convenient – or you feel you’d be able to express more thoughts more quickly by talking.

And for those times you think an emotion is better captured through speaking than writing, the voice message feature should be in best use. This new feature should be live in Instagram for both Android and iOS users.

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