Belly Dancing For Beginners Do you love watching Shakira belly dance? You can actually learn belly dancing, it is easy with this course on belly dancing for beginners with an additional 7+ super bonus. This is the most effective and easiest way to learn belly dancing from your home. Here in this course, you will learn easy to follow videos, as you learn these techniques step by step in no time you will go from beginner to expert. With private coaching and over 50+ step by step videos, you will be able to move your body gracefully with great confidence.   Masterclass Belly Dancing   [caption id="attachment_6468" align="alignnone" width="701"] Belly dancing for beginners[/caption] This belly dancing course system is very simple, and it comprises of over 50 videos that have a total runtime of eight hours, teaching all major types of steps on belly dance. This belly dance course is not expensive and it is the most intensive belly dance course ever. You will learn the step-by-step belly dance with a one-on-one coach This belly dancing instruction would be presented in an easy-to-follow format With 3 teachers covering the 5 major belly dancing styles 50+ videos with about 8 hours runtime for each Suitable for beginners Learn the 40+ body movements, as they are visually demonstrated and verbally described Basic movements are quickly covered within the first two hours See all movements from different viewing angles.   The Masterclass ultimate   [caption id="attachment_6470" align="alignnone" width="532"] Belly dancing for beginners[/caption]   What you will get in the ultimate masterclass; Three (3) Expert Teachers Three (3) different expert teachers, will be teaching you a diversity of styles and it will upgrade your learning experience because of the specialization.   The Five (5) Dance Styles This belly dancing course consists of 5 different dance moves, in this way you will explore the varieties of belly dancing.   8 Hours of Video The 50+ video chapters for about 8 hours, that includes different basic movement combinations, warmups, and great cool down music.     What makes belly dancing course number one (1)   The Engaging, Fun, and videos for easy to follow instructions Each part of this course is exciting and by following the basic belly dancing techniques, you will progress in full speed.   Covering over 50+ videos of Dancing moves, techniques, and combination. Learning how to move your body with so much grace and confidence is so beautiful when you are dancing. The 8 hours step by step videos will help you with the movements.   Different Teachers and 5 Dance Styles The three different teachers will cover the 5 styles of the course, teaching from the easy to the difficulty level. These courses are: An American Cabaret Egyptian Oriental U.S tribal Gothic & Tribal Fusion Turkish Didem   Excellent to beginners & Advanced dancers This course is perfect for beginners and a good review technique. The moves are divided into parts, making it easy for you to understand and combination of advanced movement.   Fast-Track Method & Award Winning Production Getting a clear and helpful teaching style, attention to solid techniques and exceptional production quality.   Belly Dance Music & Rhythm Get amazing audio and beautiful music that is perfect to support your belly dancing.   Instant Access To Videos After becoming a member, you will get instant lifetime access to all videos and many more. Enjoy the three ways of watching the videos: You can enjoy these videos through Download: All the videos are available for downloading to your computer and this system allows you to watch it over and over again.   Streaming: Watch video lessons through a membership area and get a lifetime access   DVD: You can get the videos on DVDs it allows you to watch anytime.   What you will be learning this multimedia package: A combination of footwork and hip work Upper body moves and accents The combination of the upper body accents and fluid hip work The selection of costumes and music All moves of 6 different dance styles Rhythmic hip and rotations Shimmy, shiver, and twists Challenging hip work combinations Camel rocks, forward and back steps Figure eights and pelvic tilts Undulations & torso rotation Belly dance percussive hip work Challenging fluid movements And so much more than you can ever imagine!   What will be shown in the videos   [caption id="attachment_6479" align="alignnone" width="300"] Belly dancing for beginners[/caption] The basic belly dance moves, and the combination of all the different movements You will be guided through the simple steps The footwork, arms and hand patterns, with the head control will be shown With this belly dance courses, you are guaranteed to learn the shortened curve and make the fastest, easiest and most inspiring beautiful moves.   [embed][/embed] This is an easy way to learn belly dancing from home. When you follow the videos and the step by step techniques, before you know it from being a beginner you will move to the expert level. You can also learn privately with a one-on-one coach these actually beats all other belly dancing classes. Get these super bonuses now Make an order now and get full access to the following 7 super bonuses:   The 25 Basic Foundation Drills This contains 25 videos and a 30-minute muscle-conditioning workout and introducing bally dance techniques and many more. Different dance moves and stretches Arms development gracefully The upper body articulation & strengthening The isolation of the shoulders The hip work Weight shift development, footwork and hip work Isolations of the ribcage and hips.   The Complex Combination And Performances With the series of 12 videos, it teaches you the different ways you can perform dynamic and complex turns and very easy to follow. Add turns, layers, and different transitions into your repertoire. Practicing all the combinations with 6-minute techniques of drills sessions Improvising new incorporate layers and movements. Discover the upbeat combinations Learn and create your own unique pattern Watch world-class performances by experts   The Weightloss, Fitness & Muscle Toning Exercise It contains 25 part video series, these videos will teach you hao to use belly dancing in the reduction of weight, fitness and even yoga. Combination of aerobic and belly dance workout Explore the powerful ways to sculpt your body Learn how you can move, shake, gyrate while getting a weight reducing workout Isolating your moves and workout your muscle The different workout routines at varied rhythms and speed Burning lots of calories through the cardiovascular and strength dance moves.   Sexy And Sensual Belly Dancing Videos   This bonus covers the evocative, meaningful and sensual movement 18 videos in total with sensual belly dancing secrets The flavors of different type of dance Exploring the unique combinations on varieties of poses, gestures and arm patterns Learn the movements of the beautiful and interwoven, breathing and effortless graces. Additional expressivity and sensuality to a performance   Guide To Costumes And Accessories This has 20 different videos which are: The different types of costumes and dance styles Creating your own costume Buying tips and resources for costumes Mixing and matching accessories and jewelry Learn how to use your finger cymbals and instruments for performances. And a lot more...   Free Lifetime Updates   You will able to access all new videos that get released and download them immediately. This package gives you unlimited access to all new updates and a deluxe membership with a much higher price.   Free 1 Year One-On-One Coaching   This gives you an opportunity to get one-on-one private coaching, guidance, and advice from the best class belly dancers. After the one year coaching, from a certified trainer. If you don't understand this part, you can ask questions privately and get answers anytime. Questions And Answers (Q&A)   How do you do a basic belly dance? By following this guide on belly dancing for beginners step by step   How long does it take to learn belly dance? Depending on how fast you are able to learn and get the movement gracefully   What are the benefits of belly dancing? Aid in weight loss Reduces stress Improves posture Helps in digestion Reduces tension And many more   Does Belly dance help to lose weight? Yes, it does   Is belly dance good exercise? Yes it is   Is belly dancing good for your back? Yes it is perfect for your back   What is the meaning of belly dancing? It is an Arabic expressive dance, it involves your torso movement and has also evolved to different dance styles depending on the country.   How many calories does belly dancing burn? About 470 for a 180 lb person   Is Belly Dancing appropriate? Yes Is Belly Dance difficult? No, its not that's why am recommending this step by step guide for you to follow Customers Testimonies Here are some of the customers' reviews and testimonies who have benefited from this course. Belly dancing has been distributed all over the world, see what satisfied customers have to say.           Summary: Belly Dancing For Beginners For those who feel belly dance is hard, actually is simple as long as you follow these techniques step by step on belly dancing for beginners with the help of about 50+ videos and coaches you will do great. The fun part is that its the┬ámost effective and easiest way to learn belly dancing from your home. With the 7 super bonus gift, you will become an expert in less than a few months. This bonus comes with an additional video that will guide you into dancing more gracefully. Become a member now and get all the all in one package!

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