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Nintendo Planning a New Switch For Summer 2019

Nintendo Switch has turned out to be a huge success since its formal introduction in early March 2017. According to a reliable source, Nintendo has sold nearly 20 million units since its debut in 2017.
Nintendo is also planning to sell 20 million Switch units by March 2019, which seems to be well within reach, given that it hit 19.7 million back in June.
However, according to the Wall Street Journal report, Nintendo will release an update Switch video game console next year in order to maintain its sales momentum. Although it’s still unclear whether this new version would be called Nintendo switch 2.
All the details on what the 2019 version will have to offer is still yet unknown, but the Journal does say that screen upgrades are in the works. Among other things to upgrade might be the Switch’s LCD screen from the lower-end tech used now to the newer LCD screen tech seen in more recent smartphones.
Moreover, the report notes that the Switch won’t make the jump to OLED just yet. That’s a screen technology superior to LCD but a lot more expensive. Other upgrades were not mentioned, but the report says that it’ll likely share many features with the current model and that it’ll be compatible with existing games.
The new version most like would be release next year summer.

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