Brisbane International Airport Becomes World’s First Crypto-Friendly Airport

If you do reside in Australia or you are a citizen of the state then this is a good news for you. Anyway, it all depends too if you are a lover and also trades in digital currencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum etc).
Moreover those who are traveling to Brisbane or the South East Queensland area in Australia can now spend various cryptocurrencies at the Brisbane International Airport. The airport is the third busiest airstrip in the country and every merchant there now accepts digital currencies.
This is a new development and the cryptocurrency acceptance is due to Brisbane Airport Corporations’ (BAC) partnership with the Australian payment provider Travelbybit.
Caleb Yeoh, CEO of Travelbybit explains that people can visit the company’s website to see live transactions.

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Yeoh further explained, “We’ve got travelers from all over the world testing it out and I think the merchants are really excited — They have been telling us they have been getting a lot of interaction from all the different visitors and that’s created a bit of a buzz,”
What do you think about Brisbane International Airport accepting cryptocurrencies?

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