Design Professional Logos, 10+ bonus with 59+ videos – Logo masterclass

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Product Description

Design Professional Logos guide with a 10+ bonus which will help you stretch your logo knowledge to the further limits.

Here is what you will learn;

  • Professional logo design questionnaires revealed and dissected!
  • Harvest valuable reference material to develop awesome logo design inspiration methods.
  • Let your brain ooze creativity ideas with professional mood boards, pin boards, and mind maps.
  • Use a pencil like a pro to develop fantastic logo design ideas ready for digitizing.
  • How to professionally tweak the text to suit almost any requirement and how to combat optical illusions.
  • Wield Illustrators pen tool like a magician to develop any shape
  • Find out how to use brush effects that will set you apart from the amateurs.
  • Learn how to apply priceless effects which enhance logos you assume to be complete.
  • Learn how to arrange and prepare file formats like a true organized professional.
  • See logo designs spring into life stage by stage, from sketched concepts in a real-life case study!
  • Discover how the symbols developed can hold a wealth of exciting, hidden meanings.
  • Learn how to apply simple parts of shapes for awesome fill effects to take symbols to the next level.
  • Present your masterpieces with professional pride as we look into top-notch presentation techniques.
  • Gain access to all the documents I use in my logo design business including all email templates!


design professional logos
design professional logos

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