Gifting, All you need to know about Gifting, Gifting Apps & Reasons to give.



A gift is an item presented or given to someone intention of payment in return. If the item you are presenting as a gift is own by the person then is not a gift.

Giving a person a gift can make the person less sad or happier, gifting can be in an act of forgiveness, and kindness. Gifts are also presented on occasions like weddings, birthday, and holidays.

Presentation of gifts

In many countries, there are a lot of ways a gift can be traditionally packaged for different occasions.

Gifts are wrapped in a wrapping paper in the western cultures and maybe sometimes accompanied with a gift note which shows the recipient’s name and the giver’s name.

In some cultures like the Chinese gifts are wrapped in a red wrapping connotes for luck.

Inexpensive gifts are common and are shared among associates, acquaintances, colleagues, while amorous gifts are shared among close friend, romantic interest or relatives.


Occasions for giving gifts:


A gift can be presented at a coronation event.

A gift can be used as an expression of love or friendship.

Gifts can be as a form of charity.

A gift can be presented as a form of mutual aid.

It can be as an expression of gratitude for a received gift.

It can be offered as a travel souvenir.

A gift can be used as an expression of piety.

It can be used to offset misfortune.

Gifts can be used for other custom celebration or occasions such as:

A birthday (you receive gifts from friends and loved ones).

Christmas (when its Christmas, you will see a lot of people getting gifts, throughout the history of Christmas giving of gifts has been a tradition, people also left gift for people pretending they are Santa Clause).

A potlatch is a gift-giving feast rather than acquisition.

Feast of Saint Nicholas (gifts are given to each other).

Easter (when it comes to Easter basket filled with chocolate eggs, chocolate rabbits, jelly beans are given on Easter).

Greek Orthodox Christian’s gifts are given to family and friends in Greece on saint basil feast.

Muslims (on Eidi, Eid al-Adha, and Eid al-Fitr often at the end of Ramadan gifts are shared mainly across family and friends.

Jews give gifts to family and friends on Hanukkah.

Hindus give gifts to family and friends on Diwali and Pongal.

Buddhists are given to family and friends on Vesak.

African American share gifts among their family and friends on Kwanzaa.

Gifts are given at weddings.

Funeral ( gifts are giving in funerals such as; flowers, food, and drinks)

Wedding anniversary (spouse receive gifts from each other).

A birth (when a baby is born, the mother receives gifts from the father and the baby receives gifts from family and friends).

When you pass an examination you will be given a gift.

Father’s day (the father receives a gift from family and friends).

Mother receive gifts on mother’s day.

Siblings’ day (siblings receives gifts from one another).

Retirement gifts

Engagement gifts

Housewarming party gifts

Congratulation gifts



Promotional gifts

This is quite different from normal gifting. The receiver of the gifts could be an employee in a company or a client.

It can be used as an advertising purpose to promote or create more awareness of a brand name among people. In promotional gifting, the presentation holds more value to the gift itself.

Gifting Apps

Finding a gift for friends and family isn’t easy, especially when you have upcoming events such as weddings (bridal shower, engagement party), birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Gifting app makes gifting very easy to buy and send for friends, and for the family.

With this new gifting technology you don’t only give the perfect gift but it less the stress of searching for a gift and saves more time too.

There are so many gifting apps on Google play store and iTunes store so depending on who you’re buying the gift for, choose the best app that will work for you.


Yaioa gift app

yaioa Gift

This is a global gifting app that allows you to send and receive gifts from loved ones around the world. select the gift you want then input the number and email of the recipient.

Push the notification button and a message will be sent to them where to pick up or receive their gift.





This helps you to find the perfect gift to shop for your occasion, and who the gift is for. When you open the app all you have to do is choose a token and send a personalized note.

The recipient will then receive an email or a text message and redeem it like any other gift card.



Gift Jeenie

Gift Jeenie

Gift jeenie helps you get the best deals and access hottest deals from top online retailers.

This app will also help you save time so you don’t jump in and out different sites.


Perfect gift

perfect Gift

Just like its name this app helps you get the perfect gift for your spouse, parents, kids, fiancé, friends, and relatives.





The latest free gift popular app used globally.

Get a free gift card and PayPal reward free gift card.





Download trendliker app and get amazing products from Amazon.

Here you can get the perfect gift for your boyfriend/girlfriend.

In this app, you can find cool things and get them for low prices.





get and send gift cards from hundreds of top retailers from Amazon,iTunes, Starbucks, and many more with gyft a digital gift card platform.





This is a gift app for shopping for birthday gifts for your family and friends.

All you have to do download and start using it.




You can buy gift cards from cardpool, shop from work, home, or at the store.

You will find great discount here download now





This app helps you get a gift for anyone to say a thank you or appreciate their efforts.

In here you can find gifts for retired mom and dad, gifts for kids, special gift for a housewarming party, gift for a hairdresser, chocolate lovers, executives, and sister in law, and etcetera.





Customize a gift list and share gifts between people for Christmas or birthday party.



1800flowers: flowers & gifts

1800 Flowers


This is a flower delivery app where you can send flowers, plants, and gifts anywhere around the world just in one click.

They are number one in the best quality flower and always fresh when it arrives.





The minibar is an app that delivers liquor in your doorstep.

The app is perfect when it comes to sending gifts, office events, dinner parties, tailgates, after parties, pre-parties or f you need a cocktail.





Aha has amazing gifts you can send to recipient all over the world.

