Buying an Apartment Building Beginners Are you tired of spending hours analyzing your apartment building deals? worry no more, because Buying an apartment building beginners guide, with 9+ video tutorials have been made easy for your use.Now you can analyze deals and make offers just a few minutes, that's awesome right!!! Save your valuable time, start making more offers, do more deals and achieve your dreams faster.Do you want to buy an apartment for the first time? Are you finding it hard to properly analyze the deal? Do you have rising questions like;What does my project profit look like? What is the highest I can do for this deal? and why? How can I structure the deal with my investors? The fact is that you can't analyze this deal in a few minutes and you can't afford to use up valuable hours just to analyze one deal. You need to be smart in everything you do.Always have this in mind that, the more you analyze deals fast for about 10 minutes the higher chance for you to get more deals.This is why you need a syndicated deal analyzer, it will make the job easier, saving time, getting offers, more deals are done and you tend to achieve your dreams faster.This guide on buying apartment building beginners have helped a lot of people, with the syndicated deal analyzer assistance, it has aided in the reduction of several hours of analysis to just a few minutes.  Why syndicate deal analyzer is different and the best   1. Customize and transparent If you get a financial model from other sources, you can't understand them or learn the formulas and they are either non-editable spreadsheets or a black box (software). on the other hand syndicated deal analyzer is easy to understand, it can be customized to the way you want, and all the formulas are quite easy to learn.  2. Incorporates returns for investors and your compensation Syndicated deals analyzer allows you to see the impact of your returns and as long as your investors' returns are been achieved, you can actually pay yourself. Other financial models don't allow you to see the different structures of your investors such as loans, returned rate, linear equity, and combination.  3. Creating a deal package in minutes The syndicated deal analyzer support you in making copy and paste deal package that can be submitted to banks, investors and any other professional. After purchasing this guide, you have gain access to other training videos with about 90 minutes run-time. These videos will guide you on your path in achieving more than you can ever imagine.With the help of syndicated deal analyzer, you will be able to achieve more [embed][/embed] As you follow this guide in no time you will quickly dismiss deals that won't and only go with those that will work. In a short period of time, you will be able to negotiate, see seller's motivation and test it, this will catapult you to your next deal. Here is a list of the training videos; After you make a purchase for the guide you will gain free access to all the tutorial videos.  1. When one of your brokers sends you a deal, then what With about five minutes, five seconds ( chapter overview) syndicated deal analyzer video, this video help guide you through the analysis of the deal form the start to the end.  2. The ten-minute analysis In this video, you will be able to answer the question "What is the highest I can do for this deal?" with the syndicated deal analyzer, you will no longer spend several trying to analyze one deal. This helps you make a quick decision and getting back to the broker or seller that the deal doesn't work for you.Here is why? the syndicated deal analyzer incorporates different investors scenarios and analyzes them. This will make the work so much easier and you don't spend hours analyzing each deal.  3. Understanding investor's returns and deals structuring In this video session (13:00), you will learn the kind of returns investors want to see and the different deal structures. How the syndicated deal analyzer run an analysis on the effect of the investor's returns and quickly incorporate the investors in the analysis when buying the apartment buildings from a private investor.  4. How to pay yourself This video (7:53) will show you how you can use the syndicated analyzer to quickly see the paying effect transaction and the financial model. So you will pay yourself as you are syndicating an apartment building deal.  5. Sharpening your pencil- when and how to overpay Step by step in this video (12:59) you will use the syndicated deal analyzer and check different scenarios. You will also check the seller numbers; if the seller has 30% expenses of the income, and the realistic value expenses of the building 45% This part is critical so take note when negotiating the maximum price you want to pay.  6. Fine tuning the P&L In this video (8:19), you will learn how to fine the tune projections with a layout business plan. Since the rent market are below, if it is raised by 20% and expenses are lowered by 15% for over 3 years, then what is the impact on your investors' returns? With syndicated deal analyzer, you will be able to answer this quickly.  7. Estimating due diligence and closing costs With the help of this video (3:35), the syndicated deal analyzer will estimate your closing cost quickly using thumbs rules. Through due diligence, you will understand the overriding of some values with this your estimates become more accurate.The closing cost and due diligence are sometimes overlooked by real estate investors, and estimating them fast and accurate is the main key to investing in apartment buildings.  8. Determining the profits and exit strategies You will be shown in this video (8:39), how to determine which model produces the most returns for you and your investors. Questions like; Which produces the best return? what if you refinance the third year and hold for the next seven years? Asale in four or seven? are answered. 