Buying an Apartment Building Beginners Are you tired of spending hours analyzing your apartment building deals? worry no more, because Buying an apartment building beginners guide, with 9+ video tutorials have been made easy for your use. Now you can analyze deals and make offers just a few minutes, that's awesome right!!! Save your valuable time, start making more offers, do more deals and achieve your dreams faster. Do you want to buy an apartment for the first time? Are you finding it hard to properly analyze the deal? Do you have rising questions like; What does my project profit look like? What is the highest I can do for this deal? and why? How can I structure the deal with my investors?   The fact is that you can't analyze this deal in a few minutes and you can't afford to use up valuable hours just to analyze one deal. You need to be smart in everything you do. Always have this in mind that, the more you analyze deals fast for about 10 minutes the higher chance for you to get more deals. This is why you need a syndicated deal analyzer, it will make the job easier, saving time, getting offers, more deals are done and you tend to achieve your dreams faster. This guide on buying apartment building beginners have helped a lot of people, with the syndicated deal analyzer assistance, it has aided in the reduction of several hours of analysis to just a few minutes.   Why syndicate deal analyzer is different and the best   1. Customize and transparent If you get a financial model from other sources, you can't understand them or learn the formulas and they are either non-editable spreadsheets or a black box (software). on the other hand syndicated deal analyzer is easy to understand, it can be customized to the way you want, and all the formulas are quite easy to learn.   2. Incorporates returns for investors and your compensation Syndicated deals analyzer allows you to see the impact of your returns and as long as your investors' returns are been achieved, you can actually pay yourself. Other financial models don't allow you to see the different structures of your investors such as loans, returned rate, linear equity, and combination.   3. Creating a deal package in minutes The syndicated deal analyzer support you in making copy and paste deal package that can be submitted to banks, investors and any other professional.   After purchasing this guide, you have gain access to other training videos with about 90 minutes run-time. These videos will guide you on your path in achieving more than you can ever imagine. With the help of syndicated deal analyzer, you will be able to achieve more   [embed][/embed]   As you follow this guide in no time you will quickly dismiss deals that won't and only go with those that will work. In a short period of time, you will be able to negotiate, see seller's motivation and test it, this will catapult you to your next deal. Here is a list of the training videos; After you make a purchase for the guide you will gain free access to all the tutorial videos.   1. When one of your brokers sends you a deal, then what With about five minutes, five seconds ( chapter overview) syndicated deal analyzer video, this video help guide you through the analysis of the deal form the start to the end.   2. The ten-minute analysis In this video, you will be able to answer the question "What is the highest I can do for this deal?" with the syndicated deal analyzer, you will no longer spend several trying to analyze one deal. This helps you make a quick decision and getting back to the broker or seller that the deal doesn't work for you. Here is why? the syndicated deal analyzer incorporates different investors scenarios and analyzes them. This will make the work so much easier and you don't spend hours analyzing each deal.   3. Understanding investor's returns and deals structuring In this video session (13:00), you will learn the kind of returns investors want to see and the different deal structures. How the syndicated deal analyzer run an analysis on the effect of the investor's returns and quickly incorporate the investors in the analysis when buying the apartment buildings from a private investor.   4. How to pay yourself This video (7:53) will show you how you can use the syndicated analyzer to quickly see the paying effect transaction and the financial model. So you will pay yourself as you are syndicating an apartment building deal.   5. Sharpening your pencil- when and how to overpay Step by step in this video (12:59) you will use the syndicated deal analyzer and check different scenarios. You will also check the seller numbers; if the seller has 30% expenses of the income, and the realistic value expenses of the building 45% This part is critical so take note when negotiating the maximum price you want to pay.   6. Fine tuning the P&L In this video (8:19), you will learn how to fine the tune projections with a layout business plan. Since the rent market are below, if it is raised by 20% and expenses are lowered by 15% for over 3 years, then what is the impact on your investors' returns? With syndicated deal analyzer, you will be able to answer this quickly.   7. Estimating due diligence and closing costs With the help of this video (3:35), the syndicated deal analyzer will estimate your closing cost quickly using thumbs rules. Through due diligence, you will understand the overriding of some values with this your estimates become more accurate. The closing cost and due diligence are sometimes overlooked by real estate investors, and estimating them fast and accurate is the main key to investing in apartment buildings.   8. Determining the profits and exit strategies You will be shown in this video (8:39), how to determine which model produces the most returns for you and your investors. Questions like; Which produces the best return? what if you refinance the third year and hold for the next seven years? Asale in four or seven? are answered. 9. Reviewing the deal and creating the investor deal package This video (6:17) has been put together to review analyzed deals which include; investors projected returns and what you will pay yourself. After all of this is done you will use the syndicated deal analyzer to produce the deal package to give investors.     Why you should purchase the syndicated deal analyzer Saves more time! You can now spend more time getting offers deal than building an analyzer from scratch. With this syndicated deal analyzer, you will be getting access to all 9+ videos that will teach you more on ways you can analyze deals. You will also learn more than just a spreadsheet excel software It will instantly add more value to you and you can be taken seriously by investors and other professionals.   Customers reviews and testimonies What customers are saying about this guide:                 Special Bonuses There are also three bonuses added after you have purchased the guide   1. Investor deal package word template Use this package and modify your template as you quickly create one for your investors and lenders.   2. Two video case studies You will be shown in the video from start to finish how you can analyze the different deals. The video session is about 45 minutes and in no time you will deal analysis master!   3. The syndicated deal analyzer: The ultimate guide On 39 page of eBook, you will find the guide to analyzing apartment building deals download and read. With an easy step by step screenshots.       The Unconditional 60-Day Money Back Guarantee If you are not satisfied with the eBook your money will be refunded within the next 60 days. You can also keep the videos and software no hard feelings. But I am convinced you will definitely be impressed with the syndicated deal analyzer, with this indispensable tool, as venture into the world of the apartment building investing a career.   Summary: Buying apartment building beginners With the help of this guide on buying apartment building beginners guide, with 9+ video tutorials which have helped a lot of people and the syndicated deal analyzer assistance, you will be able to analyze deals to just a few minutes.

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