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Who is Ready For a Free Disc Microsoft’s Xbox One

Microsoft is rumoured to be developing a free disc Xbox one. Earlier on, when Xbox One was launched by Microsoft, it banked hard on the idea that gamers would favor digital content over physical discs… An idea that only lasted for sometime before fading off.

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However, according to a new report from Thurrott, the company may be revisiting the idea of a digital-focused game console again. A free disc Microsoft’s Xbox One could mean good for game lovers. As this would lower the cost for people who aren’t attached to physical game copies or Blu-ray movies, potentially by as much as $100.

But what happens if you already have a disc-based game library?
Well, according to a report, there would be a “disc-to-digital” exchange program where you could visit a store and turn in your tangible games in return for download codes.

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Moreover, on top of this rumored free disc Microsoft’s XboxOne console, Thurrott also reported that Microsoft will release a revised XboxOne S console that retains the disc drive but still has a lower cost.

What so ever the case is, Microsoft will let us know soon. 

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