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Samsung foldable Phones: How much it will cost (Price) and Specs

When will Samsung foldable phones be launched and how much Will it cost you to buy one?
Samsung has long been rumoured to be developing foldable phones and Samsung mobile Chief DJ Koh told Korean journalists that, the company has four phone launches scheduled for 2019.
The phones are Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung Note 10, Samsung 5G phone, and a foldable phone, each with separate brand names.
The Samsung Mobile Chief was asked if weather the company is going to change from its norms of launching S series in the first half of the year and Note series in the second half of the year.
“For the immediate future,” Koh said, “there won’t be a change in launching the S series in the first half and Note series in the second half of the year.”
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Koh also suggested the foldable phone’s launch is imminent, noting Samsung doesn’t “want to lose the world’s-first title.” He said Samsung has been “focusing on developing innovations” and has solved issues related to the phone’s design.

How Much Will The Samsung foldable Phones Cost?
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Well, the phone is going to be launched next year 2019. But rumour has it that the phone, which has been called the Galaxy X, is thought to feature a 7-inch display that folds.
It could cost as much as $1,500 when it launches. Since this year phones are already running on a thousand USD.

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