Aha offers the best ‘‘buy now, pay later’’ option. Standard shipping is free within the United States.



Tinysurprise – online gifting


This app was created to assist in the task of finding the perfect gifting items for your family and friends.

Most of the products you find on this app are handmade gift item with a lot of love.



Artifact Uprising

Artifact Uprising

Artifact Uprising is collections of photography.

Where you can complete a photo album, prints, gifts, and more.





This is a cupcake delivery app which can be used for gifting and it’s perfect for birthdays, anniversary, office parties, and other get together.

You can make orders directly on the app and get them delivered to you same day.

They also can make the gift memorable and send them to friends and family.



Gift on the go

Gift on the Go

This app helps you send great gifts to your loved ones based in India and Singapore.

You can choose from a variety of gift categories such as flowers, cakes, chocolates, gift cars etc., and have it delivered to your desired location.




Is an app that makes gifting easier, It’s a new way of gifting through sharing and inspiring.

It has a gift recommendation features so you can choose from and send.



Unique handmade gift idea

unique handmade gift idea

This app helps you find special gifts for someone.

Here you will find handmade gifts that suit the occasion and stand out from the crowd.

A handmade gift is perfect to show how much you care.



Zeek shop

Zeek Shop

Thinking about sending a gift to a loved one you are in the right place.

It's quick and easy with just one click.





This is a mobile free reward app all you have to do is download and earn nanas.

Use nana point to redeem gift cards.



Birthday gift list

Birthday Gift

This assists you in saving your loved one's birthdays dates, pictures, and phone numbers.

Currency is customized to your country, mark gifts and purchase them.



The wholesale gift shop

the wholsesale Gift shop

This is an official app of download the app to know more about the latest deals.

Looking for a great gift item for your brand promotion, sales promotion, or a good gift for your employees and customers then this the right place for you.



Gift generator

Gift generator

This app helps you choose the best birthday, holiday or anniversary gift using age and relationship.

It will help generates ideas in choosing a relevant and useful gift for friends and family.




Point Prizes

Earn free gift cards with from Amazon, Playstation, steam, XBOX, Google play and many more.

Start to earn points on pointsprizes.



Gifting Question and Answer Session (Q&A)

Here are some phrases and terms you can use when giving a gift to a loved one, friends, and family;

* Look I got you something. I hope you like it.

* I thought you might like this

* Guess what I got you

* It’s only something small, I hope you like it.

* Here’s a little present I got for you

* Look what I have for you.

A formal common phrase for giving gifts such as weddings or business dinner;

{Name} this is a present that we/staff got you.

{Name} I will like to give you this gift.

Here is a token of our appreciation.

Phrases for receiving gifts

Thank you very much!

That’s so kind!

I love it!


That’s so thoughtful of you.

Thank you it's beautiful!


Questions & Answers asked about gifting?


What does it mean to gift someone?

When a person voluntarily gives another person something without payment in return, either to show favor to someone, or honor an occasion, make a gesture of assistance, the gift is also a way of saying the right thing at the right time.

What is the purpose of a gift?

“Appreciation” a gift shows how grateful a person is and how they value the role they played in their life.

Where did the word gift come from?

It is an old English, first, it was used as “payment for wife”, or like the call it now a “dowry”. The gift was originated by the proto-Indo-European base ghabh, this word came from the Sanskrit word gabhasti which means “hand or a forearm”.

Why is the gift-giving important?

When giving a gift, you are given without expecting anything in return. Making a person special is enough reason you will want to give more. It reminds the receiver you care about them and always thinking about them.

Why should we give gifts at Christmas?

This is to remind us about the gifts given to Jesus Christ by the wise men: the gold, frankincense, and myrrh. The gold is associated with kings and Christians believe Jesus Christ as then kings of kings.

What is a gift from God?

Gifts may include showing care and mercy for a person in need or involve intercession before God and also other gifts from God are knowledge, wisdom, tongues, vision, prophecy, interpretations, healing and miracles.

How do you give someone a gift?

  • 1. Finding gifts for someone you know well

    • Make a list of the person’s interest and preferences.

    • Consider how close you are to that person.

    • Identify items the person may need.

    • Sneak a look at the person’s online wish list.

    • Consider giving the person a sentimental item.

    • Arrange an experience as a gift.

    • Donate your time a part of the gift.

    • Make a homemade gift.

      1. 2. Finding a Gift for someone you don’t know well

    • Create a homemade hostess gift.

    • Buy a practical gift for a teacher or boss

    • Choose a practical, but a thoughtful gift for employers.

    • Take a colleague out to lunch as a gift.

    • Ask people who are close to the person for gift advice.

      1. Giving the gift to the person

    • Personalize the gift wrapping.

    • Include a card with the gift

    • Get creative with the giving of the gift.


    What do I give my mom for mother’s day?

    The best gifts are from the heart, you can make something for her or a nice letter saying “I love you”.

    What do I get my father on his birthday?

    Know things he likes, enjoys or does.

    When did Santa start giving gifts?

    The legend of Santa Clause was traced back to hundreds of years to a monk named St. Nicholas. He believes to be born around 280 A.D in patara, modern-day turkey near Myra. He was admired for his kindness. St. Nicholas became the subject of many legends.


    Summary: Gifting

    Gifting is the means of showing you care and appreciate a person. a gift can be given to friends, family, teachers, colleagues, etc. The above Apps can help generate the type of gift you want to get for anyone, it is easy and fast.

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