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Sony PlayStation Classic: Lists of 20 Games for America Version

Before the launch of Sony PlayStation Clasic in December, Sony has released the full, 20-game lineup for its PlayStation Classic mini console.

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Sony will launch the PlayStation classic Worldwide on Dec. 3 which marks the 24th anniversary of the PlayStation’s release.

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The PlayStation Classic’s game list for North America includes a variety of genres, including 2D action games. See the full list below:

•Battle Arena Toshinden
•Cool Boarders 2
•Destruction Derby
•Final Fantasy 7
•Grand Theft Auto
•Intelligent Qube
•Jumping Flash
•Metal Gear Solid
•Mr Driller
•Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee
•Resident Evil Director’s Cut
•Revelations: Persona
•Ridge Racer Type 4
•Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo
•Syphon Filter
•Tekken 3
•Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six
•Twisted Metal
•Wild Arms

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