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How to start a music label, 175+ music business contract templates (2019)

how to run a record label

How to start a music label
How to start a music label


Are you thinking of starting your own record label? Or how to make a music business plan? Here is a chance for you with this article guide on How to start a music label with about 165+ music business contract templates.

Before starting a record label, they are few documents you should possess to be able to operate a successful music company. The major document is a well-written record business plan that shows the potential funding sources, this will show you how to operate your entertainment business successfully.

This document also summarizes the operational and financial objectives of your record label business and the detailed budgets and plans showing all the objectives to be realized.

In this article, you will learn how to promote musicians and the two different types of musicians.

Learn how you can make a serious musician a full time living by selling his records.  With the perfect business plan provided by the record label business plan, you will be able to make strategies and magically you will be successful.

The record label business plan has helped a lot of music entrepreneurs who make music their priority and have seriously move them to the next level.

By following this guide on how to start a music label step by step, you will be able to make great music plans and excel in the music industry.

The next big step is for you to start a music business plan either for yourself or for a developing artist and bringing the artist to the spotlight.


How to start a music label


  1. The market research
  2. The music/record label business plan
  3. Music label marketing plan
  4. The label name ideas
  5. Cost of starting a music label
  6. The music label marketing ideas
  7. Marketing overview


Starting a music label


Planning your venture

  • Defining your venture
  • Writing your business plan
  • Detailing all your costs for your start-up
  • Preparing a cash flow forecast
  • Creating your team


Executing your plans

  • Formalizing your business
  • Bringing in talents
  • Getting out, listening to music with a critical ear
  • Meeting the press
  • Meeting the engineers
  • Visiting music recording stores
  • Getting to know the agents


Maintaining the success

  • Establishing your brand
  • Marketing your label creatively
  • Growing your base


The components of the record label business plan components include;

The mission statement



The mission statement
The mission statement

This will help you understand the general purpose of the music company, listing major reasons why it is in the business, while it stands as a reminder to the public, employees in the company and what the founder had envisioned.

You will also learn in this guide the general business purposes and how they dominate the music industry both online and offline. How to produce high-quality music and promoting quality entertaining products.


The executive summary

The executive summary
The executive summary


This guide summarizes the major highlights of your music business plan you should know, this also includes what products and services your plan will provide. The main facts like the projected sales and the profits or the number of unit sales, financial gain and major keys to a successful music company.

Furthermore, this section highlights important and useful information that no one would want to overlook especially potential investors.


The management team

The management team
The management team


This section in the guide shows the component of your label business plan and identifies the main individuals operating in the key positions of the company, with their duties and responsibilities.

Here you will learn how the significant accomplishment and business experience will be highlighted and brought to the table in order to contribute to the music company success.


Music industry analysis


Music industry analysis
Music industry analysis


This guide provides a different technique overview of the music industry and recent changes, this includes the digital sounds sales, versus the compact disc sales (CD), and single track downloads, versus the digital album sales. Relevant ideas, necessary information should be up to date and also be included in the record label business plan.


 The marketing and promotion


 The marketing and promotion
The marketing and promotion

This blueprint actually works to customize detailed marketing and promote the release of music products with promotional strategies sequel to the subsequent release. The promotion area can be covering the radio, television and video network both online and off-line with the proper timelines.

Then the next is the setting up of interviews and the artist public performances to support the artist release with the updated strategies which creates an online and offline demand.



The financial plan



In the article, you will discover that this is one of the most prioritize components in the record label business plan. Here in the financial plan section, you will see that it includes the projected balance sheet yearly totals, the projected statement of cash flow, use of funds statement, break-even profit analysis and the parts of a financial company.



The essential business plan components must include:


The essential business plan components
The essential business plan components


  • The company description
  • The personnel
  • The recording of the Sound
  • The manufacturing process
  • Disturbing off-line
  • Disturbing online
  • The music videos
  • The distribution for other labels
  • Merchandising
  • Concert promotion
  • Industry analysis of the independent labels
  • Music industry sales volumes
  • The CD sales versus digital sales
  • The marketing goals and objectives
  • The marketing promotion strategy
  • Radio promotion
  • One year sales campaign
  • Dance club promotion
  • Public relations
  • Print advertising
  • Charity involvement
  • Internet music marketing strategies
  • Marketing summary
  • The management team
  • Marketing and sales
  • Publicity
  • Promotion
  • Artist relations department
  • Artist and repertoire department
  • Creative services department
  • The financial plan
  • Projected balance sheet yearly totals
  • The music project
  • Projection cost
  • Projected statements of cash flow
  • Break even profit
  • analysis
  • Use of funds statements and many more…


The record label business plan benefits

With the help of the guide on how to start a music label, you will learn many things that you can accomplish with this business plan.

  • You will be able to gather different ideas written on scraps paper or hiding in files, folders or anywhere on your computer hard drive and put them into a solid record business plan.
  • Learn how you can fully customize the editable professional business plan template, to suit the original and the unique plans and goals in order to bring them back to life. This actions can start today immediately as you purchase them.
  • The submitting of your plans to the investors, the financial sources and the secured amount funds that are required to make big things happen. With the assistance of the guide, you have the chance to do more better and taken more seriously.
  • Stand out and start operating serious record label business plans now!




The big music and entertainment contracts bundle

If your business is majorly music and entertainment then never make any deal that doesn’t include agreements in writing.

Now with this bonus, you can learn how you can protect yourself from the tons of headaches and possibly hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in losses.


Few of the music business contract templates found in this guide;

  • The agency booking agreement
  • The agreement of foreign agency
  • Agreement of obligation to pay
  • Artist management contract
  • Artist recording contract
  • Broadcast release
  • Artist tech rider
  • Broadcast release
  • Foreign agency contract
  • Event sponsorship contract
  • Copyright license
  • Employment contract
  • International marketing contract
  • Master recording contract
  • Agreement of limited partnership
  • Master track license
  • Mechanical license
  • Parental consent form
  • Performance contract
  • Photographer license
  • Producers assistant contract
  • Producers talent contract
  • Production contract
  • Publicity contract
  • Royal agreement contract
  • Royal payment contract
  • Songwriters contract
  • Sale of property contract
  • Single song option contract
  • Vocalist contract
  • Extension of contract
  • Assignment of contract
How to start a music label
How to start a music label



Questions and Answers (Q&A)


How do I start my own record label?

With the help of this guide, you will get the important pieces of information regarding how you can start your own record label and steps you should take when starting a record label.


How much does it cost to start a record label?

You can actually start it as a small scale business, that’s why I am recommending this article on how to start a music label by the record label business plan.


How can I promote my recording studio?

The record label business plan has made promotion easy by stating in this article ways to promote your recording studio.




Summary: How to start a music label

We all know as the music industry is changing and there is a need to always be a step ahead this guide will assist you with the things you want to know on How to start a music label with about 165+ music business contract templates, and also summarizes the major highlights of the different music business plan you should know.

With all of these ideas and techniques, in no time you will succeed in the industry as long as you follow the record label business plan carefully. Make good use of the 165+ music business contract templates and see yourself doing well.

Enjoy the big music and entertainment contracts bundle and protect yourself from any headaches. Start winning as you venture into the musical world and making music.

Purchase and download how to start a music label now on the record label business plan and get the additional 175+ free limited time bonus products!

How to start a music label, 175+ music business contract templates - Record label business plan






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