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LG Q9 Review | Consumers Calls LG Q9 a Weak Smartphone [User Reviews]

LG Q9 review: Week in- week out, we allow you audience to give a review on the newest release of smartphone. LG Q9 was announced this January and is set to be release later in July. However, here are your reviews about the smartphone.

Anonymous said,
” LG and HTC are the most insane manufacturers out there…they are tying so hard to fail as much as possible. Seriously, WTF? Weak specifications everywhere”

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T square,
” Snapdragon 821 in 2019???? This is a no no for me”

” I admire LG Device and Specs but i’m wondering why LG cant Expand their Battery to 4000mAh or up. That’s the only concern i have with LG Phones.”

“Why snapdragon 821??? Why 3000 mah battery???
Even OnePlus 3T struggles a little with SD 821 and 3400 mah… because it’s a 2016 flagship…
Releasing a mobile with SD 821 in 2019 is a joke…

” The device is for laughs by a ridiculous company, terrible battery, very expensive.
lg close mobile parts

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” I was hoping the Q9 have something like a 5.5-5.8 inch 18:9 with a new 10nm SD 6xx
with all the good stuff from Q8 and Q7, nfc, bt5, waterproof, sd slot, jack
nah it just have another hideous notch with SD 821

“What’s the point with this Q9 when u can buy V30 with better specs and design at this price?
I rather buy G6 with 280 euro and no notch.”


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LG Q9 Weaknesses

• Weak Battery (3000 mAh)

• SD 821 in 2019? (Thumbs down)

• Price of 400 EUR ($458) is too much to throw away just like that. 😉😉

The purpose of this review from users is to help you identify the weakness and strength of every newish smartphone before you shop it. And based on the LG Q9 review from users, the smartphone can be labeled the first weak/average device of 2019.

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