Simplest Explanation | The Difference Between BLOCKCHAIN and BITCOIN

There have been lots of explanations as to tell the difference between BLOCKCHAIN and BITCOIN. Most writers have lots of articles about the difference between these two. But the difference is very simple and easy to understand. In fact the difference between blockchain and bitcoin should not be more than 50 words(in a manner of speaking).
BLOCKCHAIN is a technology while BITCOIN is a type of cryptocurrency. The BLOCKCHAIN technology gave birth to BITCOIN. BLOCKCHAIN is use to control most of the BITCOIN transactions that occur daily. The simplest explanation is that blockchain is the vehicle that drives bitcoin. This means that blockchain can be refer to as the foundation on which bitcoin is built.
So now you know the simple difference between blockchain and bitcoin. One is a Technology (BLOCKCHAIN) while the other is a cryptocurrency/digital money (BITCOIN). While there are many other difference and advance review of these two, the major difference is what is stated in this article.
The blockchain technology is been accepted for other use but we can’t say that for bitcoin and other crypto. With time crypto users are hoping that bitcoin and other cryptocurrency will be accepted same way the the blockchain technology is been accepted.
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