9. Reviewing the deal and creating the investor deal package This video (6:17) has been put together to review analyzed deals which include; investors projected returns and what you will pay yourself. After all of this is done you will use the syndicated deal analyzer to produce the deal package to give investors.   Why you should purchase the syndicated deal analyzerSaves more time! You can now spend more time getting offers deal than building an analyzer from scratch. With this syndicated deal analyzer, you will be getting access to all 9+ videos that will teach you more on ways you can analyze deals. You will also learn more than just a spreadsheet excel software It will instantly add more value to you and you can be taken seriously by investors and other professionals.  Customers reviews and testimonies What customers are saying about this guide:         Special Bonuses There are also three bonuses added after you have purchased the guide  1. Investor deal package word template Use this package and modify your template as you quickly create one for your investors and lenders.  2. Two video case studies You will be shown in the video from start to finish how you can analyze the different deals. The video session is about 45 minutes and in no time you will deal analysis master!  3. The syndicated deal analyzer: The ultimate guide On 39 page of eBook, you will find the guide to analyzing apartment building deals download and read. With an easy step by step screenshots.    The Unconditional 60-Day Money Back Guarantee If you are not satisfied with the eBook your money will be refunded within the next 60 days. You can also keep the videos and software no hard feelings. But I am convinced you will definitely be impressed with the syndicated deal analyzer, with this indispensable tool, as venture into the world of the apartment building investing a career.  Summary: Buying apartment building beginners With the help of this guide on buying apartment building beginners guide, with 9+ video tutorials which have helped a lot of people and the syndicated deal analyzer assistance, you will be able to analyze deals to just a few minutes.
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Belly Dancing For BeginnersDo you love watching Shakira belly dance? You can actually learn belly dancing, it is easy with this course on belly dancing for beginners with an additional 7+ super bonus. This is the most effective and easiest way to learn belly dancing from your home.Here in this course, you will learn easy to follow videos, as you learn these techniques step by step in no time you will go from beginner to expert.With private coaching and over 50+ step by step videos, you will be able to move your body gracefully with great confidence.  Masterclass Belly Dancing  [caption id="attachment_6468" align="alignnone" width="701"] Belly dancing for beginners[/caption]This belly dancing course system is very simple, and it comprises of over 50 videos that have a total runtime of eight hours, teaching all major types of steps on belly dance.This belly dance course is not expensive and it is the most intensive belly dance course ever.You will learn the step-by-step belly dance with a one-on-one coach This belly dancing instruction would be presented in an easy-to-follow format With 3 teachers covering the 5 major belly dancing styles 50+ videos with about 8 hours runtime for each Suitable for beginners Learn the 40+ body movements, as they are visually demonstrated and verbally described Basic movements are quickly covered within the first two hours See all movements from different viewing angles.  The Masterclass ultimate  [caption id="attachment_6470" align="alignnone" width="532"] Belly dancing for beginners[/caption] What you will get in the ultimate masterclass; Three (3) Expert Teachers Three (3) different expert teachers, will be teaching you a diversity of styles and it will upgrade your learning experience because of the specialization.  The Five (5) Dance Styles This belly dancing course consists of 5 different dance moves, in this way you will explore the varieties of belly dancing.  8 Hours of Video The 50+ video chapters for about 8 hours, that includes different basic movement combinations, warmups, and great cool down music.   What makes belly dancing course number one (1)   The Engaging, Fun, and videos for easy to follow instructions Each part of this course is exciting and by following the basic belly dancing techniques, you will progress in full speed.  Covering over 50+ videos of Dancing moves, techniques, and combination. Learning how to move your body with so much grace and confidence is so beautiful when you are dancing. The 8 hours step by step videos will help you with the movements.  Different Teachers and 5 Dance Styles The three different teachers will cover the 5 styles of the course, teaching from the easy to the difficulty level. These courses are:An American Cabaret Egyptian Oriental U.S tribal Gothic & Tribal Fusion Turkish Didem  Excellent to beginners & Advanced dancers This course is perfect for beginners and a good review technique. The moves are divided into parts, making it easy for you to understand and combination of advanced movement.  Fast-Track Method & Award Winning Production Getting a clear and helpful teaching style, attention to solid techniques and exceptional production quality.  Belly Dance Music & Rhythm Get amazing audio and beautiful music that is perfect to support your belly dancing.  Instant Access To Videos After becoming a member, you will get instant lifetime access to all videos and many more.Enjoy the three ways of watching the videos:You can enjoy these videos through Download: All the videos are available for downloading to your computer and this system allows you to watch it over and over again.  Streaming: Watch video lessons through a membership area and get a lifetime access  DVD: You can get the videos on DVDs it allows you to watch anytime.  