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One In Four Millennials Are Interested in Investing in Cryptocurrency

According to a new poll conducted by crypto payment start up Circle, one in four Millennials are interested in investing in cryptocurrency over the next year.

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The survey was conducted with over 3,000 individuals earlier this week, finding that a majority of Millennials believe themselves to be “aggressive” investors in the technology. Members of other demographics, including Generation X (Persons born in 1960’s and 70’s) and Baby Boomers (Persons born after the second World War) were also polled.

Moreover, the Goldman Sachs-backed payment platform used Survey Monkey to collect its results, though it only published responses from users who identified as “aggressive investors.”

The research conducted also revealed that men are more interested in investing in cryptocurrency than women.

The poll shows that: Forty-two percent of male Millennials, 34 percent of men identifying in Generation X and 16 percent of male Baby Boomers have looked into asset classes like cryptocurrencies, versus 27 percent of Millennial women, 19 percent of Generation X women and 9 percent of female Baby Boomers.

Not surprisingly, Social media platform, eToro, surveyed its users this past May, with its report revealing that only 8.5 percent of all users were women. As of March, the company had over 9 million users. It therefore means that,
women being a minority in the crypto space is not new.

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