What you will be learning this multimedia package:A combination of footwork and hip work Upper body moves and accents The combination of the upper body accents and fluid hip work The selection of costumes and music All moves of 6 different dance styles Rhythmic hip and rotations Shimmy, shiver, and twists Challenging hip work combinations Camel rocks, forward and back steps Figure eights and pelvic tilts Undulations & torso rotation Belly dance percussive hip work Challenging fluid movements And so much more than you can ever imagine!  What will be shown in the videos  [caption id="attachment_6479" align="alignnone" width="300"] Belly dancing for beginners[/caption]The basic belly dance moves, and the combination of all the different movements You will be guided through the simple steps The footwork, arms and hand patterns, with the head control will be shownWith this belly dance courses, you are guaranteed to learn the shortened curve and make the fastest, easiest and most inspiring beautiful moves. [embed][/embed]This is an easy way to learn belly dancing from home. When you follow the videos and the step by step techniques, before you know it from being a beginner you will move to the expert level.You can also learn privately with a one-on-one coach these actually beats all other belly dancing classes. Get these super bonuses now Make an order now and get full access to the following 7 super bonuses:  The 25 Basic Foundation DrillsThis contains 25 videos and a 30-minute muscle-conditioning workout and introducing bally dance techniques and many more.Different dance moves and stretches Arms development gracefully The upper body articulation & strengthening The isolation of the shoulders The hip work Weight shift development, footwork and hip work Isolations of the ribcage and hips.  The Complex Combination And PerformancesWith the series of 12 videos, it teaches you the different ways you can perform dynamic and complex turns and very easy to follow.Add turns, layers, and different transitions into your repertoire. Practicing all the combinations with 6-minute techniques of drills sessions Improvising new incorporate layers and movements. Discover the upbeat combinations Learn and create your own unique pattern Watch world-class performances by experts  The Weightloss, Fitness & Muscle Toning ExerciseIt contains 25 part video series, these videos will teach you hao to use belly dancing in the reduction of weight, fitness and even yoga.Combination of aerobic and belly dance workout Explore the powerful ways to sculpt your body Learn how you can move, shake, gyrate while getting a weight reducing workout Isolating your moves and workout your muscle The different workout routines at varied rhythms and speed Burning lots of calories through the cardiovascular and strength dance moves.  Sexy And Sensual Belly Dancing Videos This bonus covers the evocative, meaningful and sensual movement18 videos in total with sensual belly dancing secrets The flavors of different type of dance Exploring the unique combinations on varieties of poses, gestures and arm patterns Learn the movements of the beautiful and interwoven, breathing and effortless graces. Additional expressivity and sensuality to a performance  Guide To Costumes And AccessoriesThis has 20 different videos which are:The different types of costumes and dance styles Creating your own costume Buying tips and resources for costumes Mixing and matching accessories and jewelry Learn how to use your finger cymbals and instruments for performances. And a lot more...  Free Lifetime Updates You will able to access all new videos that get released and download them immediately. This package gives you unlimited access to all new updates and a deluxe membership with a much higher price.  Free 1 Year One-On-One Coaching  This gives you an opportunity to get one-on-one private coaching, guidance, and advice from the best class belly dancers. After the one year coaching, from a certified trainer.If you don't understand this part, you can ask questions privately and get answers anytime. Questions And Answers (Q&A)   How do you do a basic belly dance? By following this guide on belly dancing for beginners step by step  How long does it take to learn belly dance? Depending on how fast you are able to learn and get the movement gracefully  What are the benefits of belly dancing?Aid in weight loss Reduces stress Improves posture Helps in digestion Reduces tension And many more  Does Belly dance help to lose weight? Yes, it does  Is belly dance good exercise? Yes it is  Is belly dancing good for your back? Yes it is perfect for your back  What is the meaning of belly dancing? It is an Arabic expressive dance, it involves your torso movement and has also evolved to different dance styles depending on the country.  How many calories does belly dancing burn? About 470 for a 180 lb person  Is Belly Dancing appropriate? YesIs Belly Dance difficult? No, its not that's why am recommending this step by step guide for you to follow Customers Testimonies Here are some of the customers' reviews and testimonies who have benefited from this course. Belly dancing has been distributed all over the world, see what satisfied customers have to say.      Summary: Belly Dancing For Beginners For those who feel belly dance is hard, actually is simple as long as you follow these techniques step by step on belly dancing for beginners with the help of about 50+ videos and coaches you will do great.The fun part is that its the most effective and easiest way to learn belly dancing from your home.With the 7 super bonus gift, you will become an expert in less than a few months. This bonus comes with an additional video that will guide you into dancing more gracefully.Become a member now and get all the all in one package!
How To Start a Music Label Are you thinking of starting your own record label? Or how to make a music business plan? Here is a chance for you with this article guide on How to start a music label with about 165+ music business contract templates.Before starting a record label, they are few documents you should possess to be able to operate a successful music company. The major document is a well-written record business plan that shows the potential funding sources, this will show you how to operate your entertainment business successfully.This document also summarizes the operational and financial objectives of your record label business and the detailed budgets and plans showing all the objectives to be realized.In this article, you will learn how to promote musicians and the two different types of musicians.Learn how you can make a serious musician a full time living by selling his records.  With the perfect business plan provided by the record label business plan, you will be able to make strategies and magically you will be successful.The record label business plan has helped a lot of music entrepreneurs who make music their priority and have seriously move them to the next level.By following this guide on how to start a music label step by step, you will be able to make great music plans and excel in the music industry.The next big step is for you to start a music business plan either for yourself or for a developing artist and bringing the artist to the spotlight. How to start a music label  The market research The music/record label business plan Music label marketing plan The label name ideas Cost of starting a music label The music label marketing ideas Marketing overview  Starting a music label   Planning your ventureDefining your venture Writing your business plan Detailing all your costs for your start-up Preparing a cash flow forecast Creating your team  Executing your plansFormalizing your business Bringing in talents Getting out, listening to music with a critical ear Meeting the press Meeting the engineers Visiting music recording stores Getting to know the agents  Maintaining the successEstablishing your brand Marketing your label creatively Growing your base The components of the record label business plan components include;The mission statement   [caption id="attachment_6049" align="alignnone" width="300"] The mission statement[/caption]This will help you understand the general purpose of the music company, listing major reasons why it is in the business, while it stands as a reminder to the public, employees in the company and what the founder had envisioned.You will also learn in this guide the general business purposes and how they dominate the music industry both online and offline. How to produce high-quality music and promoting quality entertaining products.  The executive summary [caption id="attachment_6051" align="alignnone" width="300"] The executive summary[/caption] This guide summarizes the major highlights of your music business plan you should know, this also includes what products and services your plan will provide. The main facts like the projected sales and the profits or the number of unit sales, financial gain and major keys to a successful music company.Furthermore, this section highlights important and useful information that no one would want to overlook especially potential investors.  The management team[caption id="attachment_6057" align="alignnone" width="300"] The management team[/caption] This section in the guide shows the component of your label business plan and identifies the main individuals operating in the key positions of the company, with their duties and responsibilities.Here you will learn how the significant accomplishment and business experience will be highlighted and brought to the table in order to contribute to the music company success.  Music industry analysis  [caption id="attachment_6058" align="alignnone" width="300"] Music industry analysis[/caption] This guide provides a different technique overview of the music industry and recent changes, this includes the digital sounds sales, versus the compact disc sales (CD), and single track downloads, versus the digital album sales. Relevant ideas, necessary information should be up to date and also be included in the record label business plan.   The marketing and promotion  [caption id="attachment_6060" align="alignnone" width="300"] The marketing and promotion[/caption]This blueprint actually works to customize detailed marketing and promote the release of music products with promotional strategies sequel to the subsequent release. The promotion area can be covering the radio, television and video network both online and off-line with the proper timelines.Then the next is the setting up of interviews and the artist public performances to support the artist release with the updated strategies which creates an online and offline demand.   The financial plan   In the article, you will discover that this is one of the most prioritize components in the record label business plan. Here in the financial plan section, you will see that it includes the projected balance sheet yearly totals, the projected statement of cash flow, use of funds statement, break-even profit analysis and the parts of a financial company.   The essential business plan components must include:  [caption id="attachment_6061" align="alignnone" width="285"] The essential business plan components[/caption] The company description The personnel The recording of the Sound The manufacturing process Disturbing off-line Disturbing online The music videos The distribution for other labels Merchandising Concert promotion Industry analysis of the independent labels Music industry sales volumes The CD sales versus digital sales The marketing goals and objectives The marketing promotion strategy Radio promotion One year sales campaign Dance club promotion Public relations Print advertising Charity involvement Internet music marketing strategies Marketing summary The management team Marketing and sales Publicity Promotion Artist relations department Artist and repertoire department Creative services department The financial plan Projected balance sheet yearly totals The music project Projection cost Projected statements of cash flow Break even profit analysis Use of funds statements and many more... The record label business plan benefits With the help of the guide on how to start a music label, you will learn many things that you can accomplish with this business plan.You will be able to gather different ideas written on scraps paper or hiding in files, folders or anywhere on your computer hard drive and put them into a solid record business plan. Learn how you can fully customize the editable professional business plan template, to suit the original and the unique plans and goals in order to bring them back to life. This actions can start today immediately as you purchase them. The submitting of your plans to the investors, the financial sources and the secured amount funds that are required to make big things happen. With the assistance of the guide, you have the chance to do more better and taken more seriously. Stand out and start operating serious record label business plans now! Bonus   The big music and entertainment contracts bundle If your business is majorly music and entertainment then never make any deal that doesn't include agreements in writing.Now with this bonus, you can learn how you can protect yourself from the tons of headaches and possibly hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in losses.  Few of the music business contract templates found in this guide;The agency booking agreement The agreement of foreign agency Agreement of obligation to pay Artist management contract Artist recording contract Broadcast release Artist tech rider Broadcast release Foreign agency contract Event sponsorship contract Copyright license Employment contract International marketing contract Master recording contract Agreement of limited partnership Master track license Mechanical license Parental consent form Performance contract Photographer license Producers assistant contract Producers talent contract Production contract Publicity contract Royal agreement contract Royal payment contract Songwriters contract Sale of property contract Single song option contract Vocalist contract Extension of contract Assignment of contract[caption id="attachment_6074" align="alignnone" width="300"] How to start a music label[/caption]   Questions and Answers (Q&A)   How do I start my own record label? With the help of this guide, you will get the important pieces of information regarding how you can start your own record label and steps you should take when starting a record label.  How much does it cost to start a record label? You can actually start it as a small scale business, that's why I am recommending this article on how to start a music label by the record label business plan.  How can I promote my recording studio? The record label business plan has made promotion easy by stating in this article ways to promote your recording studio.    Summary: How to start a music label We all know as the music industry is changing and there is a need to always be a step ahead this guide will assist you with the things you want to know on How to start a music label with about 165+ music business contract templates, and also summarizes the major highlights of the different music business plan you should know.With all of these ideas and techniques, in no time you will succeed in the industry as long as you follow the record label business plan carefully. Make good use of the 165+ music business contract templates and see yourself doing well.Enjoy the big music and entertainment contracts bundle and protect yourself from any headaches. 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How To Sell Art Online And Make MoneyHaving art that you can't sell can be frustrating, especially when you don't know the right platform to sell them and make money. Well here is an amazing book on how to sell art online and make money with over 20+ tips on how to successfully sell your art through a Facebook page, so all the time you have devoted to your art won't be in vain.If art is what you enjoy doing, then you have more chances of improving and moving much more faster than before. This shows that you are the focus and you can make this your main occupation.That doesn't mean it works in a twinkle of an eye, it needs more dedication and interests so you can be able to achieve your artistic goals as easy as possible. Am sure this is going to be the most exciting article read ever so relax and enjoy.What this brand new eBook will help you do If you put this guide into practice, you will be transformed from being an artist to an amazing artist that can market their talents and sell their artwork efficiently, reaching their full potential.Why this book will blow your mind You will learn the most effective techniques in promoting and selling your art through Facebook. why a facebook page? Now you maybe be asking a lot of questions like why is facebook actually the best platform for selling your art.Billions of people use Facebook including your targeted audience. People are always online talking and sharing pieces of information on Facebook, they can actually do the facebook promotion for you.This eBook will guide you on how to sell your art online and make money by setting up a facebook page. This book will also teach you, how you can brand yourself as an artist, reach a worldwide audience and sell successfully with ease.This guide is essential if you want to make art your occupation and it will give you loads of inspiring ideas, that will help you market your art online facebook effectively.  Patience is a virtue Like I said earlier this is not done in a twinkle of an eye, you have to be devoted and be in it for the long-haul. Firstly you have to get the basics right before wanting to know he you can start selling your art online and start making money on facebook pages.With the help of this eBook guide, I believe you will improve in your marketing artwork skills on the facebook page.You will learn in this eBook how you can professionally create an artist page and make it interesting, engaging with relevant and insightful content about your art.Also, you will learn different ways of building your audience and start marketing your artwork easier and very much effective.  How to successfully sell your art from a Facebook page In this book, you will discover different tips you can use in selling your art online from a facebook page.Here is a sneak peek for what you will learn from this book:Learn how you can photograph your artwork from start to finish and also keeping your fans interested in the progress The 3 easy ways to present your artwork and keep your fans coming back for more Ways to ensure that a proud buyer passes on your contact details Discover in a few minutes the amazing way to offer incentives and ensure your facebook post goes viral Different proven strategies for advertising your artwork on facebook without breaking the bank Cheap way you can generate new fans and interest in your artwork using youtube A free and easy way to advertise using demographics to target a specific buyer audience How you can utilize on-demand services to increase your income Discover how you can set up a shop and take payment for your artwork directly from your facebook page The hidden truth behind offering incentives without spending a huge amount of money Learn the secret weapon of working with other artists in your field to increase your fan base  Facebook the perfect place to sell art Are you a dealer of art or an artist, facebook is the perfect marketplace for you to start selling your art. Since Facebook is used by everyone, it has huge and unbelievable traffic to help promote and increase your presence online.With the billions using facebook where you can easily share photos and get your art seen and sold, I bet this is the best marketplace for you.You will also learn in this eBook guide how using Shopify's facebook app can assist you in getting your artwork out there easily and showcasing it to as many as you want, organizes them, and get them sold.How to showcase your art As selling art online is getting more important for artists this eBook has been compiled to assist you in your journey. Since selling art online is like your resume if your work should really count.If you are very serious about wanting to start selling your art online, you should consider hiring a good photographer and go through the techniques in this eBook to help you understand more on the type of photos you should take.How you can get instant access today It is very easy once you have made payment, you can automatically download your eBook with no stress within a few seconds.This literally means you can purchase today and no more waiting for the postman to bring the book for the next few days or weeks.This eBook is also available to read online and to download to your computer. So no matter what happens, you can always have a back you copy if you need it.With this guide, you will be able to discover how the description of your artwork can make your fans or client engage with your work.  What a resource like this is worth This saves more time and if you have someone do this research for you it would be expensive and can cost you about $500 for their time alone. This guide has accurate and complete detailed information on setting up a facebook page.Learn also how to brand yourself as an artist, how you can reach a worldwide audience, keep your clients and successfully with ease.Everything on this book is explained in plain English which means it so easy to read and very easy to understand.This book is affordable and it's in an electronic book (eBook) that can be easily downloaded on a computer in your flash. Purchase now and start reading and discovering all these amazing secrets in a little minute from now.This book offer is fantastic because it has very resourceful information and tips, which when followed you will greatly benefit from this amazing book.You can only get this book here, you can't find it in libraries or anywhere on the net. just imagine getting all your answers on this book and really improving in your artwork marketing skills on Facebook.  Questions and Answers (Q&A)Can I sell my art on a facebook page? Yes, of course, Facebook is a great market place to sell art. So if you are an artist, facebook is a perfect place for you to starting selling your artwork.How can I sell my artwork on a facebook page? This eBook on how to sell your art online and make money will guide you step by step in achieving the skills you require to start selling your artwork on the facebook page with ease.  Where is the best place to sell art online? Facebook page is the best marketplace to sell arts online.  what is the easiest way to sell art online? The easiest way to sell art online is by using Facebook pages with the help of this guide you will achieve more.  How does an artist make money selling their art online? With this eBook guide, you will get all the answers you are looking for on selling your art online.How can I promote my art online? People are always online talking and sharing pieces of information on Facebook, they can actually do the facebook promotion for you.With this guide, you will be able to learn strategies on how you can promote your art through a Facebook page and increase your online presence.   Summary: How to sell your art online and make money This Ebook on how to sell your art online and make money have been made easy with about 20+ tips on how to sell your art through a Facebook page with ease.With these ideas, you will be able to achieve more knowledge that will transform you from being an artist to an artist with artwork marketing skills on a facebook page.This book will also teach you, how you can brand yourself as an artist, reach a worldwide audience and setting-up a facebook page.It is very easy once you have purchased and made payment, you can easily download your eBook with no stress within a few seconds